Unholy Trinity: “Like a Lamb to Slaughter”, “Good Hunting” & “That Time of the Month” by Storm Lomax

Our church worships at the altar of the Unholy Trinity. Its gospels are delivered as a trio of dark drabbles, linked so that Three become One. All hail the power of the Three.


Like a Lamb to Slaughter

In an ancient temple dedicated to an ancient entity, a young girl screams for her mother. Bound roughly, she lays in the centre of a chalk ring. The members of this ancient order surround her and chant the summoning spell.

With a crack like thunder, the ground splits and exposes a fiery glow. A demon, large and terrible, pulls itself through. The members fall to their knees, their bargains for wealth at the ready. But the demon turns away, kneeling next to the child.

Daughter, the demon rumbles before turning its eyes on the members. Thank you for the food.


Good Hunting

Agnes didn’t fight back. Not when they came for her, not when they dragged her to the stake, not when the kindling was placed at her feet. The witch hunters exchanged glances but followed through nonetheless – she was a witch, after all. The only way to save her rotten soul was through cleansing fire.

They lit the kindling and watched as the flames spread. Agnes threw back her head and cackled. 

The fire grew bigger, more violent, and the witch remained untouched. The witch hunters turned to flee but it was too late; Agnes the pyromancer would cleanse them all.


That Time of the Month

I was twelve when my mother sat me down and told me about the changes that would soon happen to me. That’s what she called it – changes. I would be a little girl no longer. My body would change, my mind as well. I would be moodier, angrier; there would even be blood. 

She assured me it was all normal, that she went through the same thing when she was young and her own mother too. 

It still didn’t prepare me when I woke up one day in the woods with dirt under my fingernails and flesh between my teeth.


Storm Lomax

Storm Lomax is a writer from Larbert, Scotland. She’s worked as a ghostwriter of romance novellas but has always had a soft spot for horror stories. Her flash fiction has been published in The Chamber Magazine, The Metaworker, and Flash Fiction Friday, and her short story has been narrated by Manawaker Studios podcast. Her other work can be found on https://stormlomax.wordpress.com/

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