Top Five Tips To Write a Bestselling Novel

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A great story and good writing are the two of the most vital ingredients, which are mandatory for a novel’s success. However, as is evident from many bestselling authors’ works, reaching the milestone of having published books take prolonged hard work.


To write a novel, you need to put in a lot of patience, planning, and time. Unfortunately, many writers do not even get to writing until they feel reasonably sure about the structure, theme, characters, and plot. The most crucial element of writing is knowing your main story. Once you have figured that out, you are a step closer to writing an impeccable novel.


Steps to create a phenomenal novel


If you search through the internet, you can find hundreds of tips to guide you to write a bestselling novel. However, with a long-standing experience in writing and publishing, here we have come up with a set of tips that will work 100% and enable you to craft a bestselling novel. Let us get started and take a look at these tips one by one.


Set aside your writing time


A few authors like to set aside the time for their writing sessions, while others prefer to continue writing till they fulfill their daily word count quota. The book writing process will take a long time, especially if it is your first novel, comments Jenna, an assignment help provider with TFTH. Giving yourself a certain goal or setting a block can prevent the risk of feeling overwhelmed and help you prevent burnout. It also motivates you and keeps you going till the end of your novel completion. 


Affixing a writing space can be quite helpful. You can designate a quiet space where you can sit down and undertake your writing and produce one of your best works. Having an atmosphere where you can be productive can ensure that your thoughts flow without any distraction. 


Plan around


Next, you need to plot out as much of the book idea as you feel required to avail of a sense of the story structure and the key plot points. The process of writing is different for everyone. Raina, an online precalculus tutor who is also a published novelist, explains this further. She says that there are a few authors who like to meticulously put in every detail, while others like to maintain a looser approach throughout.


In the latter, authors tend to get to the first rough draft and then put down their thoughts and ideas in a single place while continually organizing this process and the chain of thoughts. 


Regardless of your preferred style, both professional writers and novelists must be fully aware of their story idea and where they think their story will go.  


Build around 


When writing fiction, you need to create a universe for everything to take place, especially if you are writing science fiction or fantasy. Be aware of the limitations and the rules of what is possible or not in this world that is created by you. You need to establish a boundary and ensure that there is a stable foundation to build your writing. The more believable the universe is, the more time your audience will want to spend in this universe.


For this reason, many writers tend to have worldbuilding as the commencement point for their novel. On the other hand, there are also writers to tend to extrapolate the details as and how the premise unfolds, wherein they reform and rewrite as they progress with the book.


In our view, it is always preferred to leave some room, which gives a breather and an imaginary ground for the readers to fill in this world created by you.


Write characters that are believable


Fiction writing comes in a myriad of flavors. However, regardless of your book’s genre, the characters must show some reality, even the antagonists. For this, it is essential to give a backstory to the central character. The reader needs to feel like they could exist in the real world, and then you have to plan their character development accordingly. The more relatable you make the character, the more empathetic a reader feels towards them. It makes them feel emotionally invested in the book and your characters, thereby amplifying the reading experience.


Have a clear point of view


Mia, an associate who offers finance assignment help services, says you need to have a clear mind of how you address the characters while writing. See, we will explain what Mia is trying to say here. She means you need to decide whether you will be narrating your story in the first person, second person, or third person.


Having a clear point of view means having a narrative voice or the eye via which you express your story. It is quintessential because when writing a book, you need to have a clarity on who is telling the story to your readers.


There are two ways to go about it. The story can either be told by a character who is a part of the story or by an onlooker who knows all the story characters but is not a part of the story.   


Bottom Line


So, these are five of the essential tips that can help you create a bestselling novel. Please know, if your book has a definite beginning, cliff hangers, and plot twists, you will be able to carve an impression on your readers.


Lastly, after you are done with the first draft, read, rewrite, and make it better to ensure that when your book finally reaches the readers, it is perfect.


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