The Unholy Trinity: Barrel

Our church worships at the altar of the Unholy Trinity. Its gospels are delivered as a trio of dark drabbles, linked so that Three become One. All hail the power of the Three.

The Barrel

A wrong turn led to sudden pain and darkness. She woke to the overwhelming smell of oil and whispered pleas. A blinding light filled her confinement until subsiding, revealing a man with a crooked smile. He welcomed her with an itinerary of her stay. Then, he returned the lid to its place.
His guttural words replayed in her head as slivers of light began bleeding into the darkness, illuminating her escape. Shadows cloaked her as luck guided her way into the woods. Collapsing after days of walking, faint words elevated her to reality.
“Ma’am? There’s no one at the warehouse.”

Back in the Barrel

She attempted to shake off the dizziness as she cursed herself. The pungent aroma of stale oil and rust strangled her senses, verifying her location.
“How could…could I be back in the barrel? Please. This can’t be happening again.”
The familiar thump on the lid signaled his arrival. “Welcome back number five. You’re quite the escape artist. I guess it’s my good fortune your master likes a challenge.”
“Please let me go.”
He let out a guttural laugh. “You should see the new toys he bought just for you. Once the cameras are all set up, the fun will begin.”


“We are all gathered here today as well as those joining us abroad to partake in our planet’s oldest tradition. BURN THE WITCH!” The room exploded in jubilation.
Days of special time with Master led her to here. She struggled against the restraints as the chamber door sealed her inside. Master offered a wink and a smile. Flames filled the chamber, engulfing her. Applause roared above her muffled screams. As they dissipated, she absorbed the shock of her survival. Symbols had appeared on her flesh, shielding her from harm. Her red shrouded sisters smiled, sentencing her captors to the barrels.

Andrea Allison

Andrea Allison currently resides in a small uneventful town located in Oklahoma after moving from a small uneventful town in Texas. She is an author who enjoys writing horror of all varieties and her work has appeared both online and in print.

You can visit her website at

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