Being part of a Writing Group
Being part of a Writing Group

Taking Submissions: Transform the World

Deadline: February 28th, 2023
Payment: New stories: $50 for 2.5-5k words, $75 for 5-10K words; $100 for 10-15K; Reprints accepted at half the new story rate
Theme: Near future hopepunk
Note: Reprints Welcome

Open for Submissions: November 1st 2022 – February 28th, 2023
Story Length: 2.5-15K
Genre: Near future hopepunk
Characters: All welcomed. Diversity (race, sexuality, gender, ability) welcomed
Payment: One-time flat fee. New stories: $50 for 2.5-5k words, $75 for 5-10K words; $100 for 10-15K; Reprints accepted at half the new story rate
Include: Word file (.doc or .docx, see below), short submission letter with story title, word count, problem addressed in the story, solution/adaptation, and if this is a reprint.
Submit to: Editor J. Scott Coatsworth, [email protected]
Other Submission Notes: One story per author, please, no simultaneous submissions.

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The way we do things now as a society is unsustainable. Garbage is piling up in our landfills and oceans, income inequality is getting worse, and our governments are often paralyzed when it comes to seeking solutions.

For the third anthology in the Writers Save the World series, “Transform the World,” we’re focusing on new ways of living and of structuring societies. Stories should be near future (in the next 100 years or so) science fiction with a hopeful tone.

Stories do not need to be hard sci fi, but the chosen solution/adaptation should be plausible, given what we know about human nature and society today. That said, we have accepted a few whimsical stories that tickled our fancy in the past.

Diversity (race, gender, orientation, ability, mental spectrum etc) encouraged.

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  • A new colony on Mars is run entirely on a barter/exchange system, with expansion credits for hard work that allow the recipients to start sub colonies of their own.
  • A new city is built on the ocean, where people live in a sustainable way with the ocean.
  • A new drug that confers immortality on everyone forces a wholesale change in the way that society is structured.

What We Don’t Want

  • We are not looking for magical solutions or unrealistic answers.
  • We are not looking for stories that don’t feature a strong sci fi element.
  • We are not looking for stories with dark endings, up to and including the end of the Earth and/or humankind.
  • We are not looking for stories that provide solutions or adaptations to issues other than how society works (or doesn’t)


Please use industry standard formatting: Times New Roman, double spaced, first line of each paragraph indented (please use Word’s formatting tool for this, not spaces or tabs). Please use italics, not underlines.

Reversion of Rights:

The anthology will be in print for 3 years. After that, rights will automatically revert to the authors.

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