Taking Submissions: Dragons & Heroes

Deadline: November 30th, 2023
Payment: 30% of royalties split between authors for the first year of sales. After the first year, these royalties go to charity
Theme: All dragon stories with a male main character. All genres accepted.
Note: I will say that I’m not a huge fan of this royalty structure. However, I’ve been asked multiple times recently on fantasy anthologies that were open to shorts so wanted to put a spotlight on this one for that reason.

(Rated R)

Deadline – October 31st, 2023 November 30th, 2023
Publication – January 2024
Word Count – 3,000-20,000
Theme – All dragon stories with a male main character. All genres accepted.

Introduction of author A brief history of your writing experience.
Author Contact Information / Pen name MUST be included with real name. If real name is same as pen name, state so in email.
Author Biography in Third Person in 100-150 words Mandatory minimum of 100.
Submission Word Count Word count. Not line count.
Submission Formatted in Times New Roman 12 PT Font. One-inch margins. No indentations. No double-spacing. No extra spacing between paragraphs. No chapters. Scene breaks signalled with three ### (see example image below). Only DOC and DOCX accepted. Format video: https://www.youtube.com/watc h?v=ftjuYtJWIBI

Format image example at bottom of page.

Summary/Query Letter Summarized outline of all major events within the story.
All emails should be addressed as “Dear Editor”
Email Subject Line must be as follows – “Story Title by

Author Name for (Name of) Anthology”

File/Document Name must be as follows – “Story Title by Author Name for (Name of) Anthology”

All of the author’s social media links, including website if applicable Author must have one social media account.

Note: Author Name @ Social Media is not a clickable link.

Important information
Maximum of two submissions per anthology per author.
Authors can submit to all anthologies simultaneously.
Reprints from Third Party sources accepted IF author currently holds full rights. We will not publish duplicate stories within DSP.
Authors get 30% Royalties for first year from date of publication. Afterwards, 30% of all proceeds go to a charity chosen by the Publisher.
Story Rights – The Publisher permanently reserves the right to publish the Work within the Anthology while the Author keeps ownership rights to the Work. Exclusivity of Story Rights is from time of acceptance until 24 hours after the book release.
Do not submit anthology stories with chapters.
All authors will receive either acceptance or rejection within seven (7) days of the anthology’s deadline.
Extensions: Due to the massive number of submissions received per anthology, DSP no longer offers authors an extension. Submission calls are posted upwards of 1-4 years at a time.


DSP Anthology Calls https://dragonsoulpress.com/anthologies/

Guide to Submit to a Publisher https://dragonsoulpress.com/2018/11/11/guide-to-submit-to-a-publisher/

How to Write a Proposal https://dragonsoulpress.com/2019/02/03/how-to-write-a-proposal/

How to Format – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftjuYtJWIBI

*PLEASE NOTE: Watch the formatting video to achieve spacing without manually inputting the indentation.*

Email Layout Example

Email Subject Line: Story Title by Author Name for Anthology Name

Dear Editor, (all emails are addressed this way)

Author Introduction. This is where you introduce yourself to the DSP team about your writing/reading passion and why your story would be a good fit for the anthology you’re submitting to.

Submission Word Count. This applies to all DSP anthologies. We do not need line count.

Summary/Query. This is where the summary or query of the story goes. Some authors give the elevator pitch while others outline all of the major events within the story. Either are acceptable for anthologies.

Author Biography. DSP guidelines are strict. We need your author biography to be in Third Person of 100-130 words. This is to keep the biographies within the anthologies looking aesthetically pleasing and on a single page.

Author Contact Information. Here you will ensure we have all of your contact information (mailing address, phone number, email address). Real name vs. pen name (even if it is the same as your real name). This information is kept confidential.

Social Media Links. All authors must have at least one social media link with their author name in order to promote. It takes seconds to create one. A Facebook account is mandatory for communicating with fellow authors. NOTE: Author Name @ Social Media is not a link. Our team needs to copy/paste the full link for marketing.

Email Sign-Off. Author chooses which sign-off they prefer. Regards, Sincerely, etc.

Name. The name the author prefers to be addressed by, including honorifics (Mr, Ms, Mx, etc). Email. Contact email address again for reference.



Never place the story within the body of the email. It always needs to be in an attachment with the file name matching your email subject line. Otherwise, we receive a file document with the name of a story with no author and no anthology.

Via: Dragon Soul Press.

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