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Epeolatry Book Review: Gothic by Philip Fracassi


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Title: Gothic
Author: Philip Fracassi
Publisher: Cemetery Dance
Genre: Horror
Release Date: 1st January, 2023

Synopsis: On his 59th birthday, Tyson Parks—a famous, but struggling, horror writer—receives an ornate antiquarian desk in the hopes it will rekindle his creative juices. Tyson Parks’s last best seller was years ago. His agent hardly takes his calls anymore. Tyson is running out of money, and ideas.


April 2022 Horoscopes: Portents, Omens, and the Curse of the . . . Trope!

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With the advent of Spring comes budding flowers, chirpy birds, frisky squirrels, and days full of sunshine and warmth. Sounds absolutely dreadful, doesn’t it? But, no worries, this month’s set of horoscopes whisks you away into the devilishly delicious Gothic- and horror-inspired setting of your fondest literary nightmares! Let the astrological tropes begin!


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