RIP Mythic Magazine 2016-2023

I absolutely hate getting ready to schedule a standard monthly call and going to see that a magazine has closed. As of five days ago, Mythic Magazine has shut its doors. A longstanding staple in the science fiction and fantasy community, Mythic Magazine has been serving up amazing fiction since 2016, and, unfortunately, their time has come. As usual, when it comes to a magazine or press shutting down these days, the causes are financial and time.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, my friends. The full statement from editor Shaun Kilgore can be seen below:

The title says it all, folks. I’ve had to totally shut MYTHIC down. There have been too many financial issues and even production issues, plus I’ve found that my current life circumstances have not allowed me the time needed to manage all of this. I’ve fought to keep it alive, but the fight became too great. So, I’m saying goodbye to MYTHIC.

Thanks to all of those who loved the magazine and believed in it from its very first issues back in 2016.


Shaun Kilgore

Via: Mythic Magazine.

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