Ongoing Submissions: Utopia Science Fiction

Payment: $1 cent per word for fiction, $20 per non-fiction article, Poetry $5 or $10 depending on length, $35 per piece of artwork

We welcome solicited and unsolicited submissions for fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and art. Please read our submission guidelines carefully 
before submitting. Incorrectly submitted material may not be read.​

We are especially in need of science and non-fiction articles for our Science Corner. Articles can be on any subject in any style, but must be accessible to a non-academic audience.

Fiction Guidelines

We’re looking for enthralling stories set in a future we want to believe in, one we would fight to make a reality.

We want:

  • Captivating world-building

  • Character-rich, diverse settings

  • Well-written engaging plots that steer away from common tropes

  • Tension, conflict that leaps out of the page and grabs us

  • A good ending.

  • Hard science fiction, stories based in explained, well researched science

We’re open to:

  • Inventive narrative structures, unusual, but readable writing styles

  • Non hard science fiction as long as it includes incredible world-building or captivating characters

  • Longer stories for serialization


100-6,000 words is preferred. For longer works, please query with the first ten pages. 


We pay 1¢/word for a story upon publication.

Submissions must be in PDF or docx form and in proper manuscript format (our system can’t process .rtf files!). Please allow 8 weeks for a response. If you have not received a response by then, feel free to contact us with the word “Query” in the subject line.

Poetry Guidelines

We publish science-fiction poetry. There’s no style or content we’re looking for in particular, though we prefer more lyrical and evocative poetry. 

Please submit up to five short poems OR one long poem.


A short poem is one page or less in size 12 Garamond font with 1.5 spacing.

A long poem is anything longer. There is no length limit for longer poems.

If the total length of two (or more) short poems does not exceed our one-page cut off for short poems, they will be accepted together as a short poem.


$5 for each accepted short poem

$10 for each accepted long poem upon publication


Non-Fiction Guidelines

We’re Looking for:

  • Articles on new discoveries

  • Articles on new or developing technologies

  • Science fact sheets or trivia articles

  • Teach us how to calculate Schwarzschild Radius, tell us about Hubble’s Constant or quantum chemistry

  • Teach us about strange creatures from Thor’s Hero Shrew to Detnocaccus radtoduraus

6,000 words or less

$20 for a non-fiction piece upon publication

Artwork Guidelines
We’re looking for artwork in any medium, in any format (jpeg is preferred).

We seek reproduction rights for limited one time use as internal artwork. For this use we pay $35 per accepted piece.

We accept pre-existing pieces. Please submit a sample of up to five works that fit the science-fiction/fantasy theme in some way. Please give up to 3 months for a response to any art submissions sent.

We also plan to have an exposé of artists and their work this December (2021). If we do not accept your work for publication as internal art, you are still invited to submit work for the exposé issue. We charge nothing, and the expose may be used as a free portfolio for you to display and advertise your work. We will conduct a 3 to 5 question interview and give you the chance to
talk about your work, your inspiration, and share links to any professional website or store that you have and let people know how best to support you. If you’re expressly interested in submitting work for the exposé, please mention this when you submit.

What we’re looking for:

  • Sci-fi art of any kind (realism is a plus, but surreal works too). We are likely to pass on photography, but will consider it.

$35 per accepted piece.


FAQs without the Questions

  • We buy First North American Serial Rights and First Electronic Rights with two-year archival rights.

  • Simultaneous submissions are fine. Please tell us immediately if your story is accepted elsewhere.

  • If a story is rejected. Do not resubmit it unless it has gone through such drastic editing that it no longer resembles the first submission in any way, shape, or form.

  • Multiple submissions are not accepted. Please send only one submission at a time.

  • If your piece has been accepted, please wait one month from the date of acceptance to submit again. If your piece has been rejected, please wait one week from the date of the last rejection before resubmitting.

  • We will not accept translated or reprinted old stories. No exceptions. We do not accept fan fiction (even incredibly well-written fan fiction).


  • We can help advertise your newest book or project. Go to the Advertise page under Support for more information. We will work with you to make sure your advertisement is precisely how you want it. It’s a great way to reach a targeted audience.


Via: Utopia Science Fiction.

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