CLOSED: Remain Magazine

This market’s website no longer works.

Payment: 6 cents per word
Note: Reprints Allowed


Focused solely on survival situations; apocalyptic, dystopian or otherwise. Successfully surviving or not..

Character driven stories with mostly plausible survival situations. The more believable the characters, the less plausible the situations need to be.




Short Stories: Absolute minimum word count of 1000 words and an absolute maximum of 3000 words.

Serial stories: If you have a story longer then 3000 words serialization may be possible. The better the action is written, the better your chances.

Comics are gladly accepted as well, length negotiable and serialization possible if you have a solid plan for remainder of the story.


All payments will be paid through Paypal. Remain magazine is paying the professional rate of 6 cents per word for all fiction.

Pricing for comics or other artwork will vary greatly depending on many factors. If you are submitting art just know that there will be negotiating on the prices we are able to pay.

All payments will be upon publication for now, with the plan being to move to acceptance in the future.


If you have not heard back from us after 3 weeks, please email Submissions with “Pending Response” in the subject line and in the body include author name and title.

Reprints are acceptable if they have not been published >/= to 1 year from the date received.

Simultaneous Submissions are accepted. Please alert us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere in the mean time.

Multiple Submissions: Fiction – No     Art/Comics – Yes


Copyright remains with the author at all times

Non-exclusive archival rights for as long as the publication exists online or in print

First World Print and Electronic rights in English for previously unpublished works with exclusivity for 6 months from the print publication date.

(Reprint rights are print and digital exclusivity of 6 months from the publication date)

If your work is chosen for additional publication (podcast,anthology,etc) additional payment of $0.01 cents per word will be arranged.


By submitting your work to Remain Magazine you understand and agree that;

You are the Creator and Copyright Holder of the submitted work

You are not prohibited by any prior agreement from the transfer of exclusive rights (as previously expressed)

All information is submitted as true and accurate

You (the creator and copyright holder) accept sole responsibility for any false statements or right not disclosed.

The Creator must be 18 years old or older on the date the work is submitted.

If you are accepted and published with Remain Magazine, you would be required to credit the Volume/Issue that you are published in , if ever your work is re-published.

Submission Instructions

SEND YOUR WORK VIA EMAIL TO: Submissions _@_ RemainMagazine _._ com

email left as a broken link to discourage spam bots

In your email subject line include: “Submission / Story Title / Word Count”

In the body of your email include: Author Name or Pen Name and a short author bio (150 words or less) if you want to include your blog or website, please include as an inactive link example: example . com / author

Finally, attach your work as a .DOCX file only, any other extension will be deleted unread

Via: Remain Magazine.

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2 Responses

  1. Blake Jessop says:

    The magazine website lists a token payment of $10/story. Does anyone know which rate is correct?

  2. Our details are taken from the website but if their rates have changed you should always go off the publishers website. We’ll update accordingly.