Ongoing Submissions: Neon Dystopia

Payment: $20
Theme: Cyberpunk

We have a pretty broad idea of what cyberpunk as a genre is and isn’t. We’re living in it, so why stamp it down to some cookie cutter bullshit? Neon Dystopia looks for nuanced takes on genre fiction, talks on the writing process, the world around us, and what these things mean to us NOW, not later or then.

So What Do You Send ND?

Nonfiction – 3500 Words Max With Some Wiggle Room. Give us a paragraph long pitch of your article. What is it? What are you trying to say? How does it expand the conversation on whatever topic you will be covering? DO NOT send us a whole article right off the bat. If we OK your pitch, send us a document as either a .doc, Word doc, Openoffice file, or (preferably) a google doc.

If the world has become cyberpunk, how has the world affected you? We are looking for explorations of the things around us. From music, to games, to current events, to sheer existential dread. But also hope. Because without that, what’s the point?

Fiction – 5000 Words Max With Some Wiggle Room. Give us a short description of the work and the doc itself. Either a .doc, Openoffice file, or (preferably) a google doc. A response does not guarantee acceptance. If the work isn’t quite there, but if we see potential we will work with you through the editing process.

The word to use for what we are looking for is ‘broad’. We all know the classics, so show us something new. Mash genres together. Ignore conventions. Cast prose to the wind if ya need, but always loop it back to cyberpunk.

If your submission is accepted we will beam you a payment a $20 via Paypal (please provide an email you would like us to send the payment). We only ask for First Publishing Rights and 6 months of exclusive use. You own the rights to your work.

Send all submissions to: [email protected]

Via: Neon Dystopia.

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