NO LONGER ONGOING: Little Blue Marble

Little Blue Marble now uses submission windows and pays more. We will make posts as we see these windows open.

Payment: $0.05 a word for original works up to 2000 words. We offer $0.01 a word for reprints. (CA Rates)

Please note that while we do pay for original content (see rates below), Little Blue Marble’s current operating budget supports only one or two paid pieces per month. As we grow, we will be happy to increase that number and our pay rates. If all our paid slots are filled, but you would still like to support our mission, we do appreciate and accept content donated under a Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives license. Donated content must still undergo editorial approval.

We welcome submissions from writers anywhere. We value inclusivity, no matter your race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, class, and physical or mental ability. No stone should remain unturned when discussing climate solutions, and we want our content to reflect that.


What we’re looking for: We publish speculative fiction that examines humanity’s possible futures living with anthropogenic climate change. We prefer fiction with a hopeful outlook, but the occasional dystopia might fit too. While science is an important piece for solving the climate change puzzle, we challenge writers to also examine our existing social, cultural, political, and economic frameworks and envision new ones to help see us through to a better, more sustainable world.

Please see this interview at Six Questions For … if you’d like more details.

Word count limits:

• Original fiction: 2000 words
• Reprints: 5000 words


What we’re looking for: Articles and essays on climate change, and profiles of people on the front lines of climate work in the 1000-2000 word range. If possible, please include links to your published work elsewhere or other writing samples.

Before sending us any non-fiction, please send us fully outlined pitches on specific topics.

Please do not send us Q&A-style interviews, video blogging, Kickstarter projects, promotional/marketing materials, or reviews.

Upon publication, contributors receive a byline, a short bio at the end of each published post, and are listed as a Little Blue Marble contributor.


All submissions should be sent to submissions (at) littlebluemarble (dot) ca.

If submitting fiction, please put FICTION SUBMISSION – STORY TITLE in the subject line.

If submitting a non-fiction proposal, please put NON-FICTION SUBMISSION – ARTICLE TITLE in the subject line.

If you are submitting content you are willing to donate under a Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives license, please indicate so somewhere in your submission e-mail.

Submission format: All submissions should be in standard manuscript format, double spaced with a legible font. Submissions should be in .RTF or .DOCX format.

Little Blue Marble accepts works that have been previously published elsewhere. Please state in your submission if this work is a reprint.

We do not accept multiple submissions. You may only submit one story at a time. You may submit another once we have responded to your first submission.

Little Blue Marble accepts simultaneous submissions with other venues. If your story, however, is accepted by a different venue, as a courtesy to us please immediately withdraw your submission from Little Blue Marble.


All payment is in Canadian dollars.

We offer $0.05 a word for original works up to 2000 words. We offer $0.01 a word for reprints.

Payment will be made by Paypal, or alternatively, for Canadians only, via e-mail money transfer.

Via: Little Blue Marble.

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