No Longer Ongoing Submissions: Gallery of Curiosities Podcast

Gallery of Curiosities is still an active podcast at the time of this post update. However, our definition of an ongoing market has evolved and they no longer fit that definition. We will be adding posts for Gallery of Curiosities as their calls open.

Payment: 1 cent per word
Notes: Reprints Allowed

Gallery of Curiosities is a story podcast that comes along whenever we have managed to put together a new show. This is a paying audio fiction market catering to the steampunk and retro-futurist niche, as well as those who like good audio fiction during their commute. Our early episodes from 2010 to 2015 went under the title Tales from New Babbage and were a mix of public domain and original stories which were originally broadcast on Radio Riel Steampunk before being made available for download.

What we’re looking for:
Weird fiction. Steampunk. Horror. Mad science. Monsters. Machines. InsertRetroEvocationWordHerePunk. Strong narratives. Vivid imagery. Holiday themes on the above for when those times of the year roll around. Original short stories up to 7500 words. We don’t like flash fiction as much as short stories but you never know, we might need to tuck one in now and then. Did we mention how much we like to be scared?

What we’re not looking for:
Modern/mundane settings. Vulgar language. Serialized novels. Fan fiction. Futuristic settings that do not have an appropriate level of technology to a retro-futurist genre. For example, we would be perfectly happy with with you outwitting cannibal mutants in a post apocalyptic wasteland, but we want to see a technology that has collapsed to an interesting level of anachronism.

At present time we are offering a penny a word. We know, this is not the pro rate, but right now, it is the best we can do.

How do I get paid?
Paypal. No exceptions.

What about Rights?
We are purchasing one-time, non-exclusive, audio and archiving rights to your short story. You retain all other rights. The podcasts will be archived online for perpetual free download under a Creative Commons 4.0 International Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivs license.

Is there a contract?
After we are both satisfied with the terms of the contract, it will be sent for electronic signature via a service such as HelloSign.

Are you going to publish an anthology or post my story for online reading?

What about simultaneous submissions?
Yes, but do tell us if you sold it somewhere that would not want us to produce it after they bought it so we don’t waste our time.

My story has already been published. Can I still submit it?
Yes, as long as you are not violating any terms of your previous contract. We do want to know if it is a reprint. That would be splendid of you.

How do I submit?
Send your story in an email or email attachment to [email protected] with SUBMISSION: Your Story Title in the subject line. We’re not picky about the format. Kevin the mailroom guy strips all identifying information from your manuscript before sending it on to our slush readers. Make sure all commentary has been removed from your document before you convert it, that could be embarrassing as it does show up after reloading it into our Google Doc files.

I have more questions!
[email protected]

Via: Gallery of Curiosities.

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