CLOSED: Fictional Pairings

This website is no longer responding.

Payment: Works between 200-600 words = $ 0.75 total for the piece, Works between 601-1000 words = $1.25 total for the piece

What do we publish?

  • Fiction stories between 200–1000 words. We are especially interested in science fiction, mystery and fantasy narratives
  • Poetry is accepted if it is narrative in nature.
  • We do not publish erotica. Adult themes are acceptable, but keep it within the PG-13 and light R realm.
  • We do not publish works with trademarked or public figures. Passing references to public figures are acceptable but we will not publish fan fiction using copyrighted characters.
  • Your work can appear on your personal website but we do not publish works owned or published by another site or magazine.
  • We may edit your work for grammar and spelling. We will contact you if larger changes need to be made.

How is my work paired?

We publish pieces of fiction paired with independent music made by musicians published on Bandcamp. Much like fine wine and cheese, we aim to put two compatible pieces of art together and expose them to a wider audience.

Who owns the rights to my fiction?

  • You retain the rights to your work and characters. We simply publish it here to share with the world. We will link to your website/media accounts in the published narrative.
  • By submitting your work, you agree to have it hosted at Fictional Pairings and shared via our social media accounts.

What do we pay?

We are a new digital publisher and funds are limited. However, we do believe you should be compensated (even if nominally) for your work. We will pay the total amount for any piece posted to Fictional Pairings.

  • Works between 200-600 words = $ 0.75 total for the piece
  • Works between 601-1000 words = $1.25 total for the piece

If we decide to publish your work, we will send the funds to your Paypal account.

To submit, head over here: Fictional Pairings.

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