No Longer Ongoing Submissions: Fantasia Divinity Magazine

Fantasia Divinity Magazine is still taking submissions when this post was updated. However, our definition of ongoing has evolved and we will instead post open calls as we see them.

Payment: half cent per word

We will consider any genre (except erotica and non-fiction). We are looking for drabbles, flash fiction, and short stories. 
Word Count: 100-7,500
No Poetry: Stories only, please no poetry.
Response Time:  Please allow up to two weeks. After that, if you don’t hear from us then feel free to give us a little nudge.
Multiple & Simultaneous Submissions: We understand how eager authors are to get a story placed and that response times are insane, therefore we are OK with both multiple and simultaneous submissions. Please note however, if you send multiple submissions and more than one is chosen for publication, we will publish them in two separate issues.
How does this work?
If we decide to publish your story, we will post it on our website at the beginning of the month. Some stories may be emailed to subscribers. We will use the story in a small print run of that month’s issue. At the end of the year, we will make an anthology. All pieces published will be considered for this anthology. We do not ask for any long-term rights.
Payment: Starting out, we will be paying a half cent per word. All payments will be made using Paypal. 
Editing: Yes, your story will be edited if we decide to accept it. After we go through and edit your story, it will then be sent back to you for final approval.
If you are interested in submitting a story, please email me at [email protected]. In the subject line please type SUBMISSION: [Your Story Title Here]. In the body of your email, please include your name, genre, and word count. If the story is under 1,000 words, you may paste the text in the body of the email, otherwise please attach it. As a bonus, if you are a member of Absolute Write, you can include your AW username.
We will list all published authors and illustrators on our site. Once you have a story (or artwork) accepted for publication, we will post a little author bio up on our site with a list of all published pieces (published by FDM).
For Illustrators and Artists:
If you are an illustrator or artist and would like to have your work considered to be used on the site or for covers of our print publications, then please email us with your portfolio. 

Via: Fantasia Divinity Magazine.

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