MAY 2020 GIVEAWAY – Proofs Of ‘Hell Sent Me Back’ And ‘Walk In The Dark’!

G.A. Miller has contributed fiction to Trembling With Fear.
He has contributed articles to Horror Tree.
Now, he is donating his own sweat, blood, and words into a prize for our next giveaway which is running from today until May 16th, 2020!

Enter for a chance to win two new books for your collection. Proof copies of the upcoming novel ‘Hell Sent Me Back’ as well as the never-released edition of his short story collection ‘Walk In The Dark.’ For the hardcover proof, Miller shares that “The only errors I found in the proof are a misspelling of Eisenhower’s name in the Foreword (sorry, Ike) and some random sentence spacing variations. Nothing that would prevent reading.” On top of that, this is only getting a paperback and digital release so this has another added benefit to it as well!

The books will also come with a special letter from Miller which I won’t reveal here!

As to what they’re about?
‘Walk In The Dark’ is described as “This collection of tales is inspired by a lifetime of horror. From the original Twilight Zone, the classic EC Comics of the 1950’s, leading up to Stephen King, this heritage is rich with things that suddenly go very wrong when least expected. I hope you enjoy these tales!” With the back cover stating:

The Moon Is High, Let’s Take A Walk In The Dark

Take a walk in the dark with G.A. Miller in this collection of dark tales. From Drabbles of exactly 100 words to a complete novella, you’ll spend time in a part of New England you’ve never traveled before. You’ll meet new people, some more than once, and they’ll tell you things you’ve not heard before.

And would probably prefer not to have heard at all…

As to ‘Hell Sent Me Back’:

“2019 brought its share of life changing events to our doorstep. A career spanning 4 decades coming to a premature end by virtue of corporate outsourcing was one, but not the hardest one.

The ability to write became an impossibility, along with the ability (or desire) to read or take enjoyment or delight in any activity at all. Medication was prescribed and taken, but while it did temper the lows, it also tempered any sense of emotion at all.

To my complete delight, I’ve begin writing again, and have assembled some of the newer work into this collection, as much for me as for you. For you to hopefully enjoy, and for me as markers charting my ascent back from the abyss.

Hell Sent Me Back was more a therapeutic exercise for me than anything else, after a period of deep depression triggered by the loss of our dog in September of 2019. As such, I never would up releasing it in any form, although I did have a few paperback prints made, planning to give them to friends. I’ll let you decide if that makes it less or more desirable to be part of the contest, as it does certify as rare. Walk In The Dark is currently available as an eBook, and will be released as a paperback print copy, because I felt the hardcover price would be prohibitive, so this uncorrected copy is only 1 of 5 that have been or ever will be printed.

Walk In The Dark is a mixed bag, including stories, drabbles, and a novella. I assembled this to try and reach out beyond the world of Amazon, which is the only location my other work can be found.”

You can enter using the form below:

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