Market Closure Announcement: Mad Scientist Journal

I am saddened to share that as I was updating older markets to add featured graphics that I discovered ‘Mad Scientist Journal’ closed earlier this month. This is a market whose idea I LOVED and always thought that I would get around to submitting to and now will never be able to. You can find the original open call which we had listed back on March 12th, 2012 (with the graphic updated) right here.

On April 2nd of this year, a post on Mad Scientist Journal shared the following:

On April 2, 2012, we published our first story. It seemed fitting, then, to have our final content for the site also be on April 2.

Normally when we do a look behind the scenes, we look at our financial progress (or lack thereof). For our final look behind the scenes, I thought I’d highlight all that we’ve done that is positive.

Over the course of our eight years, we have done:

  • 32 quarterly collections, which featured:
    • 418 weekly stories, most with original art
    • 107 quarterly exclusives
    • 534 classified ads
    • 30 advice columns from Dr. Synthia and Dr. Oort
    • 12 horrorscopes
    • 11 gossip columns
    • 1 4-part serial
  • 6 yearly anthologies, which featured:
    • 6 corresponding successful Kickstarter campaigns
    • 138 stories
    • 23 pieces of art

All told, we published 530 authors and 20 illustrators. For many, we were their first publication, and many of those went on to bigger things! As much of a struggle as it has sometimes been, I’d like to think we did some good in the world.

Just because Mad Scientist Journal is closing, that doesn’t mean that we’re done. You can follow our future adventures at the following places:

Thank you for joining us on this adventure.

It is always a shame when a publication closes and this was one which just had an extremely fun theme to it. RIP Mad Scientist Journal!

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