Ongoing Submissions: Paranoid Tree

Payment: $50 and 10 contributor copies
Theme: Fiction, CNF, and prose poetry under 400 words
Note: I’m not saying I have mixed feelings about the name… but… 😉

We’re optimistic because art and literature are so crucially steadying in this time, and we’re motivated to share amazing work with the world. You won’t catch us using the phrase “now more than ever” around here; it’s more like “now because always.” The world may be falling apart, but we will always need to share stories, look at beautiful art, and create joy and meaning and community together.

This is exactly what Paranoid Tree is. We are a monthly zine composed of:

  1. one micro piece of fiction, creative nonfiction, or prose poetry

  2. one full-page illustration

  3. one single sheet of paper

Send us your microfiction! Please allow 1–2 months for a response. We will get back to everyone via email.

Multiple submissions of up to 5 pieces per entry are allowed. Please consolidate your submissions into one form, if possible. Simultaneous submissions are allowed and encouraged (work it!).

Published pieces will receive a $50 one-time payment for their work, as well as 10 printed copies of the final zine.

By sending us your work, you are also consenting to be signed up for our email newsletter.

Via: Paranoid Tree.

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