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Spooky season means a feast for horror readers!

To help you while away those midnight hours, a large number of writers and small presses have put their books on offer. Scroll down and you will find books that are either free or available at a reduced price. And if you enjoy these, why not leave the author a review or tell others about it?

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Lyndsey Smith (of Horrorsmith Publishing)  is the brains behind the ‘Terrify your Tablet’ event. An incredible amount of effort has been put into this by Lyndsey, so please do click this link – – and browse the huge database of books included (over 200 authors and counting!)

The covers below are just a small sample of what’s on offer (and yes, it includes a couple of mine! – Steph)

Searching for your next favorite story?

Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of new books. Available for a limited time. Via Bookfunnel. Click the Spooktober banner above.

Free Charity Anthology – until 29th October!

A tribute to author Anne Rice, 19 authors show their love to the Queen of Horror with a collection of Gothic tales inspired by her legacy. A charity anthology with all proceeds to benefit the Animal Rescue of New Orleans in honor of Anne Rice, whose fondness for animals was well known. Edited by Elaine Pascale and Rebecca Rowland with a foreword by Lisa Kröger.

Authors include: C.W. Blackwell, Morgan Sylvia, Greg Herren, Holly Rae Garcia, Douglas Ford, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Gordon B. White, Tim Mendees, Stephanie Ellis, Scotty Milder, Holley Cornetto, Lamont A. Turner, KC Grifant, Lee Andrew Forman, Anthony S. Buoni, Trish Wilson, Angela Yuriko Smith, Christine Lajewski and E. F. Schraeder.

Holley Cornetto

Escape is only one spell away
Courtney and her friends dream of escaping Shady Acres Trailer Park, a place of broken dreams and rusted out cars. Their wishes seem to come true when Courtney meets an older woman who promises to give them their heart’s desires, but as the girls wind up in over their heads, Courtney begins to doubt the older coven’s intentions while she and the girl she loves drift further apart.
But there is a force at work behind the scenes, darker and more dangerous than any of them could have imagined; the Wolf is owed four rabbits, and he’s come to collect.

Ben Lovegrove

Omnibus edition Blood and Fur
Maya the Vampire

The adventures of Maya the Vampire and her lover Tina as they navigate the challenges of living alongside humanity in 21st century Britain. They adopt a child from a troubled family in a deprived part of London and try to rescue him from the corruption of the human world by turning him into a vampire. This brings them into conflict with the Church as they are hunted down by a vigilante group of vampire hunters that wants to destroy them both and end the vampires’ reign.

Maya & the Werewolf

Maya the Vampire meets the mysterious Byronic werewolf Andre. An epic cast of characters includes various ghosts and Madeline, a human who seeks to break free from the constraints of modern life while trying to balance her own responsibilities. The story takes on a mythological resonance as the supernatural creatures battle for survival and start to question their own values. The themes of love, loss, nature, magic and folklore become intertwined in a paranormal romance with elements of horror.

As featured in Blood Moon Rising Magazine issue 91 where an extract was first published under the title Katie’s Face.

C.M. Rosens

A bundle of books for £10 only. Includes all in the image (click to go to site).

C.M. Saunders

The fifth volume of short stories from Welsh writer C.M. Saunders features ten (X) freshly-edited slices of twisted horror and mayhem plucked from the blood-soaked pages of ParABnormal magazine, Demonic Tome, Haunted MTL, Fantasia Divinity and industry-defining anthologies including 100 Word Horrors, The Corona Book of Ghost Stories, DOA 3 and Trigger Warning: Body Horror.

Meet the local reporter on an assignment which takes him far beyond the realms of reality, join the fishing trip that goes sideways when a fish unlike any other is hooked, and find out the hidden cost of human trafficking in China. Along the way, meet the hiker who stumbles across something unexpected in the woods, the office worker who’s life is inexorably changed after a medical drug trial goes wrong, and many more.

Also features extensive notes, and original artwork by Stoker award-winning Greg Chapman.


Alison Armstrong

Feral entities awaken.

Blending aspects of vampire myths with other supernatural and psychological archetypes, Revenance depicts a young female punk musician’s awakening from death into a surreal, supernatural realm of horror and passion. Revived from a deadly accident by an alluring vampire, she learns from her Awakener how to survive by feasting upon the ill and hopeless. As she quenches her insatiable thirst for blood, she vicariously experiences the hopes and fears of her despairing victims, reliving through them the joy and anguish of human existence.

Journeying through the nocturnal NYC netherworld of the abandoned and the tormented, she reconnects with her former friend, drug-addicted musician, Spitz Nevus, and explores the self-destructive obsessions plaguing humans as well as vampires. She also recalls her own childhood and adolescent encounters with otherworldly entities, the Tooth Fairy and Morbidy Graham, who, in tainting her innocence, awakened feral instincts that shape her immortal future.


Visited by otherworldly beings from childhood on, Alley, a young punk musician, has experienced a life-altering transformation granting her immortality while forcing her to prey on humans. In this prequel to Revenance and Toxicosis, Alley relives the terrifying encounters and dark, brooding obsessions that led to her Awakening as a vampire.

On the eve of a successful performance, Alley is hit by a car and lapses into a coma. After she is resurrected from her deadly coma by a vampire, becoming one of the undead, Alley remembers the moments shaping her former mortal life and her desires to escape what she considers her imprisoning flesh.

She recalls her childhood visitations with the beautiful, seductive being she calls the Tooth Fairy and the sinister, skeletal entity known as Morbidy Graham, experiences, that from a young age, heighten her feelings of alienation from her peers while inspiring her creativity. When she enters puberty and witnesses a relative’s battles against cancer, Alley’s fascination with vampires and other supernatural body-transcending creatures intensifies. Repulsed by her changing female body as well as the horrors of human mortality, Alley develops obsessive self-destructive behaviors while also channeling her rage by writing angry poetry and forming a punk rock band with her best friend, Nadia.

Once she reaches adulthood, Alley casts aside her former life, moving away from her Michigan hometown to pursue a new identity in New York City as a punk performer. In NYC, she experiences for the first time a world of transgressive creativity and forms a mutually toxic friendship with the addicted musician Spitz Nevus. Driven to a reckless mania, she takes the fatal plunge that leads to her vampiric transformation and the beginning of her new life, as described in the sequels Revenance and Toxicosis.

*Free* – Oct. 27-Nov. 1 for subscribers for Alison’s newsletter

Jon Athan

From  Jon Athan’s Facebook. (Click the image to go to amazon and find his deals)

‘It’s time for my annual Halloween sale! Time flies, huh? From October 25th to October 31st, you can buy *most* of my Kindle horror books for $0.99/£0.99 in the US and UK. There should be around 49 deals, but there could be a few less. It’s difficult to manage a sale this massive while traveling. Due to scheduling issues, a few of my books aren’t on sale, so please check the price before purchasing. (And, as usual, if you’re in a different region, Amazon only allows authors to host these Kindle Countdown Deals in the US and UK. Sorry about that! 😟)’

Happy reading.


 on behalf of Stuart and the Horror Tree Team


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