Epic Publishing Seeks Orphaned Novels

Payment: Royalties
Theme: Speculative Fiction Novels that recently lost a publisher.

It’s come to our attention recently that several small and medium publishers have decided to close their doors, leaving the authors they once published out in the cold. Such announcements are sad for me to hear, as I’ve always felt like it was less a competition among smaller publishers than a community that we at Epic Publishing are a part of. Obviously, not all publishers feel that way, but I’ve done my best to help other publishers, as they have helped me, so why not keep paying it forward? We all love books, right? And that’s what publishing is all about: loving books and supporting others’ love of books and those who write them.

Even more disheartening is the effect of such closures on those who write, since every closure of a publishing house means another avenue has closed in an already-shrinking field for those authors seeking first-time publication, not to those were under that publisher’s umbrella. Anyone who was published by the now-defunct publisher now find themselves, and their books, homeless in a way.

To those individuals, Epic Publishing would like you to know: we’re here for you!

If you’ve recently had your book’s (or books’) rights reverted back to you due to your publisher closing up shop, and you write fantasy, horror/supernatural, science fiction, or any other tangential genre or mash-up of many, send us a query and synopsis of the work you’re submitting for our consideration.

Please be sure to read our Open Calls and Submissions pages for the full details of what we’re looking for and what we’re not taking at this time, as well as our limitations on what we’ll accept. We’ll take single books, trilogies, and multi-book series. If you aren’t sure where your book might fit genre-wise, feel free to shoot us a quick email at [email protected].

Please do not send us a query without having read all of our guidelines, as this makes us grumpy and unlikely to respond in a favorable manner.

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