Epeolatry Book Review: The Goblets Immortal by Beth Overmyer


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Title: The Goblets Immortal
Author:  Beth Overmyer
Publisher: Flame Tree Press
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: February 20th, 2022

Synopsis: In a land where magic’s feared, a rare magical kind exists: the Blest, products of the Goblets Immortal. Aidan’s a Blest on the run, forced to return home. He made his family vanish decades ago, but believes there’s a way to bring them back.

Whispers of a new fear take shape in Meraude, a mage who hates all magic-kind. When she appears in Aidan’s dreams offering a bargain for the return of his family, Aidan’s desires battle with his self-preservation.

Is it wise for Aidan to seek the Goblets Immortal for Meraude’s unknown purposes? Friend and foe blur the magical lines, and Aidan must discern who will shake his hand or slit his throat.

The Goblets Immortal is the first installment of the series by the same name that was penned by Beth Overmyer. In the novel, Overmyer throws us into the deep end of a bold new fantasy adventure. At the start, we’re introduced to Aidan who is a man on the run. He is one of the Blest, this world’s version of a magic-user. Magic is feared and hated in this land and those who use it are persecuted and have short lives if those who are in power have any say in the matter. While Aidan is the leading character in this work, there are also two female leads who are equally important to the story in Slaine and Meraude, both of who I’ll get to in a moment. I’ll be quick to point out that this isn’t a love triangle that is being developed.

The Blest each have a power or two unique to them and are not able to use the same abilities as one another. There is also, due to how magic works in this world, not an ability for there to easily be an increase of magic users. Magic comes from certain goblets and due to the death of most of the previous Blest, the way this power can work is unclear to both users and non-users of magic alike.

Aidan has been spending much of his life at this point on the run and has been hiding his power. After a need to speak to one of his old acquaintances, his life on the lamb is thrown into chaos as suddenly quite a few people are hunting him down.

Chief among them is Meraude, one of the few magic users who are publically known and feared. She has a need for Aidan’s power though it is unclear what she needs of him. While trying to find a way to save himself and discover the mystery of magic that he now must discover to save himself, he also has a chance encounter with Slaine. This young woman quickly does become the love interest in the story and Overmyer delivers us not only two fully developed characters but a fun love-hate relationship between the two.

Now, both being hunted, a web of danger, lies, and deceit is circling these two as they try to find the secrets behind magic and the woman who is hunting them both.

‘The Goblets Immortal’ is a great introduction to a new fantasy realm with a magic system that has not overly been used in the past and a good job at making the reader want to know more. This one is another page-turner and is a truly fun read. I couldn’t give this one a perfect score though as I did feel that secondary characters beyond the two listed above did feel flat and while the structure of world-building is solid and there, the setting itself needed to be fleshed out just a bit more. The ending also felt a bit rushed which, knowing there is a sequel isn’t a dealbreaker but had I gone into this not knowing that wouldn’t have worked for me. With all of that in mind, I still highly recommend this one!

If you love new fantasy worlds with a fun take on magic, I’d highly recommend picking this one up!


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