Epeolatry Book Review: Moon Fellows by Danger Slater


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Title: Moon Fellows
Author: Danger Slater
Publisher: Perpetual Motion Machine
Genre: Horror, Bizzarro
Release date: 20th July, 2022


Washington DC. 1906. The inaugural mission of the Moonfellow Program. A chance to shape the future of civilization as we know it. Our first tentative steps out into the stars…
It was a complete and unequivocal disaster.
Now a hapless gravedigger finds himself among the handful of survivors stranded on the lunar surface—forced to contend with madness, conspiracies, and whatever-the-fuck that thing is on the dark side, picking them off one by one. 
This is the 100% true-ish story of the brave men and women we abandoned on the moon.

I love finding a book with an insane premise. Even better is when the book is also a fun and entertaining read. An alternate history of the moon landing? I’m in! Danger Slater gives us his retelling of an earlier covered up and forgotten moon landing in his novella Moonfellows.

Franklin Crumb and a few others are ripped from their normal lives and placed into training for a secret mission to the moon to retrieve the elusive MacGuffinite. But things do not go as planned as the team crashes onto the moon’s dusty surface. The situation gets more dire and stranger as sanity and supplies deplete.

Even in such an absurdist situation, Slater effectively deals with themes of isolation and loss. Throughout, I suspect that readers will root for Crumb to somehow get back home to his wife and child as he deals with bizzarro horrors howling from the dark side of the moon and more. Also, Matthew Revert’s cover design is beautiful and perfect for the story.

So, if you need a break from the normal and are itching for the absurd, be sure to grab of copy of Moonfellows by Danger Slater. All systems go for the bizzare!


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