Epeolatry Book Review: Hauntings, Tales of Supernatural Dread by Peter Bell


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Title: Hauntings, Tales of Supernatural Dread
Author: Peter Bell
Genre: Horror, Fantasy
Publisher: Sarob Press
Release Date: 29th October, 2023

Synopsis: Peter Bell, in these ten stories, presents an intriguing gallery of people and places that are in various ways haunted: by legend and superstition; cults and curses; vengeance and tragedy; existential crisis; sinister epiphanies; dreams and omens; ghosts, witches and demons. In landscapes as diverse as the Scottish Highlands, the Welsh Marches, the Yorkshire Wolds and the Cumbrian Fells, and in the dark interstices of town and country, the characters find themselves in uncanny congress with their haunted surroundings.

Author of several excellent collections of dark and supernatural tales (most of which were published by Sarob Press) Peter Bell returns with a new volume assembling ten stories (six reprints and four brand new pieces) to disquiet and entertain the genre lovers.

Once again his stories are a real treat and a delight for anyone fond of well told supernatural fiction.

Some of the featured tales are little masterpieces and I will briefly focus on them.

“The Boothy” is a chilling ghost story (pun intended…) taking place in the atmospheric snow-covered mountain area in Scotland.

“Reunion” is an Aickmanesque tale where a lost traveller finds shelter in a detached house inhabited only by women of dubious morality.

Intriguing and engrossing, “The Portrait” revolves around the portrait of a mysterious lady hanging in a art gallery.

The creepy “The Tunnel” explores unexplained mysteries from a long gone past.

“The Crucifix” is yet another disquieting tale featuring a young woman whose task is to sort out and classify the volumes from the huge library of a Scottish mansion. But a close encounter with supernatural horror awaits her.

Highly recommended.


Available from Sarob Press.

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