Contest: Shallow Waters June Flash Theme

Deadline: May 31st, 2022
Payment: $0.03 per word for the winner, and 2 cents per word and 1 cent for second and third place respectively
Theme: Open Water

Your June theme is…

…Open Water. Whether it’s lost at sea, trapped in a boat, being a stowaway, kidnapped, going down with the ship, etc. But keep it dark and psychologically disturbing.

Bonus challenge: write the story in a pre-21st century setting.

The winner will receive $0.03 per word, publication, and an Author Spotlight on our newsletter and Patreon page. Since we’ve reached out goal of 180 patrons, we can once again offer $0.02 a word to 2nd and $0.01 per word to third place respectively.

Submission guidelines:
-Max 1,500 words
-Submit your entry in the body of an email to [email protected] (no attachments)
-The email subject line should be the story’s title and your author name / pseudonym
-The deadline is midnight at the end of May, wherever in the world you may reside.
-No multiple submissions (only your best story)

Please take note… You do not need to be a Crystal Lake Patreon patron to enter. This is a contest and only the top three placing stories will receive payment. I’ll personally read all the email submissions and post the best 10 to 20 stories on the Crystal Lake Publishing Patreon page (to our $5 a month and higher tiers). Our patrons will then read all the entries, posted one per day, and vote for a winner. Some editors/publishers may consider having your story posted on a subscription-based platform, like Patreon, as a first publication. If your story does not win, we will remove it upon request.

Via: Crystal Lake Publishing’s Patreon.

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