Taking Submissions: Science Fiction Theatre Festival: Antarctica (Plays!)

Deadline: February 1st, 2020
Payment: Potentially royalty split
Theme: All “great” sci-fi themed ones are welcome but the general ideas they’re looking for are Antarctica, climate change or AI
Note: This is way off base from what we’d usually list but I came across it and it sounded interesting, so there you go!

Science Fiction Theatre Festival: Antarctica


19th – 23rd May 2020 London,UK

 7pm, 3:30pm

Submissions for Horatio Productions’ Science Fiction Theatre Festival 2020 are open! ​

This will be the third edition of the festival. The festival is headlined by Horatio Productions’ latest show, which is on every day of the festival followed by short plays. This year’s production is called Antarctica written and performed by Juan Echenique, directed by Fumi Gomez. The short plays are selected and curated carefully by the core members of the company: Juan and Fumi. Please keep in mind that the short plays DO NOT need to be inspired by Antarctica, climate change or AI. If they are great, if they aren’t that’s great too. We just want mind-blowing sci-fi short plays!

Submissions open:

We’re looking for groundbreaking short science fiction plays, for writers coming from all walks of life, for daring and innovative creators, for new ideas, revolutionary dreams, crazy stories, for the bold, the daring, and the unique. These are the details:

  • Length: Up to 15 minutes per play.

  • Cast: Up to 4 performers.

  • Set restrictions: The stage will be shared with several other companies; time for setting up will be minimal, so don’t submit anything that involves complicated set design, or too many props.

  • Submission limit: Writers can submit as many plays as they want. We will do our best to read all the material sent, and to get back to every applicant in due time. We do not encourage re-submissions unless substantial edits have been made to the script.

  • International entries are welcome. You do not have to be based in the UK, but the play must be in English language.

  • Deadline: Saturday 1st of February 2020. Plays sent after this date won’t be considered for the festival.

Selection process:

Once the deadline is closed, we’ll read all of the plays submitted. Yes, all of them. From beginning to end. We’ll select between 16 and 20 plays, and get back to every writer who has applied. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide feedback. Sometimes, if necessary, we will ask writers for edits, but only if there is something that we really need changed in order to program the play. Edits are generally related to length, or number of characters.

What happens next:

The selected plays will be paired with directors and cast, and will be given one or two slots during the festival. This means that, as a writer, once you have submitted your play, and done any necessary edits, your work is done (unless you want to get involved in a different capacity as well). Once the festival is over, we will share any profit between all participants. We have an open books policy.

This project is currently on a profit share basis. We are applying for funding but are not able to confirm if it will come through until a later date.

​How to apply:

1) Fill in this form:

2) Send your script to: [email protected]

We are aiming to program up to 20 short plays during the festival. Depending on the quality of the material received, and the length of the plays selected, that number could change.

We look forward to reading your science fiction plays!

Via: Sci-Fi Theatre.

Taking Submissions: Survive the Night: Three At Dusk, One At Dawn

Deadline: March 1st, 2020
Payment: Pro-order split and six contributor copies
Note: Must be a subscriber to Chris Morey’s free e-mail newsletter

As a lifelong fan of survival horror I’ve been aching for years to create a project in that vein. I’m very excited to announce to you Survive the Night – Three at Dusk, One at Dawn, a new survival horror anthology from Dark Regions Press. Now available for preorder at darkregions.com/survivethenight and 10% of the total preorder sales are added to the writing contest prize pool until the last day of the contest timeline.

Thanks to everyone who joins us for this fun and exciting new Dark Regions Press writing contest. If you have any questions or concerns please contact darkregions.com/contact

We can’t wait to read your survival horror stories!



THEME: Survival horror story involving three central characters (optional secondary characters) who become trapped at dusk with one or more forces outside that are capable of killing them. Only one of the three central characters survives until dawn.


WORD COUNT: 3,000 to 8,000

PAY: Contest with growable $3,000 prize pool (10% of Survive the Night preorder sales at darkregions.com/survivethenight get added to the prize pool until contest ends March 1st 2020) – Prize pool will be evenly divided among the selected authors. Editors will select at least 7 up to 10 winning stories from the open submissions contest. Selected authors receive 1 ebook and audio option, 5 trade paperbacks and 1 deluxe signed & numbered hardcover as free author copies.


ENTRY FEE: None but you must be a subscriber to Chris Morey’s free e-mail newsletter at chrismorey.com/newsletter to qualify.


SUBMISSION RULES: No reprints or stories published anywhere else before including author websites. No multiple or simultaneous submissions. Only one submission per author for the duration of the contest. Story must be survival horror and formatted chronologically starting at dusk and ending with dawn over the span of one night. One central character survives, two central characters die. Secondary characters are optional. Characters can kill each other but at least one of them must die from the outside force(s).


SUBMISSION TIPS: Stories submitted for Survive the Night should be intense and frightening with a psychological aspect to the storytelling between the characters who are trapped (reference John Carpenter’s The Thing). The outside force(s) that is trying to/can kill the characters can be anything that you choose from a natural disaster to humans to supernatural creatures or anything else as long as it poses a legitimate threat and is capable of killing the characters.


TIMELINE: all stories must be sent to Dark Regions Press by March 1st 2020. Our team will then read all of the stories, select the winners and issue prize money by Summer 2020. The winners will be announced first in this e-mail newsletter after being contacted personally. Survive the Night – Three at Dusk, One at Dawn is scheduled for a Q4 2020 publication.


RIGHTS: By entering this contest you agree that if you are selected as one of the winners Dark Regions Press has the right to publish your winning story in Survive the Night – Three at Dusk, One at Dawn in digital and physical formats and you agree to sign signature sheets for the book. Two year exclusive physical and digital rights. The story can be published in Best Of anthologies within our two year exclusive rights period. After the two year exclusivity period the author is free to publish the story anywhere else in any capacity.


HOW TO SEND US YOUR MANUSCRIPT: please send us an e-mail with a subject line reading: “MY STORY TITLE – Survive the Night” (replace MY STORY TITLE with your actual story title) then in the e-mail body please include a list of the following information:

Full legal name

Author name


Primary e-mail


Payment information (PayPal preferred)

MANUSCRIPT MUST BE ATTACHED TO EMAIL AS A WORD DOCUMENT! .doc, .docx or .rtf are acceptable file types. 

Please make sure you have read the above instructions carefully.


Send your Word Doc manuscript of no more than 8,000 words based on the guidelines above to our writing contest e-mail by March 1st 2020 at: [email protected]


Please only use that e-mail for story submissions for our currently active writing contests! Any other submissions/e-mails to that address will be marked as spam.


Thank you and we can’t wait to read everyone’s stories for Survive the Night!


SUPPORT THE WRITING CONTEST: a preorder page is live for Survive the Night – Three at Dusk, One at Dawn at darkregions.com/survivethenight


Preorder Survive the Night by March 1st 2020 and 10% of your total preorders (after discounts/gift cards) will be added to the writing contest prize pool!


Questions/concerns? Please contact darkregions.com/contact

Via: Chris Morey.

Taking Submissions: The Great Lake Drabble Contest #15

Deadline: September 30th, 2019.
Payment: 1 cent per word (1 dollar total.)

The contest ends September 30, 2019.

The Great Lake Drabble Contest #15

The Contest Theme: Treasure Hunt

We are looking for non-traditional treasures, a search that finds something unanticipated, of value. For example, in “Skylark of Space,” the civilization values salt above gold, and the people are not above melting down humans to recover the salt in their bodies.

The Contest Theme

“Treasure Hunt”

Publishing Details

Drabble Contests are edited by  Terrie Leigh Relf

The contest ends September 30, 2019.

Its format is perfect-bound trade paperback, 5.5 x 8.5, color cover and b&w interior.

How to Submit

Submit your work to [email protected]

In the subject line of the e-mail, put Drabble Submission plus your last name and the title of the work submitted.


“Drabble Submission: Asimov Nightfall – Contest #15”

Please make sure to put the Drabble Contest number in the subject line to make it easier to sort submissions.

Submit your drabble in the email body, please, and NOT as an attachment.

Next, make sure your contact information is in the email along with the approximate word count.


Edgar Montrose
1101 Kaboom Street
Mushroom, NY 12117
[email protected]
paypal [if any]: [email protected]

If your submission does not include your contact information, Alban Lake Publishing reserves the right to delete your submission unread and without notifying you.

Pay for drabbles is 1 cent a word, which means one dollar per drabble.

The first and second place winners will each receive one of our publications. Winners will be announced in the View from the Lake once the contest is ended and the submissions are all read.

We will publish the 20-25 best submissions. Each contributor will receive payment and a contributor’s copy, with the option to buy additional copies at a discount.

Via: Alban Lake Publishing.

Taking Submissions: Sub-Q Game Jam Flash Fiction “Love”

Deadline: December 15th, 2018
Payment: Original: $0.06 USD/word for prose; $0.03 USD/word for interactivity ($0.09 USD/word for both) Reprints: $0.03 USD/word for prose; $0.015 USD/word for interactivity (0.045 USD/word)

As we announced last month, from November 15 to December 15, we’ll be hosting a game jam open to very short pieces of interactive fiction or sequential art on the theme of love. We’ll also be accepting submissions for interactive fiction proposals through our Submittable portal for authors new to the idea of interactive fiction.

The catch? All those submissions must be limited to 1000 words of prose, or 9 panels, put before the player. (Full rules and conditions can be found at either of the links above.)

Altogether, we’ll choose four pieces from four different author/artist/developers to run in our February 2019 issue at our standard rates.

Since today is November 15th, that game jam and the submission window for proposals are officially open! Both will close for entries at the end of the day (Pacific Time) on December 15th, and we hope to be able to make our final selections by early January.

Links for both the game jam and the proposal submission window are above, or you can click through below!

Game Jam: https://itch.io/jam/subqjam

Proposal Submissions: https://tinyurl.com/subQjam18

Our February issue will also feature a 1000-word-or-less game on the theme of “love” from two invited authors, to complement the entries we accept from the game jam and the proposal submission window. Those authors will be announced soon!

Excited yet? We know we are! We can’t wait to dive in to all the submitted games and proposals.

Got questions? Let us know on TwitterFacebookitch.io, or by e-mailing [email protected]

Via: Sub-Q.

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