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Taking Submissions: Wolf Night (Rated R)

Deadline: November 30th, 2020
Payment: Royalties
Theme: Wolf shifters

Wolf Night (Rated R)

  • Deadline – November 30th, 2020
  • Publication – March 2021
  • Word Count – 5,000-15,000
  • Theme – Wolf shifters galore! We are looking for romantic tales of wolf shifters in any setting or genre. The spicier, the better.

Publisher INFORMATION (more…)

Taking Submissions: Women of the Woods

Deadline: June 30th, 2020
Payment: One cent per word
Theme: The lore, myths, and legends of women who dwell in the forest.

Women of the Woods is an upcoming collection about the lore, myths, and legends of women who dwell in the forest. Historically, it’s the witches, artists, and outcasts who make the dark forest their home. Whether you retell a piece of folklore or create something altogether new, Fabled Collective would love to see your story.

We are looking for spooky, eerie, gothic tales that leave out the gore and focus more on a feeling of dread and foreboding. We’re interested in stories with rich, haunting settings. Think dark fantasy or quiet horror. Give us complex characters, ghosts, witches, magical realism, and more!

Submission Guidelines:

  • Stories between 2,000-8,000 words.
  • Please format all submissions TNR 12pt, double spaced, with page numbers. Word documents preferred.
  • Simultaneous submissions are permitted, but please let us know immediately if you’ve accepted publication elsewhere.
  • No previously published stories.
  • Only one submission per author.

Please Include:

  • A short bio.
  • Links to your social media and website.


One cent per word to be paid upon acceptance.

  • 2,000 words = $20
  • 5,000 words = $50
  • 8,000 words = $80


Fabled Collective is free to publish your work in ebook, print, and audiobook formats, but the author retains rights to sell, publish, and distribute their work in the future if desired.

All work must be original. Fabled is free to grammatically edit all works.

Send to:

Please send your work to [email protected]

Via: Fabled Collective.

Taking Submissions: Terraforming Earth for Aliens – Global Warming Themed

Deadline: June 30th, 2020
Payment: $20 for stories between 300 and 8,000 words, $10 for flash fiction (under 300 words not counting the title), and $10 for poetry.
Theme: Global warming causing or exacerbating a global epidemic or pandemic.

The initial submission window closed on January 1st, 2020, but I’m briefly reopening the anthology (until June 30, 2020) for submissions of an additional, very specific type of global warming story:

I’d thought the anthology was complete, but recent events proved that there’s one type of story missing from the cli-fi anthology: a story or stories about global warming causing or exacerbating a global epidemic or pandemic.  For example, malaria mosquitoes have been moving farther north, but rather than using malaria, write about a fictional pandemic that’s caused or exacerbated by global warming.  You can build on what we currently know about COVID-19, or even mention that your fictional pandemic is “worse than the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020/the early 2020s/the 2020s” (God help us if the COVID-19 pandemic lasts the entire decade), but your pandemic story must also have a tie-in to global warming. For an idea of some real science behind such a story, read this article: “The Next Pandemic Could Be Hiding in the Arctic Permafrost“.

Please follow the guidelines below. Payment is $20 for stories between 300 and 8,000 words, $10 for flash fiction (under 300 words not counting the title), and $10 for poetry. Again, the submissions window is now open only for pandemic stories involving global warming.

To all authors who submitted works in 2019: Feel free to submit a second story involving an epidemic or pandemic caused (or exacerbated) by global warming.

All submissions from 2019 have been reviewed, and 36 stories and poems were accepted, written by authors from nine (9) different nations representing four of Earth’s continents!  All authors have been notified if their story or poem was accepted.  I’m now in the process of sending out contracts and payments to authors (payments will be sent after the contract is returned to me), then editing the submissions.

Again, public submissions have been reopened only for cli-fi stories about an epidemic or pandemic that’s caused or exacerbated by global warming.

Other than the specific topic, follow the original call for submissions below:

Call for Submissions!

Short stories (originals or reprints), poems, or song lyrics wanted for a Cli-fi anthology titled:

Terraforming Earth for Aliens

(a Cli-Fi Anthology of Global Warming Fiction)

Payment is $20 for short stories (300-8,000 words), $10 for flash fiction (under 300 words), poems, or song lyrics.  All profits from the anthology will go to environmental charities, including the Sierra Club.


Cli-fi stands for climate fiction, which is usually (but not always) science fiction.

Cli-fi stories can take place in the present day, near future, distant future, or even the distant past.

Why is an anthology of climate change fiction needed?


Taking Submissions: If I Die Before I Wake: Volume 3

Deadline: June 30th, 2020
Payment: $25.00 and a contributors copy
Theme: A strong female Main Character who will do whatever it takes to protect/avenge those she loves and must be written in the horror genre

Do you want your story to appear in the next volume of the Better Off Dead Series?


Submission Guidelines
Please read carefully. Submissions that don’t meet the guidelines will be automatically rejected.
  • All submissions will be reviewed after the submission deadline and chosen stories will be published in IF I DIE BEFORE I WAKE- TALES OF DEADLY WOMEN AND RETRIBUTION – The Better Off Dead Series Volume 3, which will be released in the fall of 2020

  • Submissions must be between 5,000 and 10,000 words

  • Title, submitter’s name, pen name (if different), word count and email address must be centered at the top of your submission

  • Submissions must be 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced with special first-line indentation of 0.5″

  • Submissions must be in .Docx format with 1″ margins all around

  • Submissions should be clean and edited

  • Submissions must have a strong female Main Character who will do whatever it takes to protect/avenge those she loves and must be written in the horror genre

  • Submissions cannot contain graphic sexual or rape scenes

  • Submissions must not have been published elsewhere before in any medium

  • The number of stories published will depend on word count of the chosen stories, but will be no less than ten stories and no more than twenty

  • Authors may submit as many stories as they want for review, however, there will be a limit of one published story per author

  • The deadline for submission is June 30th, 2020

  • Authors will be notified by July 31st, 2020 if their story was selected

Authors That Are Selected For Inclusion Will:
  • Have their story published in the anthology

  • Receive a one-time payment of $25.00 (USD) per selected story

  • Receive a free softcover copy of the anthology within 45 days following the release date

  • Have access to buy author copies of softcover and hardcover editions at publisher’s cost, plus shipping

  • Agree to sign a Memorandum of Agreement giving permission for the story to be used in the anthology

Via: Sinister Smile Press.

Taking Submissions: Marisa’s Recurring Nightmares

Deadline: June 30th, 2020
Payment: Contributor’s copy
Theme: Horror that contains a main character named Marisa and a garden statue

Submission deadline is June 30, 2020.


Thank you for choosing to submit to the sixth annual Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers (GLAHW) mini-anthology.

We are looking for horror fiction, between 2,000 and 5,000 words, along with the following requirements.

1. A feature character named Marisa. She can be the protagonist, antagonist, monster, victim, friend, etc. As long as she (or, I suppose they, since gender fluidity is fine) plays a significant, if not pivotal role in the story.

2. The story must contain a garden statue. How you use the statue is up to you. (more…)

Taking Submissions: Lovecraft In A Time Of Madness

Deadline: August 22nd, 2020
Payment: $10-20
Theme: Cosmic horror that celebrate the ideas of H.P Lovecraft

Sentinel Creatives has opened up for submissions for the “LOVECRAFT IN A TIME OF MADNESS” anthology.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sentinel Creatives, we’re an indie publishing and production house based in Cape Town, South Africa. Though our focus is on books and ebooks, we also do audiobooks, and will be doing audio dramas in the near future!


As the title suggests, we’re looking for stories of cosmic horror that celebrate the ideas of H.P Lovecraft! While it is not necessary for submissions to form a part of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, or other works, it is necessary for there to be some connection to the ideas and themes he grappled with in them.

While Lovecraft is known for, among other things, his own particular writing style, we’re not looking for stories that try to mimic his prose! Nor are we looking to play a game of “Lovecraft Bingo”! Rather, we’re looking for stories that are faithful to the spirit of Lovecraftian horror. Show us to the dark corners of the earth, and the mind, but show us your particular take on it!

These stories need not be set in our past, present or even our future. If you think you can do justice to a retelling of folklore or legend, go for it!  We’d love to see stories about King A’rtur’og and his knights of the non-Euclidian table, or Sir Gawain and the Eldritch Knight!

Got a story about Anarchists v the Cult of Cthulhu in London during the industrial revolution? Let’s see it!


Send your submissions to: [email protected] with the subject “Lovecraft Submission”.

All manuscripts should be sent as a word document. Our preference is for Times New Roman, or another clearly legible text.

Submissions should be between 5,000 and 9,000 words. This is not a hard limit, but preference will be given to those stories that meet this requirement.

Please include a short summary of the story in the body of the email, as well as a short bio and a list of any previously published works.

We’re looking for original works that have not been previously published! 

All accepted stories will be paid for up front!
As a small time indie press, our budget is limited! Accepted stories can expect between $10-20.

In exchange, we ask for exclusive rights to publish the story, said rights will maintain for the duration of one year. After that, we retain the non-exclusive rights to the story, but you’re welcome to submit and publish elsewhere after that!

It is likely that we will produce an audiobook version of LOVECRAFT IN A TIME OF MADNESS, and we ask for the same rights as the book and ebook rights.


LOVECRAFT IN A TIME OF MADNESS will be the focus of our first Kickstarter campaign! The anthology will be published regardless of the success of the campaign, however, if successful, we’re hoping to be able to pay the authors significantly more, and commission short stories from some of our favourite authors to include in the anthology.

The first tier in the Kickstarter campaign will be devoted to increasing the remuneration of the accepted authors, while later tiers will focus on bringing in more established authors.

Obviously, if the campaign goes incredibly well, the accepted authors can expect further remuneration. We’ll also dedicate a portion of the funds to increasing the remuneration we can offer in the future.

Via: Sentinel’s Mailing List.

Taking Submissions: Tales From Omnipark

Deadline: June 30th, 2020
Payment: $100
Theme: Must take place in Omnipark (details linked below.)

House Blackwood is putting together a brand-new anthology of original fiction, set in the world of OmniPark.

This anthology will feature stories from Brian Evenson, Gemma Files, Orrin Grey, Jesse Bullington, and other leading lights of the weird fiction community.

The deadline is June 30, 2020.

You’ll find much more background information on the OmniPark Wiki, which documents all the park’s original Realms and attractions, as well as many of the personalities who shaped its development.

We are paying $100 for short stories of 2,000 to 5,000 words, set in and around OmniPark.

Send submissions as Word (.doc) files, formatted according to Shunn manuscript format, to:

tales from omnipark (remove spaces)

Only manuscripts submitted as Word docs, following Shunn format, will be considered.

Via: House Blackwood.

Taking Submissions: Utah Horror Writers 7th annual anthology

Deadline: October 31st, 2020
Payment: Poetry – $10, Flash – $15, Short Fiction – $20, Novelette – $35
Theme: Wasatch Witches.
Note: Must be connected to Utah somehow to submit

Calling all horror writers! Submissions are now OPEN for the Utah Horror Writers 7th annual anthology!

Utah Horror Writers is proud to announce its seventh annual horror anthology and call for submissions! Following the success of our previous six anthologies, we’re pleased to announce this year’s theme: Wasatch Witches.

Submissions will be accepted from now until 11:59 PM (Mountain) on October 31, 2020. We’re looking for well-written stories and poems involving witches or witchcraft, and which are set firmly within the horror genre. A connection to Utah is required, either on the part of the author or the work itself. If you’re not sure whether you or your work would qualify, please contact us at [email protected].

Entries will be judged on compliance with submission requirements, the quality of writing, originality, creativity, and the inclusion of thematic elements, specifically Horror and the overarching theme of witches/witchcraft. Gratuitous erotica, gore, profanity, as well as manuscripts promoting drug abuse, child abuse, illegal activities, or self-harm will only be considered if the gratuities are critical to the story itself; otherwise, please do not try to cover up bad writing with shock.

Remember: the genre for your story, poems, and/or visual art should be Horror. Elements of other genres – Western, Paranormal, Speculative, Dystopian, Magic Realism, Gothic, etc. – are acceptable as long as they are only elements that contribute to the overall genre of Horror.

If you are unclear on what horror and other genres are, see Writer’s Digest’s Definition of Fiction Categories and Genres:

Writers must also be willing to work with editorial staff to revise their work to meet publication standards.

WASATCH WITCHES: A Collection of Utah Horror

Anticipated release: April 2021

Word Counts:

  • Poetry: up to three poems, no greater than five pages in combined length
  • Flash Fiction: no greater than 1,000 words
  • Short Fiction: no greater than 5,000 words
  • Novelette: no greater than 15,000 words

Submission Requirements:

  • Submissions must be received via our submission form no later than 31 Oct 2019 at 11:59 MST in order to be considered.
  • Work must clearly incorporate the theme and genre.
  • A connection to Utah is required, either on the part of the author or the work itself.
  • Manuscripts must be submitted in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.
  • Flash, short stories, and novelettes must follow Shunn formatting guidelines with one exception: Do not include your name anywhere in the manuscript (including the title page, header/footer, or file name). Shunn guidelines can be found at:
  • Poetry should be submitted in a single doc, .docx, or .rtf file.

Our selection process is blind to give every writer equal consideration, regardless of prior publication credits or chapter membership.

Works that do not adhere to the above requirements will not be considered.

Multiple submissions are welcome, but entrants are limited to one submission per category. Please file separate submissions for each category; do not combine multiple categories into a single submission.

Rights: Fear Knocks Press will hold exclusively publishing rights (print and electronic) for 12 months.

Payment: One contributor’s copy, plus:

  • Poetry – $10
  • Flash – $15
  • Short Fiction – $20
  • Novelette – $35

Click below to submit!

Via: Utah Horror Writers.

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