Taking Submissions: Darkness Wired

Deadline: September 1st, 2019
Payment: $15.00 to $20.00 and 2 contributors copies

New century – New tech – New ways to defeat the monsters?

Give us your take on the intersection of elder gods, old monsters and new technology

Are the old monsters too far behind us?

In this era where almost everyone can instant share to the web, where almost everyone carries in their pockets a powerful computer that can take movies, and record events, in a time when we are a few years away from colonizing planets — are the Elder Gods defeated? Quaint? A joke?

Would you live tweet Dagon’s forces rising from the depth to put an end to your cruise ship special? Maybe vlog Shib-Nigurath tromping trough your city park?
Or would they use the new technology to conquer this blue marble, corrupt social apps databases to elect unfit to serve, orange hued puppets. Would they alter vaccines or launch nuclear warheads?

Darkness Wired, the anthology

Unless specified otherwise, we’re looking for stories that are:

2000-8,000 words long,  original (No reprints) short story (if longer, ask first). Edited. Some minor grammatical errors will be accepted but if the submission requires major overhauls, it will be returned to you to edit before being accepted.

You must use the information provided in this link. Grab one of the events and go to town!

If accepted:
Each author receives $15.00 to $20.00. Payment is based on story length and quality.
Author copies: two paperback copies and a digital copy of the book. Register for details and upload link.

For this collection, we ask for exclusive first worldwide electronic and print rights for one year and nonexclusive rights afterwards. For reprints, we will ask for nonexclusive reprinting rights.


First page should have:
Your name: Your name and pen name if you use your pen name.
Contact information: Email, phone
Anthology entry: Yes
Title of story: Title of your manuscript

8.5″ × 11″ layout
Times New Roman font.
Headers: 18 points font size
Body of text: 12-point font-size.

Submission Period: All submissions must be received between June 10, 2019 and September 1, 2019. Any story sent before or after will be deleted unread.

We welcome everyone and want to encourage diversity and originality, work by authors from marginalized groups. If you are a person of color, you are LGBTQ, or belong to some other group that is underrepresented in the genre, we want to hear from you.

Do not send us poetry, screenplays, stories that are being considered by another market (also known as simultaneous submissions), or manuscripts without any plot (may the Elder gods piss in your cereal if you do).

Deadline: September 01, 2019

Via: NPH Zone.

Taking Submissions: Timeless 2

Deadline: August 31st, 2021
Payment: Royalties

  • Deadline – August 31st, 2021
  • Publication – November 2021
  • Word Count – 5,000-15,000
  • Theme – Anything involving a twist on old fairy tales, whether it be the classics or lesser known ones.
  • Note: As long as you keep to the theme, originality is fully appreciated. Cliff-hangers are more than welcome.

Submission Guidelines.jpg

* Introduction of yourself should be a short biography in 3rd Person between 100-200 words. Upon acceptance, this will be used within the anthology. Send a bio with every single anthology submission. We work with hundreds of authors and will not take time to retrieve yours from a previous anthology.

* Poetry submissions: All poetry needs to be contained within a single e-mail. Each poem should be in a separate document. Haikus may be grouped together.

* All e-mails should be addressed to “Dear Editor.”

After receiving edits back, the author has two weeks to return the submission for formatting.

All submissions will be reviewed within thirty (30) days of the anthology’s submission deadline. This ensures submission calls do not close early and gives everyone a chance to submit. You will know your submission has been received for consideration by receiving a generic response. Whether accepted or rejected, you will always receive a response.

View our blog articles on how to submit to a publisher and how to write a proposal.


Failure to submit following all of the guidelines will result in an immediate refusal. You are able to submit again before the submission call deadline.


Rating – Check each anthologies‘ rating.
Word count – Check each anthologies‘ word count requirements.


E-mail address to submit to – [email protected]


NOTICE –  Failure to submit correctly will result in refusal of submission.

Via: Dragon Soul Press.

Taking Submissions: LTUE Benefit/Charity Anthology #3 – Twilight Tales

Deadline: August 15th, 2019
Payment: Contributors Copy
Note: Reprints welcome

Since its beginnings in the early 1980s, the Life, the Universe, & Everything Symposium academic symposium has been a staple of the Utah and Intermountain West author and artist community. Many authors, artists, and editors found inspiration for their careers at the feet of scores of symposium guests. Influential professors and others have mentored those planning and running the symposium, but many of these mentors have passed on.

The symposium helps students of all ages by providing greatly discounted student memberships. Hemelein Publications—in conjunction with LTUE Press—created a series of memorial benefit/charity anthologies to help the symposium continue to help these aspiring creators learn about their crafts at a reasonable cost.

The third of these anthologies, Twilight Tales, is a light horror anthology, created in honor of Betty Pope. She was a librarian at the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University for many years. She established the science fiction and fantasy literature Special Collection section. She also hosted a reception at her home each year after LTUE for the guests and committee. This anthology will contain stories Betty would have loved.

In summary:

  • Light horror stories (think Twilight Zone or Goosebumps) any length up to 17,500 words
  • Unpublished or reprint stories
  • Up to two submissions per author
  • This is a benefit/charity anthology, so stories are donated and author receives no monetary compensation
  • Authors receive a print copy of the anthology and an electronic copy
  • Meet the content guidelines described on the Submission Guidelines page
  • Stories are due by August 15, 2019


Taking Submissions: The Marshall

September 15th, 2019
Payment: Contributor’s Copy

A Collection of tales of how he got his man.

Zimbell House is holding open submissions for short stories about the old west and how the U.S. Marshall played a part in establishing the law of the land.

Let your imagination roam and put our readers in the middle of the action. We want complete stories from the POV of the U.S. Marshall. We want to see his struggles to capture the outlaw. How does he do it? Who helps him? Why did he become a lawman? Is there a case that haunts him? Make him a complete character, flaws and all.

  • Please keep foul language to a minimum-it loses its punch if over-used.
  • Dialogue needs to be believable, and please keep dialects/slang to a bare minimum if you must use them.
  • No head-hopping or POV changes. Pick one point of view and stick with it.
  • Please show more of the action than just telling the reader what happens.

Submissions of both short stories and novellas to this anthology are welcome, please keep in mind the minimum word count is 4,000 and the maximum word count is 20,000.

This anthology is a great opportunity to showcase emerging writers and allow them to build their professional platforms.

Submission Deadline: September 15, 2019, with a targeted release date of mid-November 2019.

Submit your best work. Poorly formatted and unedited work will be turned down. Please use Americanized English spellings. We will be doing light editing as necessary to fit the standards we strive to maintain.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Any work under 4,000 words will be automatically disqualified for this anthology.
  • The work must not have appeared in print or online anywhere before.
  • All submissions must be in English.
  • Each author may submit up to three (3) unique works—please submit them separately.
  • Work must be in Microsoft Word or RTF, double-spaced, 12-point font-no headers/footers.

All contributing authors will receive a free copy of the book in softcover.  Authors that are chosen for the anthology will not be paid nor receive royalties for their submission. This is an opportunity to build your platform.

Submission Deadline: September 15, 2019.

Via: Zimebel House Publishing’s Submittable.

Taking Submissions: Catacombs: Martyrs on Earth and Elsewhere

Deadline: July 31st, 2019
Payment: $25 for original work, $12 for reprints
Note: Reprints welcome

Amara looked up to the sky; the moon showered her with pale light. The sign was clear. She lowered her gaze to the field before her, to the bodies laying there, contorted in death. With a heavy sigh, Amara walked forward to her fate . . .

What We Want

Catacombs: Martyrs on Earth and Elsewhere is an anthology of stories about fictional martyrs past, present, and future, on Earth or some fictional world. The title is tentative so keep in mind that the final product could have a different title.


This anthology has some specific rules. Please read carefully.


Stories must be historical or speculative fiction; a combination of the two would also be fantastic.

We are looking for stories about individuals who give up their lives for their faith or for some cause greater than themselves. Judeo-Christian history is replete with stories of individuals who died for their faith, who sacrificed their lives rather than renounce God. Many of these martyrs, such as Sts. Stephen, Sebastian, Agatha, and Lucy, for example, are well known, recognized by one Christian sect or another, and are listed as Saints. For this issue, please send us plausible stories of unknown martyrs from any historic period or some future period or alternate reality, so long as the martyrs are martyred for the faith as understood by traditional Judeo-Christianity.


Please be sure to invent your own martyr and not use an actual historical or legendary figure.


We are also open to stories of individuals who died for other causes dear to the heart of Western civilization. If your hero died for a freedom enshrined in the Bill of Rights for instance, go ahead and try it. 


For this anthology, we are not interested in stories centered on individuals who died for the values of other great world religions such as Buddhism or Islam, or for pagan or neo-pagan religions such as Hinduism or Wicca respectively. Nor are we interested in heroes of communism, fascism, or for any other form of socialism. We will only accept stories of martyrs in the main theme of Judeo-Christian/Western Civilization. Please do not send a story that redefines or deconstructs the Judeo-Christian Tradition or Western Civilization or makes a martyr out of someone doing that.


Here are a few hints that might be helpful.

“They” say that there are no new plots or stories anywhere. “They” may be right, but you are the only you there is, so send us a story as only you can tell it, one that’s atmospheric, engaging, meaningful, and highly entertaining, has fascinating characters, one that takes place in a unique location or time period.

We originally envisioned this anthology as another issue of the Potter’s Field series, but it has gone away from that. We’re still looking for works that end up in graveyards in some way. However, it does not have to be a conventional graveyard. Here’s one example: back during the days of the Black Death, bodies were crammed—literally crammed—into mass graves underneath churches. Even today, in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, you can take a walking tour deep under the church and see walls of skeletons and dirt. Such a place would also qualify as a graveyard. Your hero could end up in buried in a church, a conventional graveyard, a potter’s field, or elsewhere.

Dying can be horrible, and many historical martyrs and heroes died horrifically, but we do not want stories that center on the gore, blood, splatter, or slice-and-dice. Sure, it might be good fun to make balloon animals out of someone’s intestines, or find out how long the heart will continue to beat after it has been ripped from the body with a spatula, but that’s not what we want. Your hero has to die and other characters may die as well. That’s fine. Just put a lid on the icky stuff. Your martyr might be burned to death, skinned alive, or drawn and quartered, but don’t make that the point of the story.

A word about sex and extreme language: We don’t mind it, necessarily, but the sex and/or colorful language must have a purpose. Keep in mind too that someone prepared to die for Christ is probably going to be following his commandments. Someone dying for free speech might be less particular.

Please know your historical period. If you don’t know anything about the time or setting and write it anyway, you must be banking on my not knowing it either. The editor was a history major in college, so don’t bet on it. Know your stuff or don’t write it.

Please know about Judeo-Christian Tradition and Western Civilization. If you don’t, please study it at length before submitting a story. We’ll probably notice that you’re uneducated on the topic and reject the story quickly. Study up on it or don’t write it.

If you choose to write a speculative fiction story, science fiction or fantasy, etc.—and we hope to get some in this vein—please note that the setting must be internally consistent and the hero’s sacrifice must still be based in the Judeo-Christian Tradition and the values of Western Civilization. That is, the future world, alien culture, alternate universe, what have you, must share those integral values in some plausible way.

Please don’t preach. Sermons don’t make good stories. Your character may preach, of course, but the whole story shouldn’t be a homily or a sermon. It should be a plot with conflict and action enacted by believable characters. That action may be violent or intellectual or legal or so on, but it must be there. Stories go places.



Taking Submissions: Spooky Samhain 2019 Contest

Deadline: July 31st, 2019
Payment: Contributor’s copy with chances at a $25, $50, or $100 prize!

Do you have a scary story to share?  Fiction, fact, or otherwise, share your prose with us and you, too, can win up to $100* and get your story printed.  Enter your submission today!  Contest will be judged by a panel of impartial judges, all of whom have a vested interest in the unknown.  Scare us, terrify us, and thrill us!


Contest Rules:

  • Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please only send us one story at a time and if your story is accepted elsewhere please email us and let us know ASAP.
  • We are seeking original fiction only.  In other words, NO REPRINTS.
  • Many will enter, few will win.
  • Entrants cannot be related, legally or otherwise, to OPQ staff
  • Entries must be submitted via our Green Submissions Manager (located here ) by July 31st, 2019 to qualify.
  • Entries must match one of the following themes: ‘True Tales of Terror,’  or ‘Fantastic Frights’
  • No entry fee necessary!
  • Note: entries will be judged based on quality, thematic appropriateness, and writing chops.
  • Though we want to be scared, there are some things that are off-limits.  As with our normal morality policy, OPQ will automatically reject stories that involve pedophilia, excessive gore, violence for violence’s sake, and non-consensual sex.  As always, we would prefer stories that use religion and/or spirituality as an uplifting theme or a bridge towards a larger, thematic discussion, rather than being derogatory towards one specific religion.  That being said, we enjoy looking forward to what your twisted imaginations come up with!


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