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Taking Submissions: H is for Hell

Deadline: November 15th, 2020
Payment: £10
Theme: Hell

H is for Hell – Submissions open October 1st. Deadline November 15th. 

For this one we’re thinking about experiences of Hell, whether that be a literal interpretation of fire and brimstone or a hellish situation.

We are currently calling for submissions for a series of horror anthologies – The A-Z of Horror. The series will be based on a variety of themes and will consist of twenty-six books in total. We are looking for short horror stories, between 4000 and 8000 words, on each of the themes listed below. You may submit to more than one book, but we will only include a maximum of one story from each author, in each book. Being accepted into one book does not guarantee acceptance into one of the others.

The story must be your own work, to which you hold the rights. The story must not be available elsewhere and, if accepted, we will hold the rights to it for three months from the date of publication. After that time, you may use the story however you wish.

Any sub-genre of horror is suitable, even extreme, so long as the story fits the theme of that book and does not include anything which may unnecessarily cause offence (glorification of child abuse, rape, bestiality, etc.).

Payment for the story will be £10, to be paid by PayPal, as well as a contributor’s e-book of the finished book.

Please send submissions in a Word document (ideally Times New Roman 12pt, single spaced) to [email protected] with the title of the book you are submitting to in the subject line. Please ensure you have included your name on the Word document. If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch using the Contact page. We aim to respond to submissions within 2 weeks of the deadline, but feel free to get in touch if you haven’t heard back within this timescale. Good luck!

Via: Red Cape Publishing.

Taking Submissions: SNAFU: Holy War

Deadline: October 31st, 2020
Payment: AUD .05 per word and a contributors copy
Theme: Holy war military horror.

What we want:
Military ACTION-BASED horror, themed around religion and/or religious-based conflict.
Think the Crusades, Europe’s Thirty Years War, The Troubles in Northern Ireland (but with unnatural monsters)… anything that can be considered a high-action monster story based around a conflict (overt or covert) of religion. For level of unnatural creature we will give priority to, think Dog Soldiers or Aliens. We want lots of monster goodness.
We will also be looking for soldiers, mercs, police, private security/paramilitary. Hell, even a group of bodyguards protecting some arsehole theocracy warlord in his jungle property.

Just ensure the action is central to the story, from start to finish, and don’t forget monsters!

This volume is like the previous volumes squared. All action.
We want extreme action, and it has to be military or paramilitary action.
And to say it again, full action. Nothing less. Hoo-rah!

We actively encourage submissions from all cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and identities. Storytelling is for everyone, and we are richer for it when all voices are heard.


Modern America versus Muslim country war stories with religiosity at its core. These need to be extremely well-written to make it past the slush pile.


  • Rape as a plot device/backstory
  • White saviour stories
  • Racism, bigotry, misogyny of any kind
  • Child abuse/paedophilia (can’t believe we have to say this, but we do)
  • Rape as a plot device/backstory (yes, we have to say this twice)
  • Fanfiction or derivatives

Edited by Amanda J Spedding and Geoff Brown
Payment: AUD5c/word and one contributor copy in each format released.
Wordcount range: 2,000 – 10,000 words (query for shorter or longer)

Submissions open October 1st 2020.
Closing date is December 31st 2020
Anything submitted outside this period will be deleted without being read or replied to.

No selections will be made until after the period closes.

Projected publication date: Mid-2021

Please follow these guidelines when submitting to us:

Please put your full contact details and word count top left of the first page of the manuscript.
Standard submission format, with minimal document formatting.
Courier, Palatino Linotype, or Times New Roman set at 12pt.

Italics as they will appear.
No underlining.
Double spaced.

Please don’t use TAB or space bar to indent lines. Use ‘styles’ only.
If unsure or using a program that has no styles, DO NOT indent at all. That’s still cool.


NO SPACE between paragraphs unless a line-break is required. ONE SPACE after full stops.
Please put full contact details on the first page of the manuscript (yes, I said this twice… it’s important).

Send your submission to Geoff Brown at [email protected] as an attachment (.doc/.rtf only)

In the subject line of your email, please put Holy War: [STORY TITLE] (Replace [STORY TITLE] with your actual story title. Yes, unfortunately I do need to say this)
Example – Holy War: Theocracy

For file name, please use HolyWar_[Story Title]_[Your Surname]
Example – HolyWar_Theocracy_Brown


Please include a brief ‘hello, this is who I am’ in your email body as a cover letter.
Blank emails with attachments will be deleted.
For a guide to standard submission format, see:

The only variations to this format are that italics MUST appear as they will be used – no underlining – and again, only one space after a full stop.

Anyone that fails to follow these guidelines will likely see their story pulped to make theocratic propaganda.

Via: Cohesion Press.

Taking Submissions: Nemesis

Deadline: December 31st, 2020
Payment: $10 for short stories (3000-8000 words)
Theme: Tales of enemies to the forever bound

Working Title: Nemesis

Deadline: Dec 31 2020 or When Full

Premise:Sometimes great loves begin with great fury. These are such tales of passion and partnership that ignite somewhere closer to hate.  Warriors on opposite ends of a battlefield align to oppose a greater evil. Sworn enemies become bound brothers for the greater good. Whatever it is that puts them at odds, its no match to the power of what binds them together.

Preference will be given to #OwnVoices, female authors, LGBTQA stories, but all are welcome to submit!

Encouraged Tropes: 

Enemies to Lovers
Foe Romance Subtext (But skip the sub and make it TEXT!)
Belligerent Sexual Tension

The Only One Allowed to Defeat You

Pairing Examples:

Batman/Joker (In fan fiction LOL)

The Doctor/ The Master

Riddick/Fry (Pitch Black)


Length Accepted:

Flash, and Shorts.

Eligibility: Open to all. No Reprints. No simultaneous submissions.

Multiple Submissions: See guidelines and story lengths for the number of submissions per pen name.

Publication: Feb 2021

Author compensation: Standard. See guidelines and story lengths for details.

Submission Guidelines

Unless otherwise stated, all submissions should be sent to [email protected]

Please fill the subject line as follows:

 “SUBMISSION CALL – Author Name – Story Title”

Address the email to WTP for a general submission, or a specific editor if you choose (some calls will be run by different individuals).


Drabble = EXACTLY 100 words.

Excludes title and author. Hyphenated words count as 1. Scene break markers and em-dashes are also excluded.

No more than 5 drabbles per Pen Name per submission project.

These may be submitted at the same time if connected to one another, but all must stand alone as they are likely to be separated from one another in a given anthology.


Flash = 500 -1000 words.

Excludes title and author. Hyphenated words count as 1. Scene break markers and em-dashes are also excluded.

No more than 3 Flashes per Pen Name per submission project. These may be submitted at the same time if connected to one another (a beginning, middle, and end story) but must stand alone to some degree as they are likely to be separated from one another in a given anthology.


Short = 3000 – 8,000 words

Excludes title and author. Hyphenated words count as 1. Scene break markers and em-dashes are also excluded.

No more than 1 Short per Pen Name per submission project, unless otherwise specified.





Drabble = Digital Contributor copy


Flash = Digital Contributor copy

  • Invitation to become a member

  • Eligible to submit to members only anthologies


Short = Digital Contributor copy

  • 10 USD via PayPal

  • Invitation to become a member

  • Eligible to submit to members only anthologies




What does #OwnVoices mean?

This simply means that you and your main character share similar struggles. Both you and your main character belong to the same marginalized group, whether it be a case of gender, disability, or race (think women, LGBTQA, trans, native American).

If a submission call lists a preference for #OwnVoices, that means we will lean toward these stories, but it will not be required unless otherwise stated in the call. All are perfectly welcome to submit!

Is every submission accepted?

Not even close. Our goal is to showcase up-and-coming authors in the best possible light, serving to provide a professional addition to their list of publications. These works should serve to advertise an author’s talent and style, and with included bios and links to their greater body of work, aid in funneling new readers to the author’s shelves. It will also benefit authors growing their audience by giving the readers on their mailing lists a little bite to hold them over until the author’s next book is released.

Because we want every author featured in a given volume to feel proud enough of the publication to share it with their current and future readers, only works truly suited to the theme of the volume and of the utmost quality will be accepted. If the work isn’t ready for publication, or if it just doesn’t fit the high standard we have set, it will likely be rejected.

Rejections not based on story quality and publication readiness, but rather based on simply not fitting the targeted theme, may be invited to place their story in a more suitable volume.

What if I get rejected?

Not every story will be accepted, and while quality is certainly the main factor, many things may contribute to a rejection. Rejection letters will try to express why a story could not be included in a specific volume and may possibly invite you to revise and resubmit.

Additionally, WTP is run by enthusiastic publishing professionals and writing professors, so rejected manuscripts may contain feedback on how to improve your craft. If you work with this feedback and feel you have overcome our objections to a piece, please feel free to resubmit it. Otherwise, please keep the feedback in mind for your next submission, which we are eager to read!

Via: Wicked Taxidermy Press.

Taking Submissions: Family

Deadline: January 1st, 2021
Payment: $20
Theme: Killing your… Family
Note: Reprints welcome

We want you to kill off those family members.
Grandma, brother and sisters, even the pet bird.
Make it good, make us squirm.

Length: 3-10k
Single spaced
TNR 12pt
Word or dox files
Re-prints accepted

Pay: $20/accepted story

Send subs to: [email protected]

Via: Terror Tract’s Facebook.

Taking Submissions: Night Terrors

Deadline: October 26, 2020
Payment: $10 for every 1,000 words
Theme: the creepy, the weird and the unsettling
Note: This is an ongoing anthology series with 3 volumes already out
Note: Out of print reprints accepted

Scare Street is accepting submissions for short horror stories with a focus on ghosts, the supernatural, paranormal, monsters, and dark tales.

Short stories must be 3,000-7,000 words and will be included in our Night Terrors anthologies consisting of ~65,000 words each. These stories will be published in e-book, print, and audio formats in English within 6 months after the submissions close date. Based on reader reception, we may also publish them in e-book, print, and audio formats in German and Spanish.

Scare Street is a horror publishing company dedicated to helping fellow horror lovers experience sleepless nights. We’ve been around since September 2015 and have published 190+ e-book and paperback titles along with 140+ audiobooks (and counting!).

Get visibility from thousands of horror readers. We will promote your work on our email list (13,000+ subscribers), Facebook Page (19,000+ followers), Facebook Group (9,500+ members), Pinterest (500k+ monthly views) and the rest of our social media channels.

Afterwards, thousands of readers on Amazon and other retailers will organically find your stories. Our first few volumes clenched the top 3 new release spots in horror anthologies category and continue to be found on the first page of various horror categories.

Work with an experienced publisher. We’ve been publishing high-quality manuscripts, non-stop for 5 years. We’ve ironed out the kinks and know what it takes to bring stories to the masses, operationally. And we know a few things about getting your stories read, too!

Distribution in e-book, print, and audio formats, in various languages. You’ll also receive a complimentary digital e-book and audio formats when they’re published. We will definitely be publishing the e-book and print formats in English.  The English audio format, along with German and Spanish e-book, print or audio formats will be produced based on reader reception.

We accept reprints. Dust off your old horror stories. We’ll happily bring them back from the dead. Just make sure they are currently NOT available anywhere digitally.

Straightforward payment. We pay $10 for every 1,000 words prorated, $50 for every 5,000 words prorated, and so on. Payment will be sent by the e-book publication date. There’s no waiting for royalties to trickle in, or confusion over whether you’ll get paid and for what amount.


Scare Street will have the following rights for selected stories:
1)  6 months exclusivity for English e-book rights starting from the date of publication (target  publication date is within 3-6 months after the submissions close date), then non-exclusive e-book rights after the 6-month period. During the e-book exclusivity period, the story must NOT be available anywhere else in written digital format.

2)  Non-exclusive English language print and audio rights.

3)  Non-exclusive translation rights granting the ability to translate to German and Spanish language for production in e-book, audio, and print formats.

We believe in purchasing non-exclusive rights so you can continue to sell those same stories to other publishers. Our sole exclusivity requirement is 6 months for the English e-book rights starting from the date of publication. Print, audio, and translation rights are non-exclusive from the start and can be sold elsewhere immediately after signing with us.


  • Short stories with 3,000-7,000 words (we will consider stories that are slightly outside the word count range)

  • Manuscript must be written using American English spelling and terminology

  • We go for stories that are dark, literary; we are looking for the creepy, the weird and the unsettling
  • Stories with clever, but logical twists at the end
  • New ideas and unusual writing styles, but without falling into traps of contrivance and cliché

  • Stories showing more of the action rather than just telling the reader what happens

  • Believable dialogues and minimal use of dialects/slang


  • Shorts with a lot of spelling and grammar errors

  • Stories that are not horror, dark fantasy or some form of disturbing fiction

  • Fan fiction
  • Sex is fine, but total erotica and torture porn are not
  • Stories that include intolerance of a person or group’s race, religion, nationality, physical or mental ability, gender identity, or sexual orientation

  • Gratuitous gore and violence with no purpose – blood and guts are fine as long as there’s something deeper

  • Stories that glorify, minimize, or inaccurately represent child abuse, animal abuse, or sexual assault
  • Extreme use of foul language. Use of foul language must be minimal as it loses its punch if over-used


Submissions will be accepted from September 26, 2020 through October 26, 2020 11:59PM PST.

Simultaneous submissions (submitting the same stories to other publishers at the same time) are allowed. Please let us know as soon as possible if submission is accepted or published by another publisher. To withdraw your submission, email us at [email protected] with the subject line “WITHDRAW SUBMISSION: [Title of the story you’re withdrawing]”. If we select your story, please remove the work from consideration elsewhere immediately. We accept a maximum of 2 stories per author per submission period. Additional stories will be left unread.

Author will be notified via email once story has been selected. Most submissions will receive a response within 30 days after the submission deadline (October 26, 2020). Due to the sheer number of submissions we are unable to reply to all inquiries. We will review all submissions, so if you don’t hear back within 45 days after the submission deadline, then it has not been selected.

We’ve compiled answers to frequently asked questions in our AUTHORS’ FAQs page.


  • Manuscript must be written using American English spelling and terminology

  • 12 pt. Georgia or Times New Roman font, normal margins, and double spaced

  • Refrain from using headers, page numbers, and page/section breaks
  • Include author’s name, title, and word count on the first page
  • Indicate scene breaks with three stars, no space (***)

  • Indicate the end of manuscript with three stars, with spaces in between (* * *)

  • Submission must be in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
  • Save the file name in this format: Title of Story_Author’s Full Name (e.g., Horror House_John Smith)

Manuscript Format Template

We will only consider submissions through the Google Form link below. Each author can only submit up to two stories within the submission period.  Stories will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.

DO NOT email us your submission.
DO NOT submit stories that you already submitted on Scare Street’s previous open call submissions. They will be automatically rejected. We review all submitted stories, and unfortunately cannot respond to all inquiries due to the sheer number of submissions.

Please fill out the Google Form by clicking the button below:

Via: Scare Street.

Taking Submissions: We’re Here: The Best Queer Speculative Fiction 2020

Deadline: December 31st, 2020
Payment: $0.01/word
Theme: The best speculative stories published in 2020 that implicitly or explicitly explores queerness and/or transness.
Note: Reprints Only

WE’RE HERE: THE BEST QUEER SPECULATIVE FICTION 2020 is now open for submissions. The anthology will be co-edited by CL Clark and series editor Charles Payseur. Expected publication will be Summer 2021 from Neon Hemlock Press. Learn more about the press here:

Submissions are open for all speculative work published in 2020 under 17,500 words that deals either implicitly or explicitly with queerness. If you’re not sure, send it in and let the editors decide.

The compensation level for stories accepted to WE’RE HERE: THE BEST SPECULATIVE FICTION 2020 is $0.01/word. Submissions will close December 31st 2020.

Editors are encouraged to recommend work from their publications and can submit multiple stories for consideration. Authors may also submit their own work; authors from all underrepresented backgrounds and marginalized communities are strongly encouraged to submit. Please don’t self-reject.

Please note that we will not be sending rejections for this anthology, as is standard for other Best Of anthologies. The authors of selected stories will be reached out to in April 2021. We will be announcing our ToC in May 2021.

The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.
We are looking for:
• Wordcount: Under 17,500 words.
• What we want to see: We are looking for the best speculative stories published in 2020 that implicitly or explicitly explores queerness and/or transness. We refer to queerness that is inclusive of ace/aro stories, trans and nonbinary stories, and intersex stories.
• What we don’t want to see: Original work, unqueer work, non-speculative work.
• Please submit your story in .pdf, .doc or .docx file, formatted for publication or in something approaching Standard Manuscript Format. This should be the final version that was published, not including editor notes or track changes.
• Please include a cover/query letter with the title, length, where/when the story was published, and a brief bio. You may include links to your website/social media, and previous publications if any. Please don’t stress about this cover letter, if we have additional questions about your submission, we’ll ask them.
• Stories must be published in 2020. This can include self-published stories, and those published on your blog or Patreon.
• Multiple submissions are welcome.

Via: Neon Hemlock.

Taking Submissions: Organic Ink: Volume 5 (Not Rated)

Deadline: February 28th, 2022
Payment: Royalties
Theme: All poetry pieces are welcome. There is no theme.

Organic Ink: Volume 5 (Not Rated)

  • Deadline – February 28th, 2022
  • Publication – June 2022
  • Word Count – 2,000 word count minimum (not line count)
  • Theme – All poetry pieces are welcome. There is no theme.


Company name:Dragon Soul Press
Anthology Submission Email:[email protected]
The Grinder:



Introduction of authorThis is not where the biography goes.
Author Contact Information / Pen name MUST be included with real name.If real name is same as pen name, state so in email.
Author Biography in Third Person in 100-200 wordsMandatory minimum of 100.
Submission Word CountAlso applies to poetry. Word count. Not line count.
Submission Formatted in Times New Roman 12 PT Font. One-inch margins. No indentations. No double-spacing. No extra spacing between paragraphs. No chapters.Only DOC and DOCX accepted.Format video:
Format image example at bottom of page.
Summary/Query LetterSummarized outline of all major events within the story.
All emails should be addressed as “Dear Editor”
Email subject and file name must be as follows – “Story Title by Author Name for (Name of) Anthology”
All of the author’s social media links, including website if applicableAuthor must have an active social media account.


Important information

Maximum of two submissions per anthology per author.
Authors can submit to all anthologies simultaneously.
Reprints from third party sources accepted IF author currently holds full rights. We will not publish duplicate stories within DSP.
Authors get 30% Royalties for first year from date of publication. Afterwards, 30% of all proceeds go to a charity chosen by the Publisher.
Story rights – The Publisher permanently reserves the right to publish the Work within the Anthology while the Author keeps ownership rights to the Work.
Do not submit anthology stories with chapters.
All submissions will be reviewed within thirty (30) days of the anthology’s deadline.
After receiving edits back, the author has one (1) week to return the submission for formatting.
POETRY SUBMISSIONS: All poetry needs to be contained within a single email. Each poem should be in a separate document. Haikus may be grouped together.
Extensions: Due to the massive number of submissions received per anthology, DSP no longer offers authors an extension. Submission calls are posted upwards of 1-4 years at a time.

E-mail address to submit to – [email protected]


NOTICE –  Failure to submit correctly will result in refusal of submission.

Via: Dragon Soul Press.

Taking Submissions: Dreaming The Goddess

Deadline: March 31st, 2021
Payment: Royalties, starts at 1% per story of gross sales in both e-book and trade paperback. (not displayed on website at this time.)
Theme: Each story must have a Pagan, Heathen, Occult influence that has a spark of truth in regards to the connection with the feminine aspect of the divine.


Will be open for submissions from

 September 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021



DREAMING THE GODDESS will be a collection of short stories between 2,500 and 20,000 words. Each story must have a Pagan, Heathen, Occult influence that has a spark of truth in regards to the connection with the  feminine aspect of the divine.  We are looking for stories that speak to the spiritual soul. It doesn’t matter in which aspect the Divine Feminine is portrayed–Maid, Mother, Crone, Dark, Warrior, Gender Fluid etc., are all welcome. Uplifting stories, inspirational  stories, dark tales, fantastic, written with truth or complete fantasy are all welcome. We are open and inclusive to LGBTQ2+ stories that meet the parameters of our main theme – the Divine Feminine in all Her aspects, which we believe includes LGBTQ2+ experiences. The main aspect is exhibit, in both fiction and nonfiction stories, the great breadth of how the Divine Feminine is portrayed across cultures and across interpersonal experiences.

We welcome new authors and well experienced authors.

Another goal for this anthology is to educate readers about the Divine Feminine, so including mythology, culture, politics, paganism, heathenism, Wicca, Witchcraft, geography etc., is important to the plot. If you pique your reader’s interest and get them looking up references to learn more about the Divine Feminine, you’ve done your job. The idea is for your reader to not only be entertained, but also to walk away from your story a little wiser and open than they were before.


Karen Dales is the Managing Editor of Dark Dragon Publishing. She lives in Toronto with her husband, son and five cats. When she is not writing or editing, she and her husband run the Toronto Pagan Pub Moot (c. Feb 1996). She is also the author of the highly acclaimed and best selling serious, The Chosen Chronicles.


 Please do not query before submitting.

 Email all submissions to [email protected]

 To ensure your submission does not get deleted please place in the subject line

 Anthology Submisson – (Title of Story) and (Your Name)

 Please do not describe or summarize the story in the email.

 Follow William Shunn’s manuscript format: Any variance away from this format will mean an automatic rejection.

 Keep your stories between 2,500 to 20,000 words.

 Above your manuscript, please include the following: Your full, legal name; your address; your email address; the title of the story; and the word count of the story.

 The stories  needs to have an element of truth, whether that is from a personal, mythological, historical, cultural, geographical or political aspect.

 No reprints. Original stories only.

 Payment: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a one time, up front fee for your story. We will be offering a royalty percentage to those who are selected for the anthology.

Via: Dark Dragon Publishing.