Taking Submissions: Welcome to the Splatter Club

Deadline: April 1st, 2019
Payment: .01 cent/word plus 1 contributor copy
Note: You must be a member to submit, free to join here.

Welcome to the Splatter Club:  Beyond the requirement that you are a member of the Splatter Club, there are no limits on what you may submit. Obviously, we want to publish the kind of stories that Splatter Club members enjoy reading and something that will proudly highlight our unique genre of literature to the world but it is non-themed beyond splatterpunk, bizarro, and weird fiction.

As discussed in the Facebook group, this will feature both seasoned authors and you fresh meat writers looking for your first publication. Even though we are combining the previous two anthology calls into one, we will still use the original email.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Length: 500 words up to 6K
  • Deadline: April 1, 2019
  • Multiple Submissions: No
  • Simultaneous Submissions: No
  • Payment: .01 cent/word plus 1 contributor copy

The submission period runs from Jan.- April 1st 2019 and the reading period will last from April – June 2019 with final decisions being announced by July 1st 2019

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Via: Splatter Club.

Taking Submissions: Fears of a Clown

Deadline: March 31st, 2019
Payment: Royalty Split
Note: Reprints Accepted

John Wayne Gacy. Pennywise. Juggalos. The Great Clown Panic of 2016. That birthday party you went to when you were four. Society is full of people being scared of clowns. But what are clowns scared of?

I’m looking for tales about that, tales where the clown in the room isn’t the real threat. From the high horror of an evil from before time to the tawdry prejudice of those who ‘know what sort of man likes playing with children’, give me stories about clowns with a reason to be scared.

Genre: Horror/Dark/Thriller/&c. Probably not literary; I want to see something creepy, weird, or unsettling, rather than a clown overcoming his fear of rejection.

Word Count: 1,000 – 10,000 words.
I don’t want to miss your story just because it’s a bit longer than the traditional short story.

Submission Window: 1 February — 31 March 2019.

Reprints? Yes.
If you have something that fits, I’ll give it equal consideration. Just let me know where it’s previously appeared.

Simultaneous Submissions? Yes.
Please tell me if your story is accepted by someone else first.

Multiple Submissions? Yes.
Within reason. Please send each one in a separate email.

Payment: All successful contributors will receive a share of royalties paid via PayPal.

Submissions: Email the story as an attachment to [email protected] with the subject FEARS OF A CLOWN – Your Name – Story Name.

Stories should be a ODT/DOC/DOCX file. They don’t have to be in standard manuscript format but if I struggle to read them then they probably won’t be selected, so use a sensible typeface and layout (someone has already asked if I want them in Comic Sans; so, you’ve missed your chance to do that “joke”).

Cover letters are optional; feel free to write one if you want to practice, have any questions or information you want to share, or don’t feel right not sending one.

If you haven’t received an acknowledgement within 7 days of submission, please query to make sure your email hasn’t been eaten by my spam filter.

I intend to make final decisions by the end of April. If you haven’t received a detailed response by 12 May 2019, please feel free to query.

  1. What counts as a clown?
    I don’t want to limit this just to the red-nosed entertainer of circus and children’s party fame, so I’m using two criteria to identify a clown:

    • People might plausibly call them a clown or mistake them for a clown
    • Their “clown-ness” is relevant to the story rather than simply colour

    For example, someone who was a major prankster at school and is still playing everything for laughs at forty is a clown even if they never put on a costume or make-up; whereas, someone who does children’s parties on the weekends but spends the entire story at their weekday job probably isn’t.

  2. Does the clown have to be a hero?
    No. They can be a hero, but they don’t have to be a good guy or even a protagonist. Just as long as any bad clowns aren’t the real threat and they’re scared of whatever the real threat is.
  3. Can I have more than one clown in the story?
    Yes. The working title is based on Tears of a Clown, but you can include an entire pratfall of clowns if you wish.
  4. What about bad language?
    Fear isn’t tidy, controlled, family friendly; in fact, it’s the opposite. So, if a character would swear then feel free to write them that way. Remember, salty language is like real salt: some can add flavour, throwing handfuls in smothers the taste.
  5. What about gore?
    The goal is to inspire fear not merely gross readers out. But if your graphic descriptions of maiming and torture are also creepy then that could fit.

Via: David J. Higgins.

Taking Submissions: The Devil’s Hour

Deadline: February 28th, 2019
Payment: $5

… no hard and fast theme for this one – send us your very best horror stories and tales of unrelenting terror! Monsters, ghouls, demons, vampires, werewolves, and all manner of slithering, crawling creatures – throw us your most terrifying short stories and scare the wits out of everyone at HBB!

To submit, email your polished story to [email protected]

PLEASE read and adhere to our submission guidelines… 
* Word format saved in .doc, or .docx
* 12 pt times new roman
* Double spaced
* Absolutely NO extra lines between paragraphs!
* 5K-15K word count (although we are incredibly flexible for awesome stories!)
* Write ‘DEVIL’S HOUR’ along with your name and story title in the header of your email
*The body of your submission email will be considered the cover letter.
* The submission documents are to be separated and Word (.doc or .docx) documents are to be attached to your submission email.

– Make sure that you check your mss for grammar and punctuation, use our guidelines to help you:

Deadline: FEBRUARY 28th 2019 (publication March 2019)


Payment –$5 for first rights
Capped at 150K words in total

Via: Hellbound Books Publishing.

Taking Submissions: Pawradiso: The Ten Spheres of Furry Heaven

Deadline: July 15th, 2019
Payment: Contributor’s Copy
Note: Reprints Allowed

Deadline: July 15, 2019

Editor: Rayah James

Word count: 2,500-8,000; a little above and a little below will be acceptable

Unlike the other two regions of Dante’s famed Divine Comedy, the poem of Paradiso has received very little attention both culturally and critically. This anthology works to challenge that…even as it changes what heaven would be like for furry people: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradiso_(Dante). This collection will be divided respectively into the ten parts. We expect stories to be framed to focus on people who will end up in a specific sphere. Most of a story should focus on what they did back on Earth in life. Showing how they died is not required but is pretty standard for this anthology series. We need to see their virtue that brought them there. However, here’s the challenge: we want to see anthro-animal characters who were strong and virtuous even in dark and trying circumstances, even if they ultimately failed. That’s right: like the previous two volumes, we are still wanting dark stories, be they horror, dark erotica, or similar. Easy ways to do this would be having a virtuous character be a victim to evil characters, or have a virtuous character be a witness, or perhaps most dastardly have a well-meaning character have to choose between the lesser of two evils…It is perfectly fine but not required if submissions are NSFW. All story submissions must be “furry” in nature.

We will NOT accept:

Racism, sexism, or discrimination presented in a positive light.

Pedophilia or sex with characters under the age of 18 presented in a positive light.

Rape, torture, dubious consent, forced seduction presented in a positive light.

Snuff or Necrophilia presented in a positive light

Bestiality presented in a positive light

If you are in doubt, ASK. Better to ask than to get a straight up rejection! If you are unsure, just shoot me an email at [email protected] (restrictions borrowed from Voice: https://t.co/MWykJ6RY36)

You can submit up to three stories, but we will only accept one per author (if any).

Reprints are fine, but you have to own full permission of the work in order for us to consider it.

We will not accept simultaneous submissions.

Payment: Authors will receive a free copy of the print book.

Send submissions in .doc or .docx format to [email protected]

Title your email with the circle in all caps, e.g. “FIRST.” If you are sending more than one submission, send multiple emails instead of putting them all in one.

We will inform all authors regarding decisions within a week or two after the deadline.

Book will likely be released December in plenty of time for a heavenly Christmas.

Here are the ten spheres and their general values.

First (The Moon / The Inconstant)

Second (Mercury / The Ambitious)

Third (Venus / The Lovers)

Fourth (The Sun / The Wise)

Fifth (Mars / The Warriors of the Faith)

Sixth (Jupiter / The Just Rulers)

Seventh (Saturn / The Contemplatives)

Eighth (The Fixed Stars / Faith, Hope, and Love)

Ninth (The Primum Mobile / The Angels)

Tenth (The Empyrean / God) [publisher’s note: I thought about taking this out for the sheer controversy it enabled; but then I realized it couldn’t hurt to see what authors came up with for it anyway. You all have impressed us numerous times before. We see no reason to stop your creativity now.]

Via: Thurston Howl Publications.

Taking Submissions: WILD CARD 2019: Splatter in Space

Deadline: April 1st, 2019
Payment: .01 cent/word plus 1 contributor copy
Note: You must be a member to submit, free to join here.

We want to see your splatter, bizarro and new weird tales set in space. Space is…well, pretty vast, but still, there can only be so many stories that take place on a space station or spaceship or escape pod before it starts to get old. That’s why we’re open to non-space settings too, as long as it’s set in the distant future and/or features strong elements of advanced technology, advanced beings, or meta-physical elements. If it’s a space-age scenario, send it in. And of course, don’t forget the blood, guts, and subversive messages.

NOTE: You MUST be a Splatter Club member to be eligible to submit a story.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Subject: Splatter in Space
  • Length: 500 words up to 6K
  • Deadline: April 1, 2019
  • Multiple Submissions: No
  • Simultaneous Submissions: No
  • Payment:  .01 cent/word plus 1 contributor copy

The submission period runs from Jan.- April 1st 2019 and the reading period will last from April – June 2019 with final decisions being announced by July 1st 2019

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Taking Submissions: Dark Divinations

Deadline: October 31st, 2019
Payment: $10.00

Dark Divinations
Edited by Naching T. Kassa

It is the height of Queen Victoria’s rule, the world is powered by steam and seen by gaslight. Fog swirls in the street, while in the parlor, hands are linked. Pale and expectant faces gaze upon a woman, her eyes closed and shoulders slumped. The medium speaks, her tone hollow and inhuman. The séance has begun.

Séances are but one method of divination and communication with the dead. There are many others. From Tarot to the witch board, scrying to numerology, HorrorAddicts.net wants it all. We want your Victorian Age stories of Dark Divinations.

First and foremost, your submission must be a horror story and contain something emotionally, physically, or mentally horrifying.

Secondly, it must take place during the Victorian Era. We don’t care if it’s in England, the American West, colonial India, or Africa, it must take place during the years of 1837-1901.

Lastly, the story must concern a method of divination (the practice of foretelling the future through supernatural means.) This can include but is not limited to: Ouija boards, cards, scrying, entrail reading, and necromancy. We’re looking for originality above all.

What we don’t want: We are not looking for steampunk stories for this anthology. We also don’t want a story where the divination is just “stuck-in” and isn’t really an integral piece of the story.

No previously printed work and no simultaneous submissions.

We are doing blind submissions. Wow us with your story.

Enter up to two short stories only. Make sure they fit the theme

Manuscript Format:
*Font: either Courier or Times New Roman.
*Double spaced, font 12 point.
*Your manuscript must be in either DOC or RTF format.
*Do not place your name in the manuscript, just the title.**
*No header on the manuscript.
**Again, we are doing blind submissions. Make sure the manuscript is scrubbed of your name and personal info. This could be an automatic decline.**

In the body of the email:
*The header info usually found in the manuscript should be in the email. Please include: author name, mailing address, email address, and word count.
*One sentence explaining the story attached; your elevator pitch.
*100 words or less biography about you.
*Facebook, Twitter, Instagram links
*Your website or blog.

Subject line of the email should state:
*DARK DIV SUBMISSION/DIVINATION THEME (crystal ball, tarot cards, Ouija Board etc.)/STORY TITLE
*Send to: [email protected]
Deadline: October 31st, 2019, 11:59pm PST
Length: 2,000-5,000 words
Payment: $10.00 USD + digital contributor copy

Return time: Final decisions will not be made until AFTER the submission close date (10/31/19). You should expect an answer within three months of the submission close date. If you do not receive an email stating your manuscript was received within two weeks of submission, please send a polite query to:  [email protected]

For any other questions, please send an email to: [email protected]

Via: Horror Addicts.

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