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Taking Submissions: Tasteful: Cannibal Stories to End Hunger

Submission Window: March 1st – March 31st 2024. Marginalized authors are invited to submit for an additional week, though April 7, 2024.
Payment: Contributors Copy
Theme: Literary cannibalism stories

We are looking for literary cannibalism stories to fill out our charity anthology, which is raising money for Philabundance. Philabundance distributes food throughout nine counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. Learn more about their work here.

Submission window

March 1st – March 31st 2024. Marginalized authors are invited to submit for an additional week, though April 7, 2024.


500 – 5,000 words

Preferred word count is in the 2-4k range, but we’ll be considering longer stories and flash fiction if you can sell us on the piece.


As this is a charity anthology, we are looking for writers willing to donate their words to support a good cause.

Payment will be our eternal gratitude and a contributors copy (softcover and ebook).

The Cause

Tasteful is being created in the hopes of raising funds and awareness for local food shelters. While we’ll be running promotions to support various local food banks, the profits we make from sales will all be donated to Philabundance. You can read more about their good work here.

What we’re seeking


Taking Submissions: New Myths First 2024 Window

Deadline: February 28th, 2024
Payment: 3 cents a word with a minimum payment of $50
Theme: Science Fiction and Fantasy

We like to balance each quarterly issue between science fiction and fantasy, dark and light, serious and humorous, hard and soft science fiction, and longer and shorter works.
Our readers are not fixated on a single style or tone or genre, but prefer a quality sample of the field. Think tapas or dim sum. Maximum length is 10,000 words. Please keep submissions PG or cleaner.


Taking Submissions: Bikes in Space #13: Queer Halloween

Deadline: April 15th, 2024
Payment: Split Payment from Kickstarter (Minimum of $50) and a contributor’s copy
Theme: Queer Halloween from authors who are queer/part of the queer/LGBTQIA+ community, in some way, shape or form.

It’s that time of year—we’re carving pumpkins, installing ghosts in the front yard, and putting out the next Bikes in Space call for submissions. This time around, it’s for volume 13, which needed an appropriate theme. Fortunately, guest editor Summer Jewel Keown came up with one for the ages: Queer Halloween! Here’s the info:

Please submit your original queer Halloween short fiction (in written or comics form) about bicycling from a feminist perspective. We’re looking for stories that give us a shiver or make us leave the hallway light on at night. Raise our hair and make our spines tingle. We’ll also consider Halloween-themed stories that aren’t as frightful, but they should still be infused with all things spooky season.


Taking Submissions: Kai’s Recurring Nightmares guidelines

Submission Window: January 1st, 2024 – March 24th, 2024
Payment: Contributor’s Copy (Charity anthology.)
Theme: A horror story that must include a character named Kai and must reference Dungeons & Dragons in some way

Thank you for choosing to submit to the seventh annual Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers (GLAHW) mini-anthology.

We are looking for horror fiction, between 2,000 and 5,000 words, along with the following requirements.

1. A character named Kai. The character can be the protagonist, antagonist, monster, victim, friend, etc. As long as he, she, it, or they play a significant, if not pivotal, role in the story.

2. The story must make a reference to Dungeons & Dragons (including its iconic dice!). Whether it is the setting of the story, part of the backstory for a character, or a passing reference, Dungeons & Dragons and Kai should have some importance to the story.


Taking Submissions: At the Edge of Darkness

Submission Window: January 1st – February 29th, 2024
Payment: $25 and a contributor’s copy
Theme: Stories that combine crime and horror

We are excited to announce At the Edge of Darkness, the sixth edition of our original Shotgun Honey Presents anthology series. At the Edge of Darkness will release October 1st, 2024 right in time for the Halloween Season, featuring stories on that dark, half-lit space where crime and horror simultaneously reside. That’s right, we’re dipping our toe into the dark pool of horror and we’re not doing it alone.

Our guest editor, who will be knee deep in the quagmire of submissions, is none other than Keith Rosson, author of Fever House and the Shirley Jackson Award winner for Best Short Story Collection, Folk Songs for Trauma Surgeons. Joining him will be series editor, Ron Earl Phillips.

As with the recent Thicker Than Water anthology released last August, At the Edge of Darkness will be a charity anthology. As guest editor, Keith Rosson has chosen to support a Portland nonprofit assisting children entering the foster care system with vital goods and necessities. All profits for this edition will go to benefit this cause.


Taking Submissions: Inanimate Things: Volume Two

Deadline: May 1st, 2024
Payment: $10 and a contributor’s copy
Theme: Horror stories about inanimate things that are living

Inanimate Things: Volume Two. With the success of Volume One, we decided to do it again!

We are looking for horror short stories between 1500 and 6,000 words in length (can go over a little bit, we aren’t too particular. Just not shorter than 1500 words) about inanimate things that are living. It could be a doll, the dead flesh of zombies, or your Ford F-150. The story needs to involve this subject in some way…and be scary too.


Taking Submissions: Aspects Of The Tarot

Deadline: April 1st, 2024
Payment: Royalties
Theme: Speculative Fiction about Tarot

Tarot cards have long been looked upon as a window to the past and future of human existence. Fortune tellers of old have utilized the power within the cards to advise or warn away inquisitive souls from the potential folly of their choices. What happens when the power of the cards escapes into the realm of humanity with the desire to play out their core intentions on the unsuspecting?

A mortal once controlled the power of the past, present, and future. In his innocent desire for companionship, he made a mistake: he got too close to his creation and lost control. The foolish mortal’s artistic magic escaped the confines of the cards and trapped their maker to pursue their magical intent.


Taking Submissions: The Dragon’s Hoard 2

Deadline: March 31st, 2024
Payment: $15.00 flat rate plus equal share of 50% of the anthology’s royalties.
Theme: Dragons and what they hoard

At WolfSinger Publications, we love all kinds of creatures – especially DRAGONS. Dragons love…well…their hoard. Be it a hoard of gold, gems, books, virgins, whatever your dragon loves to collect and hoard. Or maybe your dragon doesn’t have a hoard—well then WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR DRAGON? —All dragons have a hoard—don’t they? If he doesn’t—then explain why not.

We’re looking for stories about dragons—their hoard or lack thereof must factor into the story in some way.

Since dragons are primarily a creature of fantasy I’m sure we’ll get plenty of fantasy stories; but we’ll take science fiction as well as any other speculative fiction genre, but you MUST be creative. A creative twist on the idea of dragons and their hoards is the most important part of the story.

Break the story-writing rules if you want. If you use a tried-and-true plotline, twist it in an original and interesting way. Original stories are preferred. Query for reprints.