Taking Submissions: Eat Your Heart Out, Volume 1

Deadline: September 15th, 2024
Payment: $15, 5 contributors copies
Theme: Valentine’s themed horror stories

“Eat Your Heart Out, Volume 1” Submissions

 June 10, 2024-September 15, 2024

‘Love is patient’, lurking behind a pristine row of bushes; keeping vigilant watch, being certain to narrow the timing down to the exact second the living room lamp shuts off and the shades pulled. Love turns a copy of the house key around and around in a gloved hand.

‘Love is kind’ of expensive sometimes— when all is said and done, often the price is grief, security, emotions, possessions, or even our very lives…

Campfire Publishing is excited to announce that we are currently accepting submissions for, “Eat Your Heart Out, Volume 1”, the first in our collection of Valentine’s themed horror stories!

Please read below to ensure that your story will be a good fit, and feel free to reach out to us–via the form located on our main page or by sending an email to [email protected]–if you have any questions.

“Eat Your Heart Out, Volume 1” is the first volume in a horror collection dedicated to Valentine’s- themed horror stories. Campfire Publishing aspires to publish multiple volumes in the “Eat Your Heart Out” collection, along with collections specific to a variety of themes in the horror genre.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for WELL-EDITED stories close to 10,000 words that offer a horrific, bloody, or unique lens to view the subject of love, lust, or that looks to the idea of Valentine’s Day—corporate greed, the illusion of social influencers, lust, scorn, or just whatever journey your creativity offers up to you!

Campfire Publishing is keeping its eye out for a wide range of chilling voices from seasoned to novice that offer unique perspectives into the often frightening world of “love”.

We want twists and turns, thrills and chills; make us want to sleep with the lights turned on at night. Show us excitement, culture, and blood-curdling screams!

What are we NOT looking for?

We don’t want works that promote hate speech; and while a romantic note or two or many is fine and dandy in our humble opinions—particularly for an anthology such as “Eat Your Heart Out”.  We are not looking to publish erotica.

General Submission Guidelines:

Genre: Horror

Word Count: 10,000 (This does not have to be exact. The closer to 10,000 you’re able to get, the better!)

Submission File Format: Please Label Your Files “EYHOV1” “last name” (example: “EYHOV1_Smith”)

Formatting: 12-point font, Arial, Courier (New), Times New Roman

File Type: .doc .docx .pdf— **.txt files will NOT be accepted

Compensation: Upon Acceptance $15/ story + 5 (minimum) Copies of Anthology + Additional Future Opportunities for Earnings

Rights: Campfire Publishing will retain the rights to all accepted works; however, the author can email a request to have the rights released for other works if applicable.

Submissions are open from June 10, 2024-September 15, 2024

Email your final copy to [email protected]


Should I edit my story before submitting?


Campfire Publishing will offer edits (at no charge) upon acceptance; however, we look forward to reading a grammatically smooth version of your submission.

Please note that hiring an editor is recommended but does not guarantee acceptance.

How will I know if my story is accepted?

Our current plan is to keep submissions open until September 15,2024. We appreciate your patience and will contact accepted submissions 2-4 weeks after submissions close. *Please Note: Due to the anticipated volume of submissions, we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to reach out to submissions we do not accept.

Can I submit multiple stories?

Yes! Please do.

Can I submit a story that is/has been published elsewhere?

Yes, IF you are able to provide proof that the publisher does not own the rights to the piece or has reverted rights to the piece back to you (the author).

Can I submit erotica?


While Campfire Publishing does not accept erotica at this time, feel free to include elements of romance in your story.

Can my story include violence, profanity, references to drug use?


Violence, profanity, etc. needs to be relevant to the character, plot, or otherwise. In other words, please don’t add it simply for the sake of having it in there; make it purposeful.

We will add additional FAQ based on feedback. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Via: Campfire Publishing.

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