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Taking Submissions: The Needle Drops

Deadline: May 1st, 2021
Payment: Poetry: £15 per poem upfront payment upon publication + 0.5% revenue share scheme., Flash Fiction: £50 upfront payment upon publication + 1% revenue share scheme., Short Fiction: £100 upfront payment upon publication + 2% revenue share scheme.
Theme: Elevate us, and share thrilling stories of horror and romance, betrayal and bloodlust. Wherever you go regarding genre or form, we yearn to read what great works have yet to be read.

Currently, we’re in the process of establishing our first publication – The Needle Drops… Whilst we welcome all submissions, currently we are only moving forward with those within the horror genre, to be featured in Volume One releasing in the Summer / Fall of 2021. The preliminary end date for submissions is the 1st of May 2021. However, we especially encourage submissions at any time from BIPOC and those from LGBTQI+ community, as it is important to prioritise underrepresented voices and experiences, especially within the publishing industry – something which has been dominated by the white cis experience.


The Needle Drops… features an illustrated comic strip, original soundtrack, curated design by our in-house team and more. Dive into our blog for more information. One contributor will have the opportunity to work with our composer on an original soundtrack piece that will feature in the OST, available physically in the Limited Edition of The Needle Drops… as well as digitally via our Urhi Supporter scheme.


Taking Submissions: J is for Jack-o’-Lantern

Deadline: May 31st, 2021
Payment: £10
Theme: J is for Jack-o’-Lantern

J is for Jack-o’-Lantern – Submissions open April 1st. Deadline May 31st. 

Halloween in theme for these stories but the Jack-o’-Lantern must play a key role.

We are currently calling for submissions for a series of horror anthologies – The A-Z of Horror. The series will be based on a variety of themes and will consist of twenty-six books in total. We are looking for short horror stories, between 4000 and 8000 words, on each of the themes listed below. You may submit to more than one book, but we will only include a maximum of one story from each author, in each book. Being accepted into one book does not guarantee acceptance into one of the others. (more…)

Taking Submissions: Wight Christmas (Relist)

Deadline: May 31st, 2021
Payment: CAD 1/2 CENT per word for originals; 50% for reprints (i.e. CAD 1/4 CENT per word)
Theme: Christmas horror with a dark and subversive theme that doesn’t include Krampus
Note: Reprints Welcome
Note: Relisted due to deadline extension

Wight Christmas is an anthology of holiday horror, and in particular stories that subvert Christmas tropes and seasonal clichés. We are seeking dark reinterpretations of seasonal traditions, and stories that reimagine holiday characters as ghosts, demons, spirits, supernatural entities, or other paranormal phenomena.

Fantasy and science fiction genres are both okay, but in all cases, submissions are more likely to be successful if they are dark and subversive.

No Krampus.

Taking Submissions: Under Her Skin, a Black Spot Books Women in Horror Poetry Showcase

Deadline: May 31st: 2021
Payment: $5 and a contributors copy
Theme: Poetry about body horror
Note: Open to all poets who are women (cis and trans) and non-binary femmes.

To celebrate National Poetry Month, Black Spot Books will be publishing its inaugural Women in Horror Poetry Collection in April 2022: UNDER HER SKIN. This collection is open to all poets who are women (cis and trans) and non-binary femmes. Submissions open March 2021 and will close May 30, 2021, with decisions made on a rolling basis. Poems to be included in the collection will be chosen by Black Spot Book’s editorial staff and guest judges.

The theme of the inaugural collection is body horror. This is a broad spectrum and poets are welcome to interpret the prompt in their own vision–so long as it’s darkunsettling, an on-theme. (more…)

Taking Submissions: Pixie Forest Publishing Untitled Horror Anthology

Deadline: May 15th, 2021
Payment: $10.00
Theme: Horror stories with depth

Pixie Forest Publishing is seeking horror stories for our upcoming anthology.

Give us twists, terror, and excitement. Chill us to the bone. Give us nightmares. Don’t just scare us, create a plot and let us see your characters.

We are not looking for stories with graphic rape or paedophilia scenes. Violence and gore just for the sake of being violent and gory is not what we are wanting. If it is essential to the plot, include it. If not, leave it for a longer story.

Submissions are open until 11:59 EST on May 15th, 2021.

Stories should be between 1500 and 3000 words.

All submissions must be written in Shunn Format. Please remember to include the title, author’s name, word count, and contact information at the top of the first page. This is so the publisher can easily find you to contact you. Not including your email will guarantee no response.


Taking Submissions: Beneath the Yellow Lights

Deadline: July 31st, 2021
Payment: $10 and a contributor’s copy
Theme: A modern world overrun by fantasy, details below!

Thank you for your interest in Oddity Prodigy Productions! We are thrilled to announce that we are now accepting submissions for our latest anthology “Beneath the Yellow Lights” a collection of stories featuring urban magic and fantasy.
On the heels of our successful horror anthology “Scary Stuff” we decided to change gears and move into the realm of the mystical! The details are listed below in this email.
We look forward to your submissions,
Oddity Prodigy Productions

Oddity Prodigy Productions is proud to announce we are open for submissions on our latest anthology: Beneath the Yellow Lights!
This will be the second anthology published by OPP to accept submissions, following the success of Scary Stuff, our previous anthology. There is a planned kickstarter to cover publishing costs. Publishing date and distribution is as yet undecided.
The deadline for Submissions is July 31st, 2021

What We’re Looking For: (more…)

Taking Submissions: Asinine Assassins

Deadline: May 1st, 2021
Payment: $20 and a contributors copy
Theme: Stories that feature assassin type characters that are also “extremely or utterly foolish or silly” or “of, relating to, or resembling an ass”

Smart Rhino Publications is excited to announce that we’ll be publishing a new anthology, ASININE ASSASSINS. Publication is tentatively scheduled for late 2021/early 2022. The first two books in this series, UNCOMMON ASSASSINS and INSIDIOUS ASSASSINS, were well-received and reviewed. Most readers enjoyed the diversity of genres and styles in these books, and we’d like to continue that diversity with the new anthology.

The graphic to the right is our early cover illustration by Austrian artist Georg Schultschik. The initial cover design was created by Ju Kim, who also handled the covers for Smart Rhino’s A Plague of Shadows and Green Tsunami.

We hope you’ll consider submitting a story for our consideration. Deadline for submissions is May 1 or until the anthology is full. There is no guarantee of acceptance—we’re hoping for an abundance of submissions and competition is likely to be high.

Taking Submissions: US/THEM

Deadline: June 30th, 2021
Payment: $15.00 plus equal share of 50% of the anthology’s royalties for stories.
Theme: Stories that revolve around the process of creating an US / THEM situation and what happens to both sides because of it.

Propaganda. Dehumanizing those that you disagree with. Using labels to identify people as being evil. Only broadcasting the fringe and extremist activities—but saying everyone who supports something on that side of the divide is the same as the extremists.

These tactics are very common in warfare and becoming more and more common in politics. They divide people, they can tear families, friends and countries apart.

What we’re looking for are stories that revolve around the process of creating an US / THEM situation and what happens to both sides because of it. Stories can have a happy ending where both sides are to see past the differences that have been magnified to find the similarities that can join them. They can have tragic endings where one or both sides are destroyed by the hate mongering. (Think: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield from ST:TOS). Or, they can be somewhere in between

Give me stories that present all sides and show the similarities even as those sides are demonizing the other sides and ignoring the extremists on their own (remember no one is ever perfect—especially in their hatred of others)