Category: Anthology

Taking Submissions: Into the Forest (a women-in-horror anthology)

Deadline: December 31, 2021
Payment: 6 cents a word (USD)
Theme: Stories inspired by and featuring the BABA YAGA.
Note: Open to writers who identify as women

Deep in the dark forest, in a cottage that moves through the forest on birds’ legs behind a fence topped with human skulls, lives the baba yaga. A guardian of the water of life, she lives with her sisters and takes to the skies in a giant mortar and pestle, creating tempests as she goes. Those who come across the baba yaga may find help, or hinderance, or horror. She is wild, she is woman, she is witch—and these are her tales.

We are looking for stories inspired by and featuring the BABA YAGA.

INTO THE FOREST: Tales of the Baba Yaga is a women-in-horror anthology. All writers who identify as women are welcome to submit.

Taking Submissions: Pirating Pups

Deadline: November 30th, 2021
Payment: $50 CAD and a contributor’s copy
Theme: Pirate dogs, yes my friends, pirate dogs

How do you follow up an anthology of swashbuckling cats? With pirating dogs, of course!

As with the first anthology in this series I am looking for adventure-loving dogs, puns, water and fun. I’m looking for sailors, submariners, explorers, Vikings and more. Fun stories filled with excitement, drama, treasure-seeking, sword fights, discovering new worlds and dogs, dogs, dogs!

All. The. Dogs.

Taking Submissions: M is for Medical

Deadline: November 30th, 2021
Payment: £10
Theme: M is for Medical

M is for Medical – Submissions open October 1st. Deadline November 30th.

Think surgery gone wrong, sadistic nurses, organ trafficking, creepy doctors etc.

We are currently calling for submissions for a series of horror anthologies – The A-Z of Horror. The series will be based on a variety of themes and will consist of twenty-six books in total. We are looking for short horror stories, between 4000 and 8000 words, on each of the themes listed below. You may submit to more than one book, but we will only include a maximum of one story from each author, in each book. Being accepted into one book does not guarantee acceptance into one of the others.

Taking Submissions: Space Treks – A Space Opera Anthology

Deadline: January 1st, 2022
Payment: Royalties
Theme: Starships and their crews, heroic captains, villainous alien armadas etc.

TRUE STORY: A few years ago at the back of every single Star Trek novel, there was a physical address for any aspiring writer to send off their own Star Trek manuscripts for publication consideration! As the years have gone on, the laws have tightened up and characters and names have been strictly copyrighted.

So what does this have to do with our space opera call, you wonder? Well simple – we’re going to put out an anthology for all of you who always wanted to write an episode inspired by Star Trek, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers or The Orville but missed those days of golden opportunity.

If you enjoy the thinking man’s drama of the iterations of Trek or the pulpy exploration elements of say Flash Gordon or even the more comedic chops of something like The Orville, this is your time to shine.

We look forward to reading your tales inspired by the space opera greats (including Battlestar Galactica, Firefly etc.), just make sure your story is set in space and that the universe, setting, characters and names are original and completely your own creations.

Taking Submissions: Beyond the Veil: Queer Tales of Supernatural Love

Deadline: October 31st, 2021
Payment: 1 cent per word
Theme: Queer tales of supernatural love

Beyond the Veil: Queer Tales of Supernatural Love

Submissions Open Until October 31st

We’re looking for queer tales of supernatural love for our next major anthology, slated for a February 2022 release to coincide with Valentines Day. Sweet, sexy, scary or tragic… We’d love to see your own interpretations on what queer love means to you. We only ask that your story has a supernatural / Gothic / dark element of some kind.

Taking Submissions: Sea Stories from the Rock

Deadline: October 31st, 2021
Payment: $0.01 CAD
Theme: Stories from a variety of genres and styles focusing on the sea, life in and around the sea, and the stories we tell ourselves about the sea.
Note: Must be a Canadian author to submit

Open Call for Sea Story Short Fiction.

Over the last six years, the From the Rock series has become one of the preeminent anthology series’ in Atlantic Canada. We have been home to some amazing established talent and helped some new authors break through that have gone on to dominate their fields, becoming genre bestsellers in their own right. From the Rock is a title readers consistently ask for, review well, and is a great way for avid readers to get introduced to indie talent they might find interesting. Since 2018, each entry in the series has become a Canadian bestseller based on pre-orders alone!

We are currently accepting submissions for the eighth entry in this series: Sea Stories from the Rock, to be available in Winter of 2022.

Editors Ellen Curtis and Erin Vance are scheduled to return to helm the project.


Taking Submissions: Solarpunk Sunscapes

Deadline: November 1st, 2021
Payment: $.02 per word and a contributors copy
Theme: Optimistic views of the future


Story Length: 500 to 7,500 words
Story Payment: $.02 per word + contributor copy
Poem Length: 5 poems or 5 pages
Poetry Payment:
 $30 per poem + contributor copy
Submissions Open: September 1 — November 1, 2021
Expected Publication: Summer 2022
Editor: Justine Norton-Kertson

What is Solarpunk?

Solarpunk is a subgenre of science fiction that developed as a reaction to cyberpunk, the decades long dominance of apocalyptic fiction, and a growing desire to tell, read, hear, and watch stories that provide solutions to the very real and potentially catastrophic challenges of climate change. Solarpunk tells optimistic and hopeful stories about future societies (near-future or distant) powered by renewable energy, and where nature and technology coexist in harmony rather than in conflict. This is a subgenre that’s about restoring the web of life that connects us all. It’s about a desire to protect all life, not just human life. It’s about the drive to embrace and empower life, and restore the planet.

Solarpunk futures aren’t usually “perfect” utopias. Well sometimes they are, or at least really close — but not always, not even usually — and even when they come close they are still never without conflict and challenges. But they also are absolutely not dystopias.


Taking Submissions: Night Terrors October 2021 Anthology

Deadline: October 20th, 2021
Payment: 1 cent per word ($10 for every 1,000 words prorated, $50 for every 5,000 words prorated, and so on)
Theme: Short horror stories with a focus on ghosts, the supernatural, paranormal, monsters, and dark tales.

Scare Street is accepting submissions for short horror stories with a focus on ghosts, the supernatural, paranormal, monsters, and dark tales.

Unpublished short stories must be 3,000-7,000 words and will be included in our Night Terrors anthologies consisting of ~65,000 words each. These stories will be published in e-book, print, and audio formats in English within 6 months after the submissions close date. Based on reader reception, we may also publish them in e-book, print, and audio formats in German and Spanish.