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A Cut Twice as Deep! A Viking Fantasy Story


I recently learned a new term “pantser!”  When applied to a writer, it is one who writes by the seat of their pants and does not use a formal outline, process, or formula to write.  That is what I am, a pantser!  I just sit down and start typing an idea I have or a scene that pops into my head and I just go from there. I do think that the pantser process can take longer because of the need to go back frequently and fill in any missing pieces or important details of the story.  I think the pantser style adds originality and unleashes creativity.


When I wrote A Cut Twice as Deep, I started without any preconceived notions about where I wanted the story to go or what it was about.  The general idea from a dream I had when I was about seven years old starting with the scene on page one.  I could see the flowers and the grass, see the water stretching out before me and feel the sun and wind on my face.  The dream was so real that I never forgot it!  I wanted to write it down, so I did! The concept of twins came from that dream as I changed perspective in the dream from one sister standing on the shore to the other sister leaving in the boat and looking back.


From there A Cut Twice as Deep was born writing by the seat of my pants and the book took off!  Because I always felt the Norse influence in the dream and because I love everything having to do with Norse myths and Vikings in general, the story developed in that setting.  I did a bit of research on the life of Vikings to add a small bit of realism and I also used a lot of creative license to develop the story.  It was not meant to be historically accurate nor describe Viking life at the time. Inevitably my goal was to do my dream justice and write a fantasy interesting enough that people would want to read it. 


Also, writing a stand-alone book was not something I thought I could do because my ideas were so big.  The thought of wrapping up in one book, the lives of the characters that had been so real to me for such a long time, seemed sad and daunting.  I did it though and I love the adventure and mystery that A Cut Twice as Deep became.


My twin Viking girls, Liana and Deirdre were always meant to be separated and I wanted to take advantage of the deep bond many twins have.  When they are both given away into unwanted marriages by their greedy father that is where my story began to unfold and became interesting.  What would happen to them? Would they be happy in their new lives and would they ever see each other again?  Were questions that arose to build the story.


As a pantser, I am always surprised by what happens to my characters and what my mind creates.  I love the names for my characters that just pop into my brain and I enjoy seeing what unfolds.  It is like watching a movie and I’m transcribing it.  Of course, a lot of editing goes into this type of writing style, and sometimes I have to fight to maintain the spontaneity of the story but in the end, I am always pleasantly surprised by the uninhibited free flow of ideas when writing by the seat of my pants.  It works for me and I will continue to write that way for as long as the good stories come to play.


I hope you will read A Cut Twice as Deep because it is a complete and wonderful story of two sisters and how they survive in the world they have very little control of. Please also check out my five book Kingdom of Jior epic fantasy series. You can find out more about me and my writing on my website www.wendylanderson.com.

A CuteTwice as Deep

Welcome to the blog tour for A Cut Twice As Deep by Wendy L. Anderson! Read on for an excerpt and a chance to win a paperback copy of the book!

A Cut Twice As Deep Final Front CoverA Cut Twice as Deep

Publication Date: October 7th, 2020

Genre: Viking Adventure/ Sisterhood/ Romance

The bond between sisters is one forged in blood and fire. Twin sisters, Liana and Deirdre were inseparable like the two halves of a double-bladed axe, making the pain of having to leave each other a cut twice as deep. Their father, Gorsedd Gunnarson, King of the great country of Svartur Rokk, did not care about twin bonds or his daughter’s preferences and severed the pair with a single blow. Both Liana and Deirdre have been sold to the highest bidders for ships, weapons, and alliances. For Gorsedd Gunnarson these are very profitable and advantageous marriage arrangements, but the twin sisters would be torn from each other lives and sent to lands far apart forever!
Liana is forced to leave her childhood sweetheart and marry a stranger. Sweet, timid Deirdre would be wed to a Viking warlord. One would leave her home on a ship and the other on a horse. Both would travel great distances to new lands. Given no choice but to embrace the lives planned for them, they find that the future holds more than they could ever have suspected. In a land where blood and ice reign, danger and betrayal war with love and hope, as they fight to find happiness in a ruthless world ruled by the sword and axe.

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Liana recalled with great detail, the smoky room, and the flickering torches in iron sconces on the walls. Remembered the smell of sweaty men, oiled leather, damp fur, wood smoke, and roasting meat. Heard the rattle of sword and thump of drinking horns and the pounding of eating knives on the worn, beaten tables. Shadows crouched in the dark corners of the hall. She could see clearly in her mind’s recollection, how her father had suddenly stood after eating and drinking for hours and raised his large drinking horn on high. He smoothed his hand over his long greying blonde beard, straightened the black bear fur cloak on his broad shoulders, and roared for silence. As all eyes trained on King Gorsedd, the conversation and laughter quieted.

“This night!” Gorsedd Gunnarson’s deep voice boomed out and the men stilled to listen. “We celebrate!” The men roared in response and then quieted.

“Raise your mead horns and drink to my daughters!” The men raised their horns and cheered loudly sloshing mead on the tables and over their hands.

This was strange behavior coming from their father and Liana and Deirdre exchanged surprised glances as they moved slowly toward the front of the room. Pulled forward by this uncustomary sentiment, their father had their full attention.

“Tonight!” Gorsedd boomed again, waiting for the men to quiet down and regain everyone’s attention. “We celebrate the betrothal of both my daughters! Drink to our good fortune! SKOL!”

All eyes turned to stare, and the men drank to Liana and Deirdre.

“Skol!” they all shouted then quieted as Gorsedd began to speak again.

“For my eldest Liana, I have arranged a marriage contract with Tiernan Lachlan of Lochlannach and Kearn Mac An-Bharain of Noreg for Deirdre.”

He gestured toward strangers in the hall and bellowed.

“Welcome men from Lochlannach to Svartur Rokk my great mead hall where the warriors are more skilled at sword and drinking! These men will be taking Liana across Loch Indaal to marry Tiernan Lachlan!”

Loud cheers rang out and the men raised their drinking horns in salute, sloshed mead into their mouths, and banged their daggers on the tables.

Both Liana and Deirdre stared in wide-eyed shock at their father with their mouths falling open. This was the first time they had heard this news, and both girls stood stunned, disbelieving their ears. They turned and looked at each other, terror written on their identical faces. The men at the tables murmured and some continued to cheer, a few fell to grumbling.

Deirdre staggered in disbelief and her frightened gaze stayed fixed on Liana while she slammed down the pitcher of mead she had been holding onto the nearest table. Her furious gaze flew back and forth between their father and Deirdre.

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About the Author


Wendy L. Anderson is a Colorado native and mother of two boys. A devout reader of the classics, fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction, she has decided it is time to write down the fantasies from her mind. Writing about everything from fantastical worlds to the stuff of her dreams she takes her stories along interesting paths while portraying worlds she sees in her mind’s eye. Her goal is to deviate from common themes, write in original directions and transport her reader to the worlds of her creation.

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