5 Unique Horror Story Ideas

Writer’s block can strike anytime, and afflict writers of every genre, including horror. If you find yourself stuck and not knowing what you should write about next, here are a few unique horror story ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Historical Hysteria

A shy, somewhat eccentric history buff travels to several historic sites in the United States, including popular tourist destination Colonial Williamsburg. While he is fascinated by the activity in the living history museum and is having a wonderful time watching the actors at work, he begins to feel a strange presence following him wherever he goes, right after he goes on a Colonial Ghost Tour. Could he have attracted the unwanted attention of an 18th century spirit?

To make your story more credible or to get more ideas, you might want to go on an actual ghost tour yourself. Colonial Ghosts is one of the top rated Williamsburg ghost tours, and is guaranteed to give you lots of information as well as plenty of thrills. Tours are led by licensed and knowledgeable guides who recount spooky tales of hauntings and paranormal activity as they walk you through the historic streets of Colonial Williamsburg. It is definitely an experience you won’t easily forget, and should give you plenty of material for your story.

Morbid Mythology

A small child becomes fascinated with mythological creatures that are half human, half animal. His parents are somewhat unsettled to find his stuffed animals and action figures ripped apart and put back together with mismatched body parts.

Soon, he begins experimenting with small animals, much to their horror and disgust. But his deep desire to create a real, living creature becomes all-consuming and he decides that he needs to go after his fellow children, so he begins sneaking out at night and heading for their bedrooms…

A Dangerous Self Image

A lonely, teenage girl has just started at a new school and has no friends. She gives herself pep talks while looking in the mirror to work up the courage to approach kids at school and make new friends. She is terrified when one day, her reflection talks back, but she and the girl in the mirror soon become fast friends.

That is, until her reflection starts goading her to do play nasty pranks on her classmates, and threatens to harm her if she doesn’t. One day, after refusing to pull off a particularly horrific stunt, she wakes up with tiny, painful cuts all over her body. She knows her life is danger, but how can she get away when her reflection is ever-present?

Roommate Wanted

A quiet young man answers a “roommate wanted” ad and eventually moves in with three other young people. While welcoming at first, he notices that they begin to treat him differently—shooting him strange glances when they think he isn’t looking, acting jumpy around him, avoiding him altogether. One of them in particular, an insecure young woman, seems almost afraid of him.

One night, he accidentally overhears them plotting to kill him, and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues, with him fighting for his life. Little do they know that he can’t be killed, because you can’t kill what isn’t alive in the first place…

The Door in the Garden

While digging in her garden one day, an old lady with a green thumb and a love for orchids feels her spade strike against something hard and solid in the ground. She digs some more and uncovers an ornate, locked metal door. She becomes obsessed with finding the key, and when that proves unsuccessful, she tries all sorts of things to get the door unlocked. If only she knew what untold horrors awaited on the other side of the door, she might have left well enough alone…


Hopefully, at least one of these ideas has sparked your creativity. When all else fails, just write. Forget about editing or second-guessing yourself and just write whatever comes to mind, even if it seems silly or stupid. You never know what chilling new tales might come to you when you brainstorm this way.

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