You’re Going To Want To Check Out This Deal On BlankPage!

I don’t always share sales here but this one for BlankPage is well worth taking a look at. Full disclosure, my links to the product ARE affiliate links but if I didn’t feel it was worth it, I wouldn’t be listing it here.

The reason that I’m listing it? BlankPage is “a distraction-free writing app that motivates you to write – every day.” Honestly, I’ve been using it since the first time I saw the deal come around and as I had just picked it up and wasn’t used to it yet hadn’t listed it off previously. If I knew how much I loved it I would have brought it up sooner.

The product is cloud based with a local save feature that lets you work online or offline. Not only that, but it has three main features that really make this product work.

Distraction Free Writing

Everything you need to start writing and keep writing. Nothing else, just to help you write more.


Set And Track Goals

This was the big one for me. You can “calendar your success” and decide how many words you want to write on a daily basis which BlankPage helps you do.

Stay Motivated

The software has a clear process taking you from start to finish of what you want to write. Having reminders to get your writing done is a huge bonus as well for when you need that extra push!

Why is this a deal? Well, usually the software will run you $10/month on a subscription service. This offer is giving you lifetime access for $25 USD. A lifetime subscription usually runs closer to $500.

A one time fee for a great distraction-free writing app that has a ton of great features? Absolutely!

For the coffee drinkers out there – this is less than a full month worth of coffee from a Dunken Donuts, which means even less for you Starbucks drinkers!

So if you’re interested, check out BlankPage today!

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