Unholy Trinity: A Place off the Road by Edmund Stone

Our church worships at the altar of the Unholy Trinity. Its gospels are delivered as a trio of dark drabbles, linked so that Three become One. All hail the power of the Three.

A Place off the Road


Danny opened the door. All eyes turned toward him. An antique bar stretched far into the back of the dark room. Several strangers sat there, drinking the local piss; probably brewed out back. This bar was in the middle of nowhere; a one horse town with a broken down mare nobody rode anymore. For good reason. She bit anyone who tried. This place didn’t exist. No dot on the map; no Google Earth reference point. He stopped here because he was lost. Plain and simple. He eased to the bar to ask directions, pausing when he saw the glowing eyes.



Danny turned for the door. Before he could leave a hand reached from the dark and wouldn’t let go. Strong but supple at the same time. She stepped from the shadows and revealed herself. Tall and beautiful, dark and lovely, her figure was captivating. She motioned for him to follow. Danny had no choice but to go, for the spell she wove was divine. A door appeared in his foggy mind and he entered with her. Tools hung from the walls and ceiling. He knew this wasn’t good but felt too compelled to be here. She made it feel right. 



She unclothed in front of him. Her white skin and voluptuous shape held him entranced. Danny had no recourse; to hold her was his only desire in this world. She led him to a chair and straddled him. His shirt was removed. In his mind, the lap dance was about to begin. She nibbled gently on his neck and her teeth pierced his flesh. She hoisted his arm into a strap at the top of the chair. A needle pierced his wrist. It was then he realized, the local piss was the blood of strangers and he a fresh batch.


Edmund Stone

Edmund Stone is a writer, poet, and artist who spins tales of strange worlds and horrifying encounters with the unknown. He lives in a quaint town on the Ohio River with his wife, a son, four dogs and two mischievous cats. You can contact him at edmundstoneauthor.com, Twitter @edmundstonehwr, or on Facebook@edmundstone 

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