Trembling With Fear 2021 Contract Update

Hey all!

I just wanted to give everyone an update as to the ‘Trembling With Fear’ contract. It was brought to our attention in the past day that a couple of areas on it didn’t match our submission guidelines. We had some old language in it from when we first started the Trembling With Fear imprint. Also, it contained language from when we briefly were on a royalty setup. We’ve updated the contract to properly reflect how we’re currently (and have been for about 2 years) conducting business. Soooo… I just wanted to share the written changes here as I believe in full transparency when it comes to the site.

The old contract basically stated that:
– Trembling With Fear isn’t a paying market. (It was started to release anthologies that would help fund Horror Tree. This clearly hasn’t been the case since the first volume. However, this language was removed as to not cause any further confusion.)
– Trembling With Fear was exposure only for online printing and payments would only be made if a story was included in a physical release. (This was from when we were briefly doing royalties instead of direct payments and weren’t even sure if we would get an anthology compiled for release. This line was removed as we’ve switched to paying a flat amount on short stories upon being printed digitally.))

The inclusion of these two areas made it look uncertain if we would pay our contributors. I didn’t want there to be any confusion or legal wiggle room there so these lines have been properly updated in order to show that yes, we do pay our contributors if a story is accepted by Trembling With Fear. (Payments are scheduled to be paid within 2 weeks after being printed online unless the story is being donated as per the original spirit of the anthologies. We also usually try to make payments prior to the digital release.)

I just wanted to apologize for any confusion this may have caused, thank you to the two who reached out concerning this so we could update our contract accordingly.

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