Top Horror/Fantasy/Science fiction Games

As an author, sometimes we all need to turn our brains off for a bit. At least, the part we write and create with. There are plenty of options to do that. Going outside, television, reading, and, of course, video games. Today we’re going to take a look at three games that will really let you get lost in them and hopefully expand your creative side by admiring their world-building while taking a break from creating yourself.

When it comes to the field of horror games, it seems as though our desire for newer, better titles simply can not be quenched! Whether zombie shooters or chilling titles that rely on jump scares aplenty, players now get to choose from more horror, fantasy and science fiction video game titles than ever before.


From Resident Evil to Silent Hill and everything in between, the joy of horror games is that they provide some serious scares that just keep us coming back for more.


In this article, we will take a look at some of the top horror, fantasy and sci-fi games. We will look at old games and new video games and slot titles, as well as games that can be enjoyed across a wide variety of consoles.


So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top horror games of them all, with special attention to those games that have had a larger impact on the general world of gaming than any other!

Resident Evil

After so many editions, some players would be forgiven for thinking that the Resident Evil series had reached its end. Then came Resident Evil 7 and what even some of the most committed players of this series agreed was the finest instalment yet.


This newest iteration picks up where old versions left off and then some. With unbelievable graphics, intense gameplay and a storyline that’s more unsettling than your average box-office horror flick, Resi 7 is without a doubt one of the top horror games ever released on any platform. In fact, the entire Resident Evil series is almost without question the best horror series ever.

House of Doom

This amazing House of Doom video slot consistently ranks highly at online comparison portals such as With a shadow of a doubt, this is a top release from high-quality developer Play’n GO. A chilling horror slot game that is one of the top popular slot games at almost every single gaming site that offers it in their oeuvre this is a special title.


Of course, with 10 paylines and a huge range of unbelievably fun yet spooky elements, House of Doom is one of those games packed with opportunities to win big and then some. Yet, for just a small game, the rapid style of the spins at House of Doom blended with the stunning music on offer ensure this is one of the top horror slot machine games ever created.

Silent Hill

Like Resident Evil, Silent Hill caused a huge stir upon release back in the 1990s, with a truly terrifying storyline that challenged every horror game being released at the time.


One of the most beloved of all iterations was Silent Hill 2, a demonic Playstation 2 release that took gamers into the twisted mind of its protagonist to blur the lines between fiction and reality and ultimately place them at the centre of the nightmare. Chilling stuff to be sure!

There you have it, folks. Three franchises worth your time that will not only let you turn your brain off a bit but also get the creative juices flowing from enjoying some rather richly created worlds. What games do you love? Are there any franchises that you feel that your fellow authors will want to get into? Would you like us to take a look at some other forms of media worth getting lost in? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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