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“The Tools We Use” is an ongoing set of articles which shares the various tools that Horror Tree, the writers for the site, and established authors who we’re friends with use on an ongoing basis. This can range from anything to help with writing, editing, web development, marketing, and more! As long as it can help an author and we have a solid endorsement here, we’ll happily share it with you.


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Publishing Contracts made Easy!

Are You A Small Press That Wants To Streamline Your Contract Organization?

If you run a small press or put out anthologies, keeping track of contracts with authors can be a pain. In Docsketch we have found a solution you might be interested in. This is an easy way to put together documents that need to be signed and keep track of who has signed them, who needs to, and who has opened them or not…

…And for a limited time, it is on sale!

We are currently in the process of moving all of our Trembling With Fear submissions over to this format and while I can’t give you a full review until the process is done, I wanted to let you know about this while it is on sale as over 70% off is nothing to sneeze at! (This low price is why we’re sharing it now after initial testing an not before we’ve been using it for months.)

Key Features of Docsketch

  • Eliminate the back-and-forth hassle with legally valid electronic signatures for your documents
  • Get multiple signatures on the same page without having to hunt people down
  • Track and instantly get notified on the status of your documents and turn documents into reusable templates
  • Best for: businesses looking to improve organization and speed up the documents process

Fun Fact: “Docsketch documents are compliant with U.S. and international e-signature laws.” On top of this you have the ability to have it so “after a document is signed, it gets archived and protected from future changes so there’s no funny business.” This is an easy way to keep track of who has signed on! With a templating system it is easy to have the same document for all of the contributors or your projects and if your terms on various anthologies are similiar they would be easy to update for the next round!

Want a quick visual walkthrough of Docsketch before making a decision? Check out the video below!

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