Taking Submissions: Horror Library Volume 8 (Early)

Submission Window: January 16th – 30th, 2023
Payment: 2 cents per word and a contributors copy
Theme: Anything with a supernatural and dark element, such as Horror, Dark Fiction/ Dark Fantasy, Weird Fiction, etc.

Title: +Horror Library+ Volume 8

Edited by: Eric J. Guignard

Publisher: Dark Moon Books (Los Angeles, CA)

Submissions Accepted: January 16, 2023 through January 30, 2023

Projected Release Date: between July to October, 2023

Word Count: Short stories between approximately 1,500–5,000 words (soft range, with a preference toward lower word count)

Payment: Two (2) cents per word and one contributor copy in each of all published formats

Reprints?: No

Multiple and/or Simultaneous Submissions: Yes (within reason, please)

Audience Age Appropriateness: 16 years old and up. Profanity and sexually-related material is acceptable, provided it is not gratuitous nor excessive. What is not acceptable is anything culturally derogative (propagating racial hatred or malicious stereotypes); relating to torture or sexual abuse of children/animals; or involving graphic sex/ “erotica.”

Genre Suitability: Anything with a supernatural and dark element, such as Horror, Dark Fiction/ Dark Fantasy, Weird Fiction, etc.

Tone: Imaginative and/or harrowing adventure; beauty of darkness; horror (edgy or quiet); exploration through fears or discovery; original monsters and/or strange lands; life events turned slightly askew, etc.

Response Time: February 30, 2023 (or earlier)

Send submissions and queries to: [email protected]

About the Series

Since 2006, the +Horror Library+ series of anthologies has been internationally praised as a groundbreaking source of contemporary horror short fiction stories—relevant to the moment and stunning in impact—from leading authors of the macabre and darkly imaginative.Horror Library, Volume 7

Filled with Fears and Fantasy. Death and Dark Dreams. Monsters and Mayhem. Literary Vision and Wonder. Each volume of the +Horror Library+ series is packed with heart-pounding thrills and creepy contemplations as to what truly lurks among the shadows of the world(s) we live in.

These anthology books have been a home for non-themed short works of horror & dark fiction for both new and established authors. Past contributors have included such notables as: Bentley Little (a regular contributor), Jeffrey FordTerry DowlingCarole JohnstoneJeff StrandRay GartonDavid TallermanLisa Morton, et al.

And now we are reading submissions for Volume 8!

Under publisher Dark Moon Books, editor Eric J. Guignard will be molding this and future volumes to be in line with the hallmarks of anthology series such as Whispers (ed. Stuart David Schiff); Borderlands (ed. Thomas Monteleone); Shadows (ed. Charles Grant); Masques (ed. J.N. Williamson), Shivers (ed. Richard Chizmar), etc., not to mention the general tone and thoughtful, literary styles found in current and ongoing annual editions of “BEST OF HORROR” series by editors such as Ellen Datlow and Paula Guran (and formerly of Stephen JonesKarl Edward Wagner, etc.).

Although we are looking for non-themed horror, we’re not interested in anything relying on common tropes such as zombies, vampires, or serial killers-run-amuck, etc. Also no unnecessary gore or explicit scenes, or anything else that would require a trigger warning. Ideal qualities would include emotional resonance, story action (movement), unique/ thoughtful ideas, literary courage to push boundaries, etc. (Additionally, consider stories that would fit in with anthology horror TV series such as The Twilight ZoneTales from the DarksideBlack Mirror, etc.).

If you’re still unsure what we’re looking for, simply review former volumes of +Horror Library+ for additional insight. Beyond that, just send it!


Formatting of submissions isn’t important (although good form is to follow Shunn guidelines at: http://www.shunn.net/format/story.html).

Please attach all submissions to email as a Microsoft Word file (doc type doesn’t matter).

Send submissions, queries, and all else via e-mail to: [email protected].

Good luck and have fun writing!


Via: Dark Moon Books.

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