Six Hundred Sixty Six Bottles of Blood on the Wall: Betting on Myself


Sorry I took the week off last week. I got lost swimming in a sea of cool shit that’s going on with a few different aspects of my life, including something major that I think is really going to help my pursuit of writing, but I can’t take much about it at the moment. There’s a good chance I will in time though.

I got a couple cool things to pimp before I get started. Just in case some of you are still wondering who the hell I am and if I’m any good at mashing a keyboard, I’ve got some freebies to offer you. First off my episode, episode 213 is still up and free at The Wicked Library. I just listened to the episode that followed mine, quality horror from Mandy DeGeit. She brings the nasty.

If audio isn’t your thing, I’ve got a treat for you. My first published story Bloodlust, is part of a professional wrestling horror themed anthology from Cruentus Libri Press called Lucha Gore. It also happens to be free for Kindle all weekend. Check it out, Myself and several talented authors would greatly appreciate if you did. Thanks!

Hot on the heels of that is my newest publication, a nasty little tale called Cigarettes and Murder. I’m writing this Friday morning, so I don’t know for sure, but I’m told the issue goes live on June 1. That’s today (as you read) but really tomorrow (as I write) and I’m too tired to make any kind joke. Go look for yourself over at Mine’s a shorty, only about 1,500 words so spend a couple minutes checking out some of the other stories!

I’ll BET that of those three you like at least one though I’d love to you devour all 3. Which brings me to the theme of this post: Betting on Myself. Does that stripper-thigh-smooth transition make up for that chainsaw transition a couple weeks ago?

I bet on myself recently and I bet big. Here’s what I did. Bear in mind that I’m poor as shit. (but my credit is ok haha) I’m writing this on a brand new MacBook Air. Last year, Memorial Day weekend after about a month down this rocky writing road, I bought myself a little joke of a netbook. Anyone friends with me on Facebook knows that I want to recreate the fax machine scene from Office Space with that piece of shit. We had some good times but every time I tried to open an internet search while the word processor was open it would swallow it’s tongue and shit itself. It cost me a lot of time and I lost some work as well. I bought cheap and I got cheap. Fair deal.

Not this time. I’d been wanting to dump that piece of shit for a while and I wasn’t meaning to be dramatic, but it kind of happened that way. That cute lil netbook screwed me for the last time last weekend and I went out and got a Mac. I can’t even begin to explain the difference. It really is incredible. Instead of taking forever to load pages, crashing and just overall constantly giving me the finger, this Mac is light, lightning quick and the battery lasts forever. Hell you can even do some magic wizard voodoo shit on the touch pad to break out your windows and seamlessly jump from word processor to anything else. Instantly. This is great for sending submissions (by the way I sent out 4 stories this week) and making sure everything is in line. Makes research a lot easier too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I need this to write, not at all, and if I drop it or something and somehow survive the inevitable suicide attempt that will follow, I’m screwed. It’s back to the netbook in the closet, but even if that happened, I dig it out and keep going.

I almost bought cheap when went to the store, but I decided not too. I’m investing in myself. BETTING ON MYSELF. I imagine that if all goes well, and it better because I didn’t buy the extra warranty, I’m hoping that what I’m writing and whatever other business ventures I stumble into, will cover the cost. I’m hoping this laptop lasts me 3-4 years. While I’m hoping to get fed grapes by busty island girls by then as I pen yet another horrific masterpiece; if for some reason that dream doesn’t quite grow its wings, I’m betting on myself that I’ll at least be able to pay my sleek white baby off with the meager royalties and token payments I’m already acquiring.

So this purchase serves two purposes. I’m rewarding myself for staying committed to achieving my writing dreams and I’m using it as an investment. An incentive. And most importantly a BET.

I don’t really believe in fate or destiny being predetermined. I like to think that I’m responsible for all that happens to me (I think that kind of makes me a Satanist, but screw it, whatever) but sometimes things to fall into place. HorrorTree posts my blogs on Saturdays. Saturday happens to be June 1.

Any of y’all up for a bet?

I’m going to bet you all I write AT LEAST 50,000 words in the month of June. And I challenge you to do it with me. And because I’m incredibly stupid I’m also not going to include these blog posts, reviews, or revisions that I do. (Finishing previously started and abandoned stories is acceptable, but only new word count will be counted) 50,000 on top of all that and I will blog about my progress and what’s going on every Saturday in June so don’t think that I’m going to quit on you.

I won’t give too much away about what I’m working on away because I don’t trust you, but I’ll give you updates on at least word count, maybe what I’m working on if it fits, what markets I’m writing for etc. Man that editing stipulation is going to come back to haunt me. I’m planning on subbing a lot of stories in June too and I don’t sub unclean shit. Well, not on purpose. Sometimes you miss stuff and sometimes your stories just plain suck. I hate it when that happens.

Also, let me make it clear that I’m probably not working on a novel. I might if it strikes me, but a novel in a month isn’t the deal. Maybe we’ll do that in November. The deal is 50,000 new fiction words, which could include finishing old stories or starting brand new ones. I won’t cheat, I promise.

I figure this is perfect, I’ve invested and bet with my money, but now I’m going to do it with my heart, my desire, my passion, and my words. I hope some of you come along for the ride.

And I’m betting that I hit 50k words. If I hit that I win. And hopefully anyone who reads those stories will win too. I have no idea what to bet though. What happens if I don’t hit it? Youtube video of me eating a ghost chili pepper? Scan and post an up to date STD test? Re-read the Twilight series? Doesn’t matter because I’m going to win but send suggestions to [email protected] or stop by the pages New World Horror – Kerry G.S. Lipp on Facebook and let me know what you think I should do if I don’t make it. I’ll post the funny ones. I’m interested in creative ideas, but I don’t plan on losing. I hope some of you want to join in this challenge with me.
Any takers?

I’m all in.
Are you?

Keep reading, keep writing and keep it real,

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