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Payment: $10 and royalties

The New Accelerator is seeking short Science Fiction stories that are between 2,500 and 5,000 words long, but in exceptional cases we will accept stories up to 10,000 words. However, each writer and story will be considered equal, regardless of the accepted story length.

The New Accelerator will accept stories/submissions from any location worldwide, and submissions will be submitted through and managed by the HeyPublisher! system. When you submit your story, you will be asked to create a HeyPublisher! account (if you don’t have one already), which will be used by The New Accelerator to contact you and to manage your story.

If your story is good and we want to publish your story in The New Accelerator and share it with our readers; you, as author, will retain copyright of your story and we will not claim ownership of your story/submission.

Here are some points to remember when submitting your story to The New Accelerator:

1.       Any payments will be made to you via Paypal, so you must have an active Paypal account.

2.       Submissions can be made in the following file formats: Doc, Txt, and RTF.

3.       The story must be in either UK or US English, and at this time The New Accelerator does not accept submissions in other languages. Whichever of these two version of English you use, please ensure that the use of the language/spellings are consistent throughout your story.

4.       The New Accelerator prefers, and preference will be given to, first time submissions that have not been published elsewhere previously; but, we do not discriminate against previously published works and if you retain copyright and you are free to have the story republished, then we will be happy to read your submission.

5.       You may submit more than one story at a time, but please ensure they are submitted individually so that we can track them correctly.

On the matter of payment, we believe in fairness and The New Accelerator operates a percentage profit payment plan. The New Accelerator will pay a token fee of $10 (US Dollars) on acceptance of a story, and your story with then be included in one issue of The New Accelerator. Later, once the issue of The New Accelerator that features your story has been published, you will be sent a final sum of money which will be your personal percentage of the revenue generated by that issue. Your fee for your story will be 5% of the total net profit of the issue of The New Accelerator that your story appears in, during the month that it is on sale.


The New Accelerator is a publication that welcomes many styles and approaches to Science Fiction short story writing; the editors of The New Accelerator know what they want to read and also what they do not want to read. Naturally, we want to give you some guidance on what is and what is not acceptable, what is likely to grab our attention and what is likely to encourage rejection.

The general nature of the submissions we are looking for would feature one or more of the following things, but this is not an exclusive list; if your story is of a Science Fiction nature but does not fit these very loose criteria, then please do still send it to The New Accelerator as we are seeking new writing of a very high standard and quality, and we do not know how good your work is until we see it!

The New Accelerator would like to see stories that include the following motifs/genres and styles: amazing thoughts, brilliantly realised characters and places, thrilling situations and daring ideas, noir and future noir, exploration and explorative ideas and people/places and concepts that dazzle, planets and ships and science and stars and adventure, golden dawns and flaming red sunsets, time-bending and avant-garde creations and theories, and all-round great, exciting, thrilling and wonderful stories that The New Accelerator would be happy and proud to publish.

The New Accelerator is unlikely to publish stories that feature any of the following: Explicit sex, overtly pretentious eroticism, explicit violence, sexism, racism, hatred, cliché, plagiarism, old ideas, stolen ideas, thinly veiled knock-offs of other people’s ideas, fan fiction of any type, works that take place in or feature existing universes/characters/stories, and unoriginal and lazy work.

The editors of The New Accelerator reserve the right to edit any content of any story for style, readability, spelling corrections, grammar, and coherence. We will not edit your plot, characters or elements of your story, but we may need to change some minor things to make your story fit in better with the content of The New Accelerator, as well as the publication’s style and editorial requirements.

The New Accelerator editors look forward to reading your story submissions soon!

Via: The New Accelerator.

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