Ongoing Submissions: Intrinsick

Payment: $10
Theme: Weird speculative fiction

Crazy in a crazy world is as good as sane.

Fiction and Creative Nonfiction, 2000 words or less.
Make it funny and unusual and make sure it tells a story.

Rather than pay Submittable, we will pay our authors.
Submissions should be emailed to submissions (a)
Attached as a .doc or .pdf. Follow all posted Guidelines.

We accept only manuscripts that have not been published
elsewhere. For all publications we request First Serial Rights
and Electronic Archival Rights. All other rights revert
to the author upon publication.

Starting 2019, we will pay a flat stipend of $10 per publication (via Paypal).
We will also be very picky and will no longer offer feedback on most submissions.


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Duotrope Interview
​Best of Intrinsick 1.1
Submission Guidelines​

Recommended Stories

( 2 )

DON’T dos:

  • Submit Poetry
  • Submit fan fiction
  • Submit adult content
  • Submit gratuitously graphic violence
  • Submit stories where nothing happens
  • Worry about genre. We want funny, gripping stories no matter the genre.
  • Submit anything longer than 2000 words unless it kicks butt.
  • Submit previously published material
  • Query before sixty days have passed
  • Expect any editorial feedback
  • Take anything personally
  • Forget to double space
  • Forget to spellcheck
  • Forget to laugh
  • Forget to follow these GUIDELINES

( 3 )

DO dos:

  • Submit Fiction or Creative Nonfiction
  • Attach file as DOC or PDF OR copy and paste into body of email
  • Double space, Times New Roman, 12 pt font
  • Include Title, Genre, Word Count in subject line.
    (for example: Fanihi Pie, Fiction, 724 words)
  • Send simultaneous submissions so long as you send notice immediately if accepted elsewhere
  • Send multiple submissions so long as the total word count is 2000 words or less
  • Make sure the story is funny or weird or unsettling or gripping or, best case scenario, all of the above
  • Make us laugh while making us cry
  • Keep writing no matter what anybody says

Bulleted List of Some Things We Appreciate
  • Grit, Gravity, Consequence, Depravity
  • Sarcasm, Snark, Humor, Sharks
  • Bloody Noses, Broken Bones, Bad Decisions, Difficult Homes
  • Big Air, Big Balls, Big Bails, Biggie Smalls
  • Punk Rock, Skateboards, Anarchy, Darklords
  • Bad Breath, Bad Luck, Bad Behavior
  • Scabs, Scars, Baggage, Bars
  • Going for Gusto and Falling on Face
  • Embarrassing oneself all over the place
  • Laughing so hard maybe a little pee comes out
  • Submissions 2000 words or less, thereabout
  • Bababooey, Bababooey, Bababooey
  • Also, Dinosaurs
  • see also…
sub·mit / səbˈmit / verb

  1. accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person.
  2. present (a proposal, application, or other document) to a person or body for consideration or judgment.


Step 1 – Follow these  guidelines.

Step 2 – Click yon button  ====================================>

The Submissions FAQ
  • How will I know if my submission was received?
    Submissions will be acknowledged with a confirmation email as soon as we get em.

    No email? No submission.
  • How long will it take to pass judgement upon my literary baby?
    Most submissions will receive a decision within [
     38.1 mean avg | 35.5 median ] days.
  • At what point should I query about my submission status?
    Please do not query until at least 90 days have passed.
  • Are simultaneous submissions okay?
    Simultaneous submissions are fine but please notify editors immediately if accepted elsewhere.
  • Do I really need to follow the submission guidelines?
    Not following the submission guidelines is grounds for automatic rejection.
  • Why did you reject my story/memoir/monologue/one act play/poetry chapbook?
    Editors do not owe any explanation for rejections and will not provide editorial advice except in rare cases.
  • Can I send my 10,000 word epic fantasy story?
    We have about a 1000 word attention span and usually won’t consider anything over 2000 words. 
  • Would you consider my amazing too long for the guidelines story anyway?
    We don’t publish anything longer than 2000 words unless it kicks our asses AND takes our lunch money. [example 1] [example 2]
  • What about my hilarious conceptual piece that revolves around my really funny idea?
    Sure, as long as the piece uses that funny idea to tell an actual story.
  • How often do you publish?
    Rather than have a set deadline to publish issues or stories, we publish stories we like when we receive them. This way we can keep our standards and expectations high. We usually publish about two stories per month.
  • Do you pay contributors for their work?
    Once a story is accepted for publication payment will be supplied via Paypal – a flat fee of $10.00  per acceptance.
  • Do you accept work that has been previously published elsewhere?
    We will consider previously published work for Intrinsick, but will only pay for work that has not be previously published.
  • What kind of publishing rights are involved?
    We request First Serial Rights and Electronic Archival Rights. All rights revert to the author upon publication. Further details are provided in the Writer’s Agreement Contract.
  • Why don’t you accept submissions on Submittable anymore?
    We decided to use that money to pay contributors rather than a submission platform. This means it may take a little longer to sort through submissions.
  • If you don’t like this story can I submit something else? 
    If we ask an author to submit something else we mean it. If we don’t ask do it anyway, but wait at least 30 days. 

Via: Intrinsick Magazine.

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