Closed Market: Devolution Z

Closed in 2017


Payment: $15 CAD per accepted short story.


Short Stories / Poetry
Short fiction or poetry based on zombies or any other horror subgenre.
Let your imagination be your guide… zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, paranormal or anything your mind can conjure up.

The short stories must be between 1,000 and 15,000 words in length.
Poetry must be between 100 and 5,000 words in length.
They must NOT be pasted into the body of the submission email!
Attach the .txt, .rtf or .doc file to the email.

Fiction and poetry must be original and unpublished.

Horror, science fiction, fantasy, romance and even comedy themes are welcome!

Artwork / Photography
Take your best zombie selfie or have a group pose for a shot in full makeup and costumes!
Perhaps you’re an artist, send us your best zombie or horror artwork.

We accept submissions for original digital artwork and photographs. No sexually-oriented artwork or photographs, please.

We only accept high-resolution images.
1,000 pixels minimum on the long side.
Artwork must be in PNG format.
Photographs must be in either PNG or JPG format.
We do not publish any images with watermarks.


We buy the right to publish the selected story, poetry, artwork or photograph and to archive it on our website.

Artists, photographers and writers retain all rights to use their work for merchandise or to post their work elsewhere ninety (90) days after it is published.

We reserve the right to use artwork and photographs for limited-run, not-for-sale promotional printed items (such as flyers and web advertisements) to advertise the magazine.


Short Stories / Poetry
Pay: $15 per accepted short story.
Pay: $10 per accepted poetry piece.

Artwork / Photography
Pay: $50 per accepted cover art.
** If submitting only for cover art consideration, please specify in submission email.

Pay: $10 per accepted original artwork.
Pay: $5 per accepted photograph. (max 5 per submission)

*** There are no limits to the number of submissions for short stories, poetry, artwork or photography!
*** All payments made in $CAD through PayPal


Short Stories / Poetry
Attach your short story or poetry document to an email. Format of email and document can be found at: SUBMISSIONS.

Artwork / Photography
We prefer artwork and photographs in full colour. Please submit your artwork/photograph in digital format using our submission e-mail provided at: SUBMISSIONS.


Choose the name you would like us to use when we publish your short story, artwork or photograph.
Pseudonyms (aliases) are acceptable.

If, in addition, you would like to have your biography published, please include it in your submission e-mail. Kindly limit your biography to 75 words or less.


We will retain all writer, artist and photographer information, but will only contact you in the event that we would like to commission your work. If you do not hear from us within sixty (60) days of submitting your work, you can feel free to submit it elsewhere.

We welcome updates and multiple submissions if you have new work you’d like us to see.
Multiple photographs are acceptable for a single e-mail submission, but please limit the number to five (5) or less.


Author’s personal information (name, e-mail, alias or address) will not be shared with anyone outside our editorial staff, except in the following situations:

• if we are compelled by law
• if threats are made against our staff
• if the author has instructed us to do so


When you submit to Devolution Z magazine, you are verifying that you are the artist, photographer or writer of the submitted work. The artist, photographer or writer thereby grants First North American Serial Rights toDevolution Z magazine. Rights revert to the artist, photographer or writer ninety (90) days after publication. We ask that you credit Devolution Zmagazine as the first place of publication.

We include short bios, if desired, of our contributors in the associated issues. Bios should be kept to 75 words or less. We reserve the right to use your bio and an excerpt of your work for future features on our website, digital or social media. You may also include links to your Twitter, blog, website, etc.

Devolution Z magazine is pleased to accept original, previously unpublished artwork, photographs and short stories for publication.

By submitting any artwork, photograph or short story to the Devolution Zmagazine to be published in the Devolution Z magazine (our digital magazine) or (our online magazine), you grant theDevolution Z magazine and the right to reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, make available to the public and/or to incorporate your contribution in other works in any media now known or later developed. The artist, photographer or writer further grants the Devolution Z magazine and the right to non-exclusively archive any artwork, photographs and short stories online as long as the Devolution Zmagazine maintains the website.

Via: Devolution Z.

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