CLOSED: Black Ice Magazine

Black Ice Magazine’s website is no longer active.

Payment: $5 or $10 depending on length

Fiction Guidelines

Black Ice Magazine seeks works of speculative fiction between 1000-6000 words. The subgenre could best be described as Cyberpunk, but we are not seeking a retread of Gibson, Sterling, etc. Instead, we want to see character driven fiction, with a clear plot, that extrapolates today’s technological and social landscape into tomorrow. Near-future, centered on Earth, a bold picture of what is to come. Better Futures Press requires all authors to submit their work in standard manuscript format. For more information on standard formatting, please visit William Shunn’s guide.

We are a token paying market, offering $5 per piece between 1000-3000 words and $10 per piece between 3000-6000 words, payable via Paypal. We are purchasing Non-Exclusive First World Rights to your work, meaning we are the first market in the world to feature your work, but you are allowed to submit it to a different market in the meantime, as long as Market B doesn’t want exclusivity. We do not accept reprints. Simultaneous submissions are fine, so long as you notify us if your piece is accepted elsewhere. We are currently not accepting non-fiction submissions, poetry, or narrative essays, subject to change.

We would love to pay our authors more; please, spread the word.

Submissions should be emailed as a .doc attachment to the following address: [email protected]. Please put SUBMISSION: [Story Title] – [Full Name] – [Word Count] – [Publication] in the header to help us weed out spam. We invite you to add a cover letter detailing your publication history (if any, non-mandatory) and any relevant details. For instance, if your story is about a recovering addict and you’ve recovered from addiction, please mention that. These bios will appear before your story in the issue unless specifically requested not to, so make sure it is fit to print.

Example: SUBMISSION: [Story A] – [Joe McPerson] – [1000] – [Black Ice Magazine]

Depending on the project and its editor, response times may range between 2-8 weeks. If you haven’t heard anything in 9 weeks, please email [email protected] and put QUERY: [Story Title] – [Full Name] as the subject line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


While artwork needs are specific to each project, here are our general guidelines when submitting your work.

Please email us two-four pieces of your best work you think would fit well with the project you’re submitting to. You can email them to [email protected]. Please put [ART]: [Full Name] – [Project Title] in the header to help us weed out spam. Payment is negotiated.

Via: Better Future Press.

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