Of Metal And Magic Publishing Is Open To Fantasy Novels, Novellas, And Collections

Payment: Royalties
Theme: “traditional fantasy.” We define this as second-world, past settings.

We are always on the lookout for new fantasy voices! Whether you are a brand new fantasy author, or a veteran looking for more publishing opportunities, we would love to hear from you. Send us your pitch through the contact form below.

We are currently looking for the following content or support:

  • Beta readers, beta readers, beta readers!
  • Flash fiction and short stories for our website and future anthologies
  • Guest posts for our blog
  • Fantasy novellas
  • Stand-alone Fantasy novels (multi-book series are currently a hard sell due to processing time)
  • Fantasy story collections (all stories should be in the same fantasy setting)

If you’ve got something you think we’d like, send us your pitch!

PAY: We pay for all fiction content. Guest blog posts are handled on a case-by-case basis. We provide token pay for short fiction based on length and quality, and we have a royalty scheme for novellas and novels.

Note: We are currently limiting our publishing scope to what we call “traditional fantasy.” We define this as second-world, past settings. If your story takes place on Earth–past, present, or mythological–it probably won’t be a good fit for us. Same goes for steampunk or modern fantasy. We prefer to not be overly distracted by technology. Just keep that in mind when querying us.

Check out this post for basic tips and guidelines.

Via: Of Metal And Magic Publishing.

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