Love Books? Great Big Story Has Released “5 Stories for Book Lovers” Which Is Worth A Watch!

Of course you love books, you’re here to write them or read fiction!

If you’re looking for a fun little break for the usual routine, we’ve stumbled across an amazing video worth checking out titled “5 Stories for Book Lovers.” You’ll get a brief chat with a genre author many of you are familiar with as well as a slew of other quick and fascinating stories.

The video is described as:

This is a reel for book lovers, and it’s a page turner. A few excerpts: In Chapter One, we meet R.L. Stine, the author famous for the Goosebumps books series. Chapter Three is devoted to an artist who makes flipbooks for people to share stories with loved ones who are incarcerated. And Chapter Five looks at an exhibit in Kassel, Germany, made up of 100,000 books that have been banned—at various points—all around the world.

The second and fourth chapters obviously aren’t shown off here. For those who are interested, the second chapter introduces us to Martin Frost who is an artist that hides paintings in books. Finally, the fourth chapter takes us to Mandalay, Myanmar where we get to take a look at the world’s largest book which is… made of marble?!

You can watch it right here!

5 Stories for Book Lovers

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