Friday Update: Pandemic Book Launches, Events and Supporting Creatives

Pandemic Author Support, Book Launches and Events  09/10/20

In addition to Jim McLeod’s Pandemic Book Launch group on Facebook – go here for more infomation – Joe Mynhardt has set up a collaborative Facebook group for the independent presses: Hot Off the Indie Press, check it out here.  Click on the book covers for more information.

Support Your Indie Authors and Reviewers

This is a feature which I hope will help bring extra work to those who’ve been hit economically by Covid. If you’ve lost your day job, had hours cut, are struggling and have services to offer, a patreon page to promote etc, let us know and we’ll plug them here.

Image Max Stark is a teacher in Mexico, a reviewer, a wonderful photographer and all round nice guy. He’s been developing his photography work and has been receiving commissions for this but unfortunately his laptop has given up the ghost and he, like so many others, is struggling. We are hoping to share a fundraising project which will help him fulfill his commissions and continue expanding his work in this area. To connect with him, find out more about him, see his work, go to and The image on the left is a sample of his work.


Devil's CreekTodd Keisling – author of Devil’s Creek, Ugly Little Things is not just a writer. He also designs book interiors, frontispieces and can provide other services related to marketing campaigns. For more information go here. Buy his books here. Support him on patreon here.

Victoria Wilder – writer, singer, actress. Someone who must surely be experiencing career hits in all directions at present – buy her book here and please check out her patreon here.

Irene Lofthouse – author of Strange Tales in Bradford Dale, editor of Stories from Stone, creator of performances, is not just a writer. She’s also a historical researcher, editor, tutor, creative facilitator and can provide other services related to education and learning resources. For more information go here. Buy her books here.

Erin Al-Mehairi – writer, editor and stalwart of the community has lost a lot of work recently and is offering discounted editing services to new clients for short stories, novellas and novels. Payment plans are also possible! For more details go here

Chad Lutzke – a writer whose name is frequently seen in indie horror has a patreon here. Get free stories, interact or simply offer some much-needed support. You can also buy his books here. I just picked up a copy of Of Foster Homes and Flies.



11th-14th Sept inclusive – Writing in the Dark.  ‘Celebrate the craft and industry of all things dark in publishing with Tim Waggoner, multi-award-winning author of the brand-new writing guide Writing in the Dark.’ This three-day symposium on horror writing and publishing will feature workshops, lectures, extensive networking opportunities, and more. Featuring many well-known writers, find out more information here.

15th-29th Sept inclusive – StoryFest 2020. The Westport Library will we will premiere 13 live and pre-recorded events. These events will feature top authors and creators in genre fiction, comics, young adult fiction, and middle grade fiction. In cross-genre panels, they will explore the big ideas at the heart of telling stories in today’s world. Information here.

7-11th October – GrimmFest. Manchester’s International Festival of Fantastic Films. Information here.

16th October – Phoenix FearCon. Online Horror Film Festival. Information here.

Please send us details of any online panels, conventions, festivals and workshops and we’ll list them here.

Pandemic Book Launches 

*********** Charity Anthologies ************

Autumn! ImageWe are Wolves   Image may contain: text that says

August 2020

26th 26th Into The Forest And All The Way Through by [Cynthia Pelayo]28th 31st Outback Horrors Down Under: An Anthology of Antipodean Terrors (Things in the Well Book 46) by [GM Hague, Chris Mason, Matthew R Davis, Robert Hood, Tracie McBride, Marty Young, Lucy Sussex, Dan Rabarts, Simon Dewar, Tabatha Wood]


September 2020

1st    1st  1st Coffin Shadows by [Glen Krisch, Mark Steensland]  2nd Weird Rhody: Five Tales From The Ocean State That Aren't Quite Right by [Rob Borkowski, Paul Lonardo, Dennis  Kafalas, G.A.  Miller, Bob Sherman, Mary  Carlos]

3rd 3rd Whigmaleeries & Wives' Tales by [Jessica Augustsson, Jason Lairamore, Mike Adamson, Dawn Vogel, James Rumpel, Sharon Kae Reamer, Damon L. Wakes, Mike Morgan, Liz Michalski, Johannes Svensson, Kimber Camacho, Susanne Hülsmann,  Edward H. Parks, Marta Pelrine-Bacon, Daniel Delgado, Ed Ahern, Michael Sherrin, Robert Dawson, Jennifer Jeanne McArdle, David Rogers, Rebecca Gomez Farrell, Michael Anthony Dioguardi, Jamie Zaccaria, J9 Vaughn, Adam Slavny, Natalie Cannon, A.D. Black, KT Wagner, Matt McHugh, Delilah Night,  Jay Caselberg, Nicole Tanquary]4th Night Voices  8th

10th 15th Image may contain: night, text that says 15th 15th FULL METAL HORROR III: The Unknown by [Adam Bennett, Sam M. Phillips]

15th The Body Will Follow by [Rob E. Boley] 15th 16th E is for Exorcism (A to Z of Horror Book 5) by [P.J. Blakey-Novis, S.P. Oldham, Dona Fox, Mark Anthony Smith, Holley Cornetto, Joshua Bartolome, Michael Anthony Dioguardi, Kristina R. Mosley, Jeremy Billingsley, Ethan K. Lee]18th Unbecoming Me & Other Interruptions (Short Sharp Shocks! Book 51) by [Christopher  Stanley]

18th Curfew (Short Sharp Shocks! Book 55) by [Kev Harrison] 18th The Cliff House (Short Sharp Shocks! Book 53) by [James Marx]29th   IMG_0672.JPG

October 2020

13th SLAY: Stories of the Vampire Noire by [Nicole Givens Kurtz, Craig Gidney, Michele Tracey Berger, Alicia McCalla, Steven Van Patten, Jessica Cage, Sheree Renne Thomas, Milton Davis, Ekpeki Oghenechovwe Donald, Nicole Givens Kurtrz]13th   13th Image may contain: text that says 20thDownwind, Alice

November 2020

17th The Lupin Project: Allan Leverone: 9780998416144: Books

Happy reading.


 on behalf of Stuart and the Horror Tree Team


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