Friday Update: Pandemic Book Launches

Pandemic Book Launches and Events  10.07.20

In addition to Jim McLeod’s Pandemic Book Launch group on Facebook – go here for more infomation – Joe Mynhardt has set up a collaborative Facebook group for the independent presses: Hot Off the Indie Press, check it out here.  Click on the book covers for more information.

**New Feature: Events. Scroll down the page and you will find any online events listed (that I have been notified about).**

Pandemic Book Launches 

*********** Charity Anthologies ************

1st July   Soon    Click cover for trailer!


They Slipped Through the Net

This section features books recently published but which have only just come onto our radar.

14th May   31st May

June 2020

17th 22nd 24th 25th

July 2020

    1st 3rd    8th       9th 

15th 20th   20th  22nd

August 2020

4th    4th     6th  10th

18th    25th    28th


  1st    8th    10th    15th

Future Releases (note: dates not always available)






22nd July The Place Between Worlds Book Launch via Facebook. Hosted by Red Cape Publishing.

Happy reading.


 on behalf of Stuart and the Horror Tree Team


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