Friday Update: Pandemic Book Launches

Pandemic Book Launches and Hot Off the Indie Press  29.05.20

In addition to Jim McLeod’s Pandemic Book Launch group on Facebook – go here for more infomation – Joe Mynhardt has set up a collaborative Facebook group for the independent presses: Hot Off the Indie Press. This one carries all sorts of posts from indie publishers to ‘promote sales, sales and opportunities for authors’ amongst other things, if you want to see what they’re up to and what’s available, check it out here.  

If you buy, please also consider leaving reviews for the authors and even dropping them a line on twitter or their websites to have a chat with them about the book.

Pandemic Book Launches 

 *** Charity Anthologies ***

     Diabolica Britannica, ed Keith Anthony Baird. Raising money for the NHS. More details soon!








     The Stain by Ruschelle Dillon, pub. Black Bed Sheet Books, 16th May 2020.,

          Crazy Times by Scott Cole, pub Grindhouse Press, 18th May 20202.,


     Dark Blood Comes from the Feet by Emma J. Gibbon, pub Journalstone, 22nd May, 2020.,


   Strange Days: Midnight Street Anthology 4, ed Trevor Denyer, pub. Midnight Street Press, 20th May, 2020.,



Son of Grendell: A Battle for the Wastelands novella by Matthew Quinn, pub. 25th May 2020.,

      Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu, pub. Crystal Lake Publishing, 26th May 2020.,

Nightfall: Nightmareland Volume One (Nightmareland Chronicles Book 1) by [Daniel Barnett]



    Nightfall: Nightmareland Volume One by Daniel Barnet, pub 31st May 2020.,

   Note: Daniel is donating all 2020 royalties to No Kid Hungry.




       The Lamppost Huggers and Other Wretched Tales by Christopher Stanley, pub The Arcanist Press, 1st June, 2020.,

A Stranger's Guide by [Charlotte Platt]



    A Stranger’s Guide by Charlotte Platt, pub Silver Shamrock Publishing, 2nd June, 2020.,

What Hell May Come Cover


    What Hell May Come by Rex Hurst, pub Crystal Lake Publishing, 12th June, 2020.


Devil's Creek by [Todd Keisling]


    Devil’s Creek by Todd Keisling, pub Silver Shamrock Publishing, 16th June, 2020.,



   C is for Cannibals (A to Z of Horror Book 2) pub Red Cape Publishing , 24th June, 2020.,

   Normal by Benjamin Langley, pub Bloodshot books, June 2020.


Slaves to Gravity by Wesley Southard and Somer Canon, pub. Silver Shamrock Publishing. Due July.



Curse of the Pigman by Asher Ellis, pub Silver Shamrock Publishing, 20th July, 2020.


Belle Vue by Cheryl Alleyne, pub Crystal Lake Publishing. 25th August, 2020.




Future Releases (note: dates not always available)

CF Final Front Cover

The Crying Forest by Venero Armanno, pub IFWG Publishing Australia.



Midnight in the Pentagram, ed Kenneth W, Cain, pub Silver Shamrock Publishing.



No photo description available.

Crossroads by Laurel Hightower, pub Off Limits Press, 10th August 2020.





Happy reading.


 on behalf of Stuart and the Horror Tree Team


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