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Taking Submissions: Diet Milk Magazine Spring-Summer 2023 Issue

Deadline: January 8th, 2023 Payment: $15 per poem, $0.01 per word ($40 minimum) for short stories, and $50 per art piece via PayPal. Theme: Gothic prose, poetry, and art. Diet Milk Magazine is a biannual literary magazine devoted to Gothic prose, poetry, and art. Neatly genred or genre-bending, classically styled or modern, we want your prettiest, most pungent dread. Give us withering romance, creatures that lurk and lure, families to be feared and houses that haunt; give us isolation and creeping, oppressive unwellness. Quietly thrill, terrify, and leave us wanting more. For all our important links, including website, twitter, and support, check out our page! This hub will direct you to anywhere you want to go, as well as put you in contact with our official email. All submissions are processed through Duosuma, available to anyone with a free Duotrope account. Our manager can be accessed through the button above after logging into or creating your account. A note on Duosuma for trans people: this platform requires that you supply a ‘legal name’ when submitting. There is no way for us to disable this, but as a trans-led magazine, we understand that this may be uncomfortable. We suggest using a ‘dummy name’ (ex: Dummy Name) for that field when first submitting, and only worry about telling us a ‘legal name‘ in the event of an acceptance. That is the only time, for payment reasons, that we will need it. We don’t accept multiple submissions or reprints from other magazines, but are willing to consider pieces posted to author websites/blogs. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but we ask to be informed of acceptance elsewhere immediately so that we may remove you from the queue— and offer congratulations! In addition to your work, you will be asked to submit a brief cover letter. While...