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Taking Submissions: Visions Magazine

April 15, 2018

Deadline: April 15th, 2018
Payment: 4 to 5p (~6¢) per word

Submission guidelines

Submissions are currently opened for our first issue and will close on 15th April 2018. Please read and follow the guidelines below to ensure your piece can be processed promptly.

The theme

The first issue will centre on the concept of home in the broadest sense, from the physical structure to the social construct. For instance, we hope the stories will revisit what the notion of home is – a house, a planet, a device? – and what it means to feel at home or homesick. What do we mean by home? How does the concept of home adapts as the world around us changes at a radical pace?

What we’re looking for

We welcome a range of science fiction and speculative short stories, from micro fictions to 5000 word pieces. This is not a hard limit, but use your best judgement when it comes to sending something longer than that.

We accept multiple submissions of micro and flash fictions totalling less than 5000 words. For longer texts, please only send the one that’s most relevant to the theme.

We understand that authors sometimes send the same story to multiple outlets simulataneously but insist that you send withdrawal requests to the concerned parties if your piece is accepted.

We’re generally not open to reprints and will not accept anything that is still available online or in print, regardless of time of publication. If you feel your piece is particularlyrelevant and is not available anymore, please get in touch.

We tend to commission non-fiction but we do accept submissions (or pitches) if you have written or can write something that fits the theme.


Please send your story in an editable format such as a Word document (.doc, .docx) or rich text (.rtf) to [email protected], together with a short blurb describing the story.

We do not have restrictions on fonts and formatting but we suggest the following: use a readable serif font (such as Times, Baskerville, Georgia or Garamond), at 12pt. Be generous with your spacing. Aim for lines no longer than 14 words on average and make the space between the lines either 1.5 or 2.

We read the stories in the order they come in. We try to read as much as possible of each submissions and give relevant feedback but we unfortuantely can’t always reply to everyone. If you haven’t received a reply after 1 month, chances are your piece hasn’t been accepted. If you haven’t heard from us after 3 months, you can email to enquire about the status of your submission.


Although we are a small and independent outfit, we strive to pay every contributor fairly. We commit to a standard pro market rate of 4 to 5p (~6¢) per word. The final fee will be decided together with the author.

Payments will be made by PayPal or by bank transfer a maximum of one month after acceptance of the final edit. We will also send you a copy of the issue in which your piece appears.


If we accept your story for the magazine, we will ask for an exclusive worldwide licence in print and digital prior to publication and for a minimum of one year after publication. Exceptions can be granted on request for acceptance into “best of the year” type anthologies.


If you have any questions, you can get in touch at [email protected]

Via: Visions Magazine.


April 15, 2018