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Taking Submissions: The Hamthology

April 1, 2018

Deadline: April 1st, 2018
Payment: $5.00 per 1000/w (to a max of $10). Reprints allowed.

We are seeking ham sandwich stories, essays, poems, and other creative works for The Hamthology, which will be made available as an e-book and POD paperback.

Your work has to include a ham sandwich in some significant way. (It doesn’t have to be the main part of the story, but it should affect the story.)

We are interested in:

  • comedies, horrors, and horror/comedies featuring a ham sandwich
  • science fiction or fantasy stories featuring a ham sandwich
  • serious literary fiction (with ham sandwich)
  • explorations of the human experience through the prism of the ham sandwich
  • romantic and/or erotic ham sandwich fiction
  • creative fiction, possibly told in the form of advertisements or recipes for ham sandwiches
  • actual recipes for ham sandwiches
  • vegan screeds against the ham sandwich, or carnivore celebrations of the virtues of the ham sandwich or, generally, moral debates within the realm of ham sandwich
  • ham sandwich poems
  • ham sandwich personal essays
  • ham sandwich philosophical or academic essays (e.g. the ham sandwich theorem)
  • visual art with a ham sandwich

To whet your appetite, here is some ham sandwich art by the Swedish artist Janne Karlsson:

the ham sandwich of doom

Submission Information:

You retain original copyright. We just want (non-exclusive) rights to include the work in the anthology. Reprints are okay.

Simultaneous submissions: okay. Multiple submissions: okay.

Submission window: Feb 14 through April 1.

Payment: rate of $5.00 per 1000/w (to a max of $10) upfront by Paypal OR up to twice that much comped from a paperback copy of the anthology (when it becomes available). All contributors will also receive the digital version.

To be clear, a rate of $5.00 per 1000/w is a rate of .5c/word.

Accepted lengths: anything.

If you have an idea, but aren’t sure if we’d be interested, send an e-mail. We’ll let you know.

Send your submissions or queries by e-mail to: thehamthology @ gmail.com

Via: David F. Schultz.


April 1, 2018